B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Opens Doors to a Variety of Careers

Over the past few years, the increasing adoption of Automation, AI, and Machine Learning anticipated that the role of humans in the economy will shrink drastically and lead to wiping out millions of jobs in the process. This prediction had created chaos in the mindset of the people. But today, the employment scenario is altogether different. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have not only gained pace in the market but also assisted a number of techies at their workplace.

However, according to a report by World Economic Forum, “After the hard-hit of COVID-19, jobs and tasks have accelerated that will likely boost digitization, and perhaps establish opportunities permanently, in some areas.” Hence, it can be said that the current landscape has unleashed job prospects in the international job market.

In this blog, we are going to understand what is artificial intelligence and machine learning, artificial intelligence and machine learning examples and the future scope of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML)? 

In modern times, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the majorly trending technologies that are being utilized for creating intelligent systems.

Mentioning a few point that will help you to understand artificial intelligence and machine learning meaning.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the elements of computer science that are corresponded with each other. AI is a bigger concept to create intelligence that can mimic human intelligence whereas, machine learning is an application or subset of AI that allows machines to learn from data without being programmed extensively.

The Artificial intelligence system does not require to be pre-programmed; instead, simulation of human thinking capacity and behaviour is created by AI algorithms. Whereas, Machine Learning is about extracting knowledge from historical data or experiences without being explicitly programmed. Both AI and ML plays an active role in our daily lives and as a habit, it seems like slowly and steadily, it will become impossible to work without them in the near future.

Here is an artificial intelligence and machine learning example, that will help you to better understand the basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Ever noticed a few random songs playing in the queue which you never added? That’s the beauty of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Music-generating algorithms are now introducing new-gen songs. Have you wondered how this transformation came into the picture? After assembling and evaluating millions of conversations, newspaper headlines, speeches, comments and inputs insights are obtained that helped the AI experts to create a theme for lyrics. They developed machines such as that can come up with different musical elements to inspire composers. This invention by the AI team helped the musicians to understand what their audiences want and further helped them to determine what songs might ultimately be appreciated.

Similarly, in Amazon Prime, Machine Learning fundamentals & techniques have been constantly used to improvise the recommendations and personalization problems. ML has also expanded into multiple arenas like content promotions, content delivery and price modelling too.

Much like how Amazon Prime uses ML, Saavan uses it the same way.

Therefore, the youth of today is aiming to learn artificial intelligence and machine learning fundamentals to efficiently implement this technology.

Hope the above-mentioned example has cleared your queries about what is artificial intelligence and machine learning. Now, let’s have a glance at what are the career opportunities after learning the basics of AI and machine learning.

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Career Opportunities After Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

To accomplish a career in AI and machine learning it is necessary to brush up on the basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning. According to a recent report, Automation threatens 8 million jobs by the end of 2030, but at the same time technology like AI and machine learning are all set to create a plethora of job opportunities than ever.

This forecast might be a little threatening, but we need to address the fact by gaining advanced training courses on AI and machine learning from the top 10 engineering colleges in Greater Noida. Once you acquire the in-demand real-time problem-solving skills, you will get to explore and bag lucrative career opportunities.

So, if you have the zeal to enhance your skills and build your future in reputed companies, enroll yourself with an AI and machine learning program in a top 10 engineering colleges in Delhi NCR.

  1. Higher Studies After B.Tech in ALML 
  • After completion of your B. Tech in AI and Machine Learning, you can either opt for advanced level short-duration courses like Statistics for AI, Python for AI, Data Science and Analytics, Computer Vision or Natural Language Processing.
  • Or else you can also enroll for a 2-years full-time M. Tech in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is a master level course that aims to equip graduates with advanced conceptual knowledge, technical techniques & skills, and utilization of both foundational and experimental components AI and Machine Learning.
  • The curriculum of M. Tech Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning comprises various aspects of study such as Graph Theory, Electronics System Design, Introduction to Robotics, Embedded Systems and many more.

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  1. Top 7 Jobs After AIML that Opens Doors to a Variety of Career

As mentioned in the blog earlier, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning were predicted to cause destruction in career opportunities. But surprisingly according to a recent survey by “The World Economic Forum, it is believed that AI and Automation will power the creation of 97 million new jobs by 2025.” Meanwhile, this field has opened doors to global exciting job opportunities like:

  1. Big Data Engineer:

Big Data Engineers are not directly associated with the process of building artificial intelligence. They are involved in tasks like data collection, storage, and processing of the data for future purposes. They play an important role in the overall development of machine learning processes within the company.

  1. Business Intelligence Developer:

A business intelligence developer is responsible for crunching massive chunks of data, carefully analyze, understand the business trends and focus on increasing the profits of a company. They should have the skills to understanding the operations within the company, identifying the problems, and provide profit-making solutions. To summarize, a Business Intelligence Developer should obtain excellent business acumen that will ensure smooth and efficient operations with the organization. Hence, from designing and maintaining data for cloud-based platforms to optimizing processes, they supervise the entire workflow.

  1. Data Scientist:

The major responsibilities of a Data scientist are to collect, analyze, interpret data and insights to provide the company with effective solutions. For this, they apply regression, predictive analytics and more insight generation techniques. They make future predictions and tackle business-related concerns.

  1. Machine Learning Engineer:

Machine Learning Engineers are some of the most in-demand job profiles in AI. Their primary role is to build, test, evaluate, and improve self-running software that supports machine learning programs. They acquire competencies in software, natural language processing, statistics, applied mathematics and practical knowledge of tools.

  1. AI Data Analyst:

AI Data Analysts undertake activities namely data mining, data cleaning, and data interpretation. They play a key role in filtering or discarding unnecessary data and making space for the desired data within a system.

  1. Robotics Scientist

Robotics scientists invent mechanical devices to perform various tasks. They are the skilled professionals who research, design, and development of robotics systems. They are the one who ensures robots are cost-effective, reliable, safe and will mark a better work efficiency. Due to the advancing technology, Robotics scientists are in great demand across the world.

  1. Research Scientist

The role of a research scientist is multi-disciplinary. They are the one who focuses both on artificial intelligence and machine learning-based projects. For this, they need to possess skills such as parallel computing, distributed computing, algorithms and computer architecture. Majority of the time, they are involved in deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, computer perception and more.

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Future Scope of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Adapted by a majority of the companies, the scope of artificial intelligence and machine learning has excelled over the past few years. Owing to the growing popularity of this field, more and more candidates have diverted their minds to this sphere & build a fruitful career out of it.

However, to cater for the emerging industry needs, the top 10 private engineering colleges in Delhi NCR is offering wide-ranging degree or diploma programs pertinent to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Hence, it can be clearly observed that AI and Machine Learning will inevitably transform work function in every kind of industry. So, young learners make a note that the scope for AI and Machine Learning graduates is immense in every sector.

Listing a few industries offering enormous global career opportunities. 

  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care and Social Assistance
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Educational Services
  • IT
  • Public Administration
  • Administrative and Support
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • Retail Trade

Therefore, before it grows critical, it is important to choose your career path by learning the artificial intelligence and machine learning fundamentals from the top 10 engineering colleges in Greater Noida.

NIET: Top B.Tech in AIML Engineering Colleges in Greater Noida

NIET Greater Noida is the 1st private institute in Uttar Pradesh that has received autonomous status by the renowned UGC, New Delhi. The institute is accredited with NAAC and has received GRADE A” 3.23, which is the highest in UP. It is the only institute in UP to be recognized by all 4 Government accreditations. NIET has been ranked amongst the 50 best colleges in India for its innovation by ARIIA, a merit-based initiative of the Ministry of Education, Government of India that ranks Indian colleges and universities. Also, NIET has also secured the “Diamond” category subject rating by QS I-GAUGE in Engineering and is awarded a “Gold” College Rating.

To boost development in the Indian economy, NIET Greater Noida is offering various domains and courses such as CSE | ECE | ME | IT | MCA | B. PHARM | MBA. The college is also accredited with NBA for engineering and has been placed amidst the top 50 colleges in the category of innovation by ARIIA. NIET is amongst the top 10 private engineering colleges in Delhi NCR that holds remarkable features like:

  • Holistic education
  • Excellent academic ambience
  • Top placement records
  • Affiliations
  • Accreditations
  • International linkages and tie-ups
  • Rich learning resources, hi-tech labs, and more.

All these parameters are a must for student’s 360-degree development assuring long-term career growth. For the integrated development of a student, the NIET college has signed MOUs with various reputed colleges such as College of Engineering, Pune, Cambridge English Language Assessment, UI Path Academic Excellence, Automation Anywhere, and SAP Academy. Moreover, the college collaborated with innovation laboratories such as IBM Watson, Thing Worx, Cisco, Intel, Ui Path, Automation Anywhere, PTC University and center of Excellence, Dell EMC, VMware, Palo Alto lab and more. And has star tie-ups with PTC Center of Excellence, Mercedes Benz – Academy for Diploma in Automotive Mechanics, Janatics Pneumatic, Oracle Academy, Delta, KPIT Sparkle, arm, ICT Academy, and Applied Robotics-Control Lab, which is pivotal for a top engineering college.

The college renders excellent placements in leading MNCs such as Amazon, Wipro, TCS, Accenture, HCL, Capgemini, Cognizant, Hyundai, Headstrong, Virtusa, and more. Where the highest placement package bagged was Rs. 30 lacs per annum in Amazon and an average package of Rs. 4.25 lacs per annum to every student.

Not only the best education, but NIET is also the best education destination that will dispense you with all the essentials under a single roof!

Interested to pursue a qualified engineering degree from the NIET? Contact us today. 

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