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4 Years (8 Semesters) 180 AWS Oracle Academy Intel Intelligent Systems ARM

NIET offers a four-year under-graduate B.Tech course in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which aims to develop a strong foundation by using the principles and technologies that consist of many facets of Artificial Intelligence including logic, knowledge representation, probabilistic models, and machine learning. This course is best suited for students seeking to build world-class expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and emerging technologies which help to stand in the crowd and grow careers in the upcoming technological era.

The course is designed to give the students enough exposure to the variety of applications that can be built using techniques covered under this program. They shall be able to apply AI/ML methods, techniques and tools to the applications. The students shall explore the practical components of developing AI apps and platforms. A proficiency in mathematics will prove to be beneficial as this degree requires strong problem-solving and analytical skills. They shall be able to acquire the ability to design intelligent solutions for various business problems in a variety of domains and business applications. The students shall be exploring fields such as neural networks, natural language processing, robotics, deep learning, computer vision, reasoning and problem-solving. The key objective is to identify logic and reasoning methods from a computational perspective, learn about agent, search, probabilistic models, perception and cognition, and machine learning.

  • One of the top colleges in Delhi/NCR and the first ones to offer best in class B.Tech Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Builds a solid foundation in advanced technologies of machine learning through industry-oriented curriculum
  • Hands-on industry projects and regular sessions by industry experts
  • Gain expertise in advanced topics such as robotics, machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, cognitive computing, human-computer interaction etc.

To develop globally competent and ethical professionals, in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, ready to serve industry and society at large.

  • To impart cutting-edge technology skills and competencies in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, thus producing industry-ready professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • To collaborate with the leading industries to exhilarate innovative research and development in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and its allied technologies.
  • To inculcate ethical values amongst students who are always eager to address global issues for life-long learning.

Our graduates will be able to

  • Pursue higher education and professional career to excel in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Lead by example in innovative research and entrepreneurial zeal for 21st century skills.
  • Proactively provide innovative solutions for societal problems to promote life-long learning.

Our graduates will be able to

  • Design innovative intelligent systems for the welfare of the people using machine learning and its applications.
  • Demonstrate ethical, professional and team-oriented skills while providing innovative solutions in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for life-long learning.
Faculty List
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Research and Publication
  • Perti, A., Singh, A., Sinha, A., Srivastava, P.K. (2021). Title: Security Risks and Challenges in IoT-Based Applications. In: Tiwari, S., Suryani, E., Ng, A.K., Mishra, K.K., Singh, N. (eds) Title: Proceedings of International Conference on Big Data, Machine Learning and their Applications. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 150. Springer, Singapore.