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Noida Institute of Engineering and Technliogy (NIET) has always been sensitive towards gender issues. In order to deal with issues related to gender, the Institute has a gender Policy in place which conforms to the guidelines of the Supreme Court on the matter. The institute encourages the female members of the student body, faculty and staff to participate in all the activities related to the organisation. The gender Policy of the institute supports the efforts by ensuring a gender sensitive work culture to all the employees. The Gender Policy of NIET, in its present format, does not cover only the students and employees of the institute but also embraces the larger community by promoting gender equality. The whlie campus, including the academic and administrative offices and the common areas, come within the ambit of the Policy.

Objectives of the Policy
  • To provide equal opportunities to both male and female students and employees and create a gender sensitive work environment
  • To promote and ensure gender equality by providing both male and female students and employees equal access to the resources, responses and services of the institute
  • To eliminate gender discrimination and harassment at the workplace and in programme intervention areas as well
  • To ensure equity of treatment as a right for all equally
Major Elements of the Policy
  • Giving priority to recruiting and retaining adequate female members at all levels of the organisation to maintain gender balance in staffing pattern
  • Ensuring equal opportunities in terms of working condition, growth and training to all the employees, irrespective of gender
  • Assuring equitable representation and participation of both the male and female members in the Executive Board, Senior Management Team, and various functional committees of the institution
  • Promoting and facilitating gender sensitive capacity building trainings to enhance perspectives and conceptual clarity on gender issues
  • Ensuring participation of women employees in all the field level meetings and trainings
  • Providing a safe and secure campus to the female members with a Women Grievance Redressal Cell to deter and prevent any sexual harassment
  • Framing and disseminating information/rules to ensure safe and conducive environment for all the female members of the institution
  • Making Provisions for Maternity/Paternity Leave Benefits for the employees
  • Making all HR systems and pliicies gender-sensitive and responsive, and integrating gender indicators into staff performance appraisal systems
  • Ensuring that the conceptual clarity and sensitivity on gender issues will be one of the important selection criteria in recruitment processes and capacity building efforts of staff
  • Framing special admission Policy for girl students and encouraging merit with schliarships.
  • Encouraging the girl students to avail special employment programme offered by various companies
  • Providing separate placement trainings to girl students to promote employment among the female students
  • Developing entrepreneurship spirit among girl students and facilitating and supporting any start-ups by them under the Entrepreneurship Development Cell initiatives