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4 Years (8 Semesters) 180 Oracle Academy, Dell EMC AICTE

At NIET, a four-year under-graduate B.Tech program in Data Science has been specifically designed to provide a platform to undergraduate students for a prospective career in upcoming data science industry. The course encompasses Data Science as an interdisciplinary, problem-solving approach that learns to apply scientific techniques to practical problems. It is an intensive skill-oriented program with enough practical training for building business models for analytics. With analysis and statistical approach, data science is one of the fastest growing career opportunities in the country. It is designed to give exposure to the variety of applications that can be built using techniques covered under this program.

Over the past decade, there has been a burst in the amount of data available universally. A large number of bytes is now captured daily from web logs, sensors, mobile devices, and instruments. The data requires organization, rationality and making sense of this information requires distinctive new skills. The aim of this course is to produce graduates who are well versed with theoretical knowledge and the skill set to address all aspects of creating, managing, processing and converting data to knowledge.

Students graduating from the proposed program will have significantly more depth and breadth in the broad area of data science. The curriculum is designed in close collaboration with industry which includes in-demand tools and technologies.


The Department of Data Science has a team of highly qualified and experienced members of skilled educators, who not only impart wisdom and knowledge but also propel the students as data thinkers. They instill confidence in them to gain excellence and success in the field of Data Science and furnish in global standards as data scientists.

  • One of the top B.Tech computer science colleges in Delhi NCR and first one to offer the best B.Tech Programme in Data Science.
  • Builds a solid foundation in Data Science & Analytics by covering standard tools and techniques through industry-oriented curriculum.
  • Learn through real-time industry projects sponsored by global leaders in data science industry and regular live sessions by industry experts.
  • Provides understanding of data analytics, statistical modelling, big data, machine learning, deep learning, R programming, data mining, visualization and business intelligence.

To be a centre of excellence in Data Science and develop globally competent and ethical technocrats to serve the society.

  • To impart quality education through effective teaching-learning process and increase technical capabilities in the field of Data Science making students future-ready.
  • To build research, innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem with transformational education experiences to students using new-age and niche technologies.
  • To develop professionals for ethical use of data to benefit the society.

The graduates of B.Tech Data Science program will

  • Solve real-time complex problems and adapt to technological changes with the ability of lifelong learning.
  • Work as data scientists, entrepreneurs, and bureaucrats for the goodwill of the society and pursue higher education.
  • Exhibit professional ethics and moral values with good leadership qualities and effective interpersonal skills.

At the end of the program, the student will be able to

  • Analyse, design and develop solutions by applying fundamental concepts of Data Science.
  • Apply technical knowledge while using modern tools and technologies for solving complex problems.
  • Collaborate different fields of science and technology with right attitude, to work as an individual or as a team, and demonstrating professional ethics for the well-being of the society.
HOD Message

The Department of Data Science was established in 2020 with the motto of academic service to the students. We believe that the future of India shall be shaped by the young generation and they would require quality education which would drive them to productivity. The digital competence leads to growth and opens multiples avenues for the students. We understand a need to nurture inclusion and we propel students to progress ahead.


The prime endeavour of this department is to give innovative techniques and knowledge to students by ensuring and operationally aligning the courses and faculties with regards to the future vision of NIET with Data Science. Increasing the technical capabilities of students which entails the development of new-age big data capabilities, data analysis, and data mining is our prime focus area. We know that the data science industry is gaining more visibility across academics and business. There is an immense amount of data available to validate, structure, and make into knowledge creating a huge scope of work for data science experts.

Through this program, we envisage to provide students flavour in learning humanities, human values, and management sciences. This state-of-the-art course aims to impart knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and business skills with hands-on exposure to make students industry-ready by learning courses like Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Design Thinking etc.

We are passionate to connect to industry sources for collaboration and working alongside to outsize the impact to the students with in-demand tools and technologies. We desire to create an ecosystem of learning and understanding in NIET which is a dynamic center of innovation and creativity; dedicated to teaching the students, continuous learning, research, entrepreneurship, professionalism, and partnership with local and global industries/communities.

Students graduating from this program will have significantly more depth and breadth in the broad area of Data Science. The Department of Data Science has a team of highly-qualified and experienced educators, who not only impart wisdom and knowledge but also propel the students as data thinkers. They instil confidence in them to gain excellence and success in the field of Data Science and furnish in global standards as data scientists.


Dr. Priyanka Chandani is currently working as the Head of Department, Data Science and Computer Science and Business Systems at NIET, Greater Noida. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Engineering and Master’s from the University School of Information and Communication Technology, Delhi. She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from JIIT, Noida, and has more than 13 years of experience in academics, research, administration, and the IT industry.

She has worked with industry leaders like Infosys and TechMahindra before taking on her academic assignments. She has many research papers in national and international journals to her credit. Her area of interests are data analytics, machine learning, and risk management.

Work done
  • Curriculum and syllabus designing of emerging branches at NIET.
  • Facilitated and conducted orientation and online certification sessions from industry leaders like Oracle Academy, Amazon Web Services, PTC, Salesforce.
  • Conducted Career Series 2020.
  • Facilitated International University Cell at NIET.
  • Partnered with Adobe for Adobe Digital Disha Program and UX Design.
  • Facilitated and contributed to Design Thinking culture at NIET.
  • STTP Organizing Committee member in CSE/IT Department.
  • Organized various webinars/trainings for students and faculties.
  • Organization Admin - Coursera.
  • Coordinating Employability Pilot Project with Coursera for CSE/IT.
  • Facilitating digital learning platform at NIET.
  • IT Coordinator in Toycathon 2021.
  • Conducted Technology Week 2021.
  • Programmer Analyst with CA - Siteminder at Infosys.
  • Team Lead and Senior Technical Associate with British Telecom.
  • Co-convener of BOS, School of Computer Science in Emerging Technologies, NIET, Gr. Noida 2020
  • Member of BOS of School of Computer Science and Engineering, NIET, Gr. Noida 2020
  • Successful implementation of Coursera at NIET for students and faculties
  • Star Performer of the Year 2021, NIET
  • Excellence Award for outstanding performance at Infosys
  • Certificate of Appreciation for remarkable contribution at Tech Mahindra
  • Member of CSI.
Faculty List
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DS- Faculty list 2020-2021 Pdf
Research and Publication
  • R. Rastogi, Y. Sharma, Priyanka Chandani, Mohit Kumar, Anjali Goswami, K. K. Dubey, A.Shukla, A. Bhardwaj, A.S Yadav, Priyanka Agarwal. Title: A System for Requesting an On-demand Data Session using ML and Deep Learning Analysis, 202111034618, Date of Filing: 02/08/2021.
  • Dr. Laxman Singh (Associate Professor), Mr. Sover Singh Bisht (Assistant Professor), Dr. Mahipal Singh Choudhry (Professor), Dr. Altaf Alam (Research Fellow), Dr. Gayatri Sakya (Assistant Professor), Dr. Sapna Sinha (Associate Professor),Rajeev Kumar (Assistant Professor). Title: IOT-based Smart Healthcare Solution for Predicting Severity Prognosis in Heart Patients using Machine Learning. 202111022490, Date of Filing: 20/05/2021.
  • Prof.(Dr.) Pawan Kumar Bharti (Vice-Chancellor), Dr. Praveen Kumar Rai (Assistant Professor), Dr. Vipin Rai Assistant Professor, Prof. Bibhuti Sharan (Director), Dr. Dinesh Kumar Singh (Assistant Professor), Mr. Arun Kumar Rai (Assistant Professor), Mr. Shashi Bhushan (Assistant Professor), Mr. Sovers Singh Bisht (Assistant Professor), Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav (Director). Title: Women Security - Women and School Girls Security Using IOT-based Advanced Electronic Jewellery. 202111054011, Date of Filing: 23/11/2021.
  • Singh, Laxman & Arora, Preeti & Singh, Yaduvir & Kapse, Vinod & Bisht, Sovers. (2021). Title: Computer-Assisted Health Care Framework for Breast Cancer Detection in Digital Mammograms. 10.1201/9781003168638-8.
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  • Ayushi Pandey, Rati Goel. Title: Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Springer Conference 2021
  • Abhishek Singh, Divya Singh, Garima Dhawan and S Vikram Singh. Title: WBMS: Waste Bin Management System for densely populated urban areas ICIPTM-2022.
  • Lakshman Singh, Yaduvir Singh, Ms Nisha Choudhry, Mahipal Singh, Yadav Singh, Jay Kant Pratap, Memoria, Minakshi Dubey R.B. Title: Smart Healthcare Solutions for Patient Monitoring and Predicting Pathalogical Status using AI and IOT-based Technology.