BCA or Integrated BCA- MCA – Which Course to Choose After Class 12?

It is true that after your class 12, there are many options, specifically if you want to venture into the sector of Information Technology. We will always suggest that if you are serious about pursuing a career in IT and getting better options for yourself, then the ultimate choice is none other than the integrated BCA-MCA course. You will see that this integrated course has become exceedingly popular, due to the flourishing career in the IT sector. However, if you want to know more and have a better idea of how this course can be great for you; you are at the right place.

The Highlight of the BCA-MCA Course

Before you sign up, it is very important to ensure that you have a basic idea about the highlights of the course as well. Some of the major highlights of this course are:

  • Course Duration: The BCA-MCA course is an integrated course that lasts five years in total.
  • Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility criteria for the course includes getting at least 50% marks in class 10+2 with English as a major subject.
  • Internship: To complete the course, you must make sure that you go through at least a two-month internship for practical knowledge.
  • Admission Criteria: Finally, to get admission in this sector, you have to either secure a good mark in the entrance exam, and it is completely merit-based as well.

How Integrated BCA-MCA Course Overpowers the BCA Course?

When it comes to the BCA-MCA integrated course Vs BCA stand-alone course, there are a lot of promising perks for the former option. What are these, and how do they help the students? Well, this is what we will try to give you a basic idea about.

  • Uninterrupted studies: One of the best things about this particular integrated course at NIET is that the students get to pursue graduation and then post-graduation without any interruption in between. This factor leads to promising career opportunities in IT companies. In addition, 5 years of course at NIET also includes 9 months of internship, which further adds to the professional careers of the students.
  • Promising Career: When you finish the integrated BCA-MCA course, the viability it brings to your resume is much more promising. The job opportunities and the salary offered to you, in this case, are much more than when you have done just the BCA course.
  • Cost Effective: Pursuing the BCA and MCA courses separately will cost you a lot more when compared to the BCA- MCA integrated course. Hence it is great for students to start with.
  • Curriculum: Finally, another very important factor about this particular integrated course is that it offers you a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on the basics and the advanced sectors. Doing just the BCA course will give you a preliminary Idea, while this integrated course is better for detailed expert knowledge.


If you are really interested in the BCA-MCA integrated course, then going forward with NIET is certainly one of your better opportunities. We have been ardently trying to train our students with the best and, in the process, have incorporated many amazing facets.

Why Should One Opt for Integrated BCA-MCA Over a Regular program?

Integrated BCA-MCA

The BCA-MCA integrated course is a five years course, and in India, many institutes offer it. This course prepares the student to face all kinds of IT challenges with the help of several programs or teaching techniques. By doing integrated BCA-MCA, you can apply for the job post of software development, system management, software testing, web designing, or quality assurance. Big IT companies look for integrated BCA-MCA students who can quickly complete or perform IT jobs. Now, you must think, why should one opt for integrated BCA-MCA over a regular program? Then, keep reading this article; here, we are going through everything about the integrated BCA-MCA course.

Eligibility Criteria for Integrated BCA-MCA


Integrated BCA-MCA is one of the highly preferred courses in India. If we compare the salary of a regular program graduate with a BCA-MCA integrated program student, then the demand and competition are understandable. Its eligibility criteria are not very typical; the aspirant should have cleared their 12th with the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Information technology


And the required percentage is 50 or more. If the candidate has cleared class 12th with all the subjects mentioned above or has marks above the necessary percentage, they can apply for BCA-MCA integrated course.

How to get admission to integrated BCA-MCA?


A candidate can get admission to BCA-MCA integrated course in two ways. The first way of entry is with a merit quota. Many best engineering colleges in Greater Noida gives admission to aspirants according to the merit quota, which depends on their class 12th marks. When class 12th results are declared, colleges release a cut-off percentage for admission, based on which students are selected for enrollment.

After the candidate is selected, the college also takes an interview with the candidate before enrolling them. Another way of admission to BCA-MCA integrated courses is through entrance exams.

A candidate can also get admission to college for the BCA-MCA integrated course by giving entrance exams. Some of the entrance exams for the BCA-MCA integrated course are:

  • SUAT
  • GATA
  • MORE


Once the candidate cracks any of the above BCA-MCA integrated course entrance exams, they can get admission to the top private engineering colleges in Noida.

Fee Structure for Integrated BCA-MCA

Well, fee structure varies on many factors like the merit of the student, the institute’s ranking, or the kind of institute. No doubt, private colleges or institutes have a higher fee structure than governmental ones. Typically, the BCA-MCA integrated course can cost around INR 90K – 7L per annum.


The BCA-MCA integrated program syllabus is vast as it includes a master’s degree program in it too. But, not to worry, the research-oriented programs make the completion of the syllabus easier.

Why should one opt for BCA-MCA integrated program?


Well, one should opt for BCA-MCA integrated program because the field is enriched with good career growth. And on top of that, candidates get various job opportunities in the private and government sectors.

We hope that after going through this piece, you must have realized the benefits of enrolling in an integrated BCA-MCA program. Choosing this course opens the gate to a great career path and job opportunities. And that’s why it is one of the high-demand courses in India.

NIET being one of the leading engineering colleges in Greater Noida has incorporated the course. So, get in touch with us today to know more about the course.

The Scope of Cyber-Security for Computer Science Engineering Students

Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is one of the most popular programmes for students who want to establish a remarkable career in computer science. With everything going digital and internet-based, a massive demand for computer science engineers has been created.

Niche-based experts manage the IT infrastructure, software systems, and online threats. Growing internet usage, cyber theft, and cybercrimes have created a sense of insecurity among internet users. Hence, the need for cyber security experts is growing to protect computer systems or internet users from security vulnerabilities.

Organizations and companies of all sizes are hiring cyber-security professionals to create strategies for effective cyber security. Organizations are worried about data theft and paying a lot for trained and expert cyber security professionals.

Scope of cyber-security

According to the latest report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the world is lacking 3 million cyber security professionals, The NASSCOM Security Report revealed in 2020 that the demand for Indian security products to counter cyber risks is huge and the forecast value of security products in 2020 was 29 billion USD.

It indicates that India has become a top-notch destination for cyber security personnel. Thousands of job openings are available in India on different job portals. Positions like Security Architect, Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Manager, Chief Information Security Officer, and Network Security Engineer are always in demand.

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a cyber security specialist in India is INR 11,48,629 per year. Security consultants and ethical hackers earn seven to eight-figure salaries in India and abroad.

The essential educational requirement for a cyber security job in India

Most companies or organisations prefer to hire computer science engineers with cyber security certification or expertise. Hence, a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) from one of the best engineering colleges in Indiahas become an essential requirement for getting a high-paying cyber security job in India. Students with a PCM background in 12th can opt for CSE engineering programmes in India.

The most demanding skills for cyber security specialists 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the demand for information security analysts will increase by 37% by 2020. A B.Tech CSE holder can go into multiple subdisciplines of cyber security and excel in their career dynamically. MNCs and international organisations are hiring qualified and certified professionals rapidly. So, after completion of a B.Tech degree, a student can go for the below certifications to advance their career in cyber security:

  • OSCP-Offensive Security Certified Professional.
  • CEH-Certified Ethical Hacker
  • CISA is an acronym that stands for Certified Information Security Auditor.
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • CISSP-ISSAP (Certified Information Systems Security Architecture Professional)
  • GCIH (GIAC Certified Incident Handler).
  • Information Systems Security Management Professional (CISSP-ISSMP)
  • Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (CISSP-ISSEP)

Wrapping up

Professionals with the above certifications are grabbing multiple high-paying job offers worldwide. You can also enroll in the B.Tech in CSE programme at the best engineering college in Greater Noida and take the next step toward a dynamic and evergreen career. Cyber security is the future, and you must get ready to pursue B.Tech in CSE course from a top engineering college to become a cyber security professional.

Why Should One Opt for Integrated BBA-MBA Over a Regular Program?

Integrated BBA-MBA

Gone are those days when students used to make their career choices after completing their degree. Now, students are interested in making early career choices just after the 12th completion. Growth and advancements in this 21st century have created immense job opportunities with lucrative packages. Students are enrolling in professional and job-oriented courses like MBA, B.Tech, and so on. Amid these, the trend of integrated MBA is on fire. Students make a smart career decision after 12th and enroll for intergraded BBA-MBA over a regular program. There is no need to finish one degree and then enroll in another one. With one admission process, they get 2 degrees in a total span of 5 years.

What is an Integrated BBA-MBA Program?

The integrated BBA-MBA program is designed for class 12th pass-out students who are looking forward to a successful career in the field of business management. The total duration of the course is 5 years and students get a dual degree of BBA and MBA after finishing the integrated course.

Benefits of Integrated BBA-MBA Program 

When compared to regular programs, an integrated program comes with immense benefits. The students get advantages of learning managerial skills with multiple added benefits. Below are some popular benefits of pursuing an integrated MBA program over a regular MBA –

  • Unique syllabus – Students pursuing an integrated MBA get a unique syllabus for each semester across the course period of years. There is no repetition of courses or subjects.
  • Continuous management skill learning –As students continuously pursue BBA and MBA, they have the advantage of integrated education. They can learn a high level of managerial skills and management knowledge without any break or gap in their study.
  • Time management –Students can save a lot of time in multiple ways with an integrated MBA program. They do not have to waste time thinking about their career or course choice after finishing their graduation. They do not have to appear for the MBA entrance exam twice (at UG and PG levels). There is no need to waste time preparing for entrance exams.
  • Opportunity to choose the area of specialization – Students directly enrolled in BBA or MBA programs have no idea of the specialization for which the course is designed. They don’t have a depth understanding of specialization areas. While in an integrated BBA-MBA program, students have a clear-cut understanding of the multiple specialization options they have. As per their interests and subject command, they are free to make their choice for pursuing MBA in HR, Finance, Marketing, Management, Accounting, Healthcare, IT, and so on.
  • Good career opportunities – Students get entry-level jobs with just a BBA degree, while those with integrated BBA-MBA degrees get good placements for managerial roles. Due to continuous learning of management practices over five years, from basic to advance level, integrated degree holders are much preferred over the ones with a regular BBA or MBA degree only.
  • Paid Internship – We provides 9 months paid internship assured, starting with 15K enabling students to get experience of a corporate world in real sense.

Which is the top college for integrated BBA-MBA in Delhi/NCR?

NIET is one of the top placement colleges in Delhi NCR for the integrated BBA-MBA program, approved by AKTU and AICTE. The course’s curriculum is designed to meet the current industry demands and make students placement-ready to grab the highest-paying job packages. After completing the integrated BBA-MBA program, students serve global organizations as top-level managers; many are popular entrepreneurs.

If you are also confused about choosing between a regular BBA or MBA or an integrated BBA-MBA program, then, of course, you should opt for an integrated program to get more extensive knowledge, exposure, and industry benefits.

Cloud Computing: A Revolution in IT Industry

best computer engineering colleges in India

Cloud computing is the latest industry trend. Businesses worldwide are relying on cloud-based platforms for their data storage needs. It is indeed a revolution in the IT industry, bringing lots of perks for modern businesses. Moreover, it has created great job prospects for cloud engineers. Best computer engineering colleges in India are offering B.Tech courses in Computer Science & Engineering, and these courses include cloud computing subjects.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is on-demand access to any computer through the internet instead of a physical server. It includes all computer services such as data stores, applications, and computer programs. Cloud computing help users get access to access a huge volume of data storage and applications remotely.

Types of cloud computing services

Cloud computing is classified into three general categories:

IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, is a service model based on essential hardware and software to support cloud computing. IaaS service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide a virtual server based on the customers’ data storage needs.

PaaS: Platform as a Service, or PaaS, models provide developers a platform to code, deploy, run and manage the applications with all the necessary infrastructure required. Popular examples of PaaS-based services are Microsoft Azure, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Salesforce’s Lightning Platform, and Google App Engine. It is used for software development purposes.

SaaS: Software as a Service, or SaaS, stands for software services based on the internet browser. It includes CRM, messaging, and email software. SaaS applications can be accessed from any location with the help of internet-enabled devices. Microsoft 365 is the most popular example of a SaaS application.

Career Scope in Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing offers immense career opportunities with lucrative salaries. Different industries globally use cloud technology, such as hospitals, military organizations, banks, and service sectors. Cloud technology has created multiple job roles, such as architects, cloud engineers, data scientists, cloud security engineers, developers, and more. The average salary of a cloud engineer in India ranges from INR 3 lakh per annum to 15 lakh per annum. With expertise, it keeps increasing. Furthermore, if you can get an international job, it gets multiplied several times. If you are a skilled cloud engineer, there are multiple job prospects with great benefits. You become a part of the modern IT industry, and you have lifelong learning opportunities to ace up your career from time to time with the help of new skills.

Skills required to pursue a career in Cloud Computing?

  • You must possess a good knowledge of popular scripting languages such as Java, .NET, SQL & Python.
  • You need to have good knowledge and expertise of popular cloud platforms such as Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Ansible, and Terraform.
  • You need to have database and data handling skills.
  • You should have project management abilities so that you can figure out the risks, policies, and agreements from time to time.
  • You must be able to accept new challenges in the new environment and implement the new strategies.

What a cloud computing engineer has to do?

A cloud computing engineer has to manage daily basis cloud-based operations. He needs to provide his contributions for developing, implementing and maintaining the cloud software infrastructure. He is responsible for cloud solution software operation, fixing issues, and delivering support services as and when required.

How can you become a cloud engineer in India?

To become a cloud engineer in India, you need to pursue a B.Tech degree in Computer Science & Engineering from one of the best computer engineering colleges in India.

From its curriculum to its faculty, the institute has a decent reputation. NIET also provides first-rate educational facilities and 100% job placement.

There is no doubt that Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology (NIET) is one of the top private engineering colleges in Noida. In addition to its strong foundation, NIET has an impressive infrastructure. This is the first private university in Uttar Pradesh to be granted autonomous status by the UGC. Based on NIRF’s ranking, the Institute ranks 43 in Pharmacy and 171 in Engineering. Furthermore, the institute is accredited by NAAC (3.23), NBA (CSE, ECE, ME, IT, Biotechnology, B.Pharm, MBA, and MCA). With a high level of credibility, integrity, and ethical standards, it is becoming a center of excellence imparting technical education.

How to Choose the Right Career Path after Class 12th?

best engineering college in Greater Noida

The board exams are over, and now it is the time to think about a particular subject to study after completion of class 12th. Once the subject is decided, it is important that you research the opportunities and career objectives. However, after completing class twelve, students are always confused as to how to pick the right career option. Let us quickly go through a few important factors and steps that help you choose the right career path after class 12th.

Understand the course

Before you decide on which course you should go for, it is very essential to understand what the course entails. The course description and all that it covers are very important for the students to understand. You need to understand what it takes to cover the course completely. Does this actually mean that you need to understand the content of the course and the subjects that it involves? There are many ways that you can actually gather complete information about a particular course that you are planning to take up. Online websites are completely helpful when it comes to the right kind of information related to the course. Students who are working in the same field will actually be a very good option.

Do you have any information about the future prospect?

When you decide to go for a particular course after completing class twelve, it is very vital to know about the future prospects related to it. Another very important factor that plays a role is the career opportunities that it comes with. If you find that the course you have chosen will give you hard times in getting a job, it is better to avoid it. Going for a course that has enough bundled opportunities in the market will always make it a huge success. Look for the prospects that are available for higher studies in the same field, which you can continue even after completion of the course. Without gaining complete information about the future prospects related to opportunities, do not go for the course after completion of your board examinations.

Create a proper list

You should make a complete list of all the things that you actually like to do and completely dislike. This actually means making a list of subjects that you would absolutely love to study and the subjects that you do not want to study in the future. This will actually help in concentrating on a good number of courses, and then you can always shortlist the best one among them.

Look for the income

The main motives behind education and taking up a career are always about the source of income that it generates. Therefore, when you decide to choose your career opportunity or option after completing class twelve, it is essential that you look for an income source. If you find that the course will not be very lucrative in terms of income, you might drop the opportunity. On the other hand, if you still love the course and do not pay much attention to the income, you are good to go. If you want to work for self-satisfaction and experience, the doors towards various career opportunities are open for you. It is recommended to pursue technical/professional courses that guarantee placement with good income.

Taking up a career in engineering or management is always lucrative. You can go for a wide range of engineering and management courses at NIET. NIET is one of the top private engineering colleges in Noida. It is a leading educational institution with proven placement records and great career opportunities for its graduates.

The NIET’s infrastructure is second to none. A private institute in Uttar Pradesh has received UGC’s Autonomous status for the first time. The Institute is ranked 43rd Pharmacy and 171st in NIET Engineering PAN India by NIRF. According to the reviews made by former students of Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology (NIET), the institute has the best record of placement and faculty of any engineering institute in the country (A grade, 3.23).

As part of the Institute’s commitment to education and outreach, special Centers of Competence have been established in collaboration with big corporates. A PLM Center of Excellence (CoE) by CAPGEMINI has been set up in the college’s campus. Students are prepared according to the latest industry requirements in these Innovation labs.

B.Tech in Computer Science – One Amongst the most In-demand Streams Today

b.Tech computer science colleges

With the emergence of the internet, automation, and data revolutions, undoubtedly, Computer Science has become more demanding among engineering aspirants. However, the recent advancements in this industry have increased the demand for human resources with specialized skills in various sectors in the industry. It has led to the many specialization streams in engineering so that students with the relevant skills can grab career opportunities with higher salary packages and better prospects. Today, B.Tech in computer science is in most demand. So, here we will find out why it is so.

Engineering from B.Tech computer science colleges involves scientific methods, algorithms, processes, and systems to gain knowledge and insights from many unstructured and structured data.

Some of the most popular job opportunities in B.Tech, specifically in computer science, are:

  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Software Developers

Computer science engineers can work in any company they want because every industry uses various applications and needs someone specialized in computers. One of the biggest advantages is that engineers in computer science can work from any remote location with their systems. They can also go abroad for many more job opportunities.

Benefits of Studying Computer Science

1.  Great Graduate Prospects

The job opportunities for computer engineers are constantly growing, and there are greater chances of being professionally employed. Saying that campus placement from the best colleges for computer engineering is another advantage for you to land in a good position with a good company. It is estimated that the job opportunities will grow to lakhs in the coming years.

2. High Salary Packages

Computer scientists are counted among the highest-paid experts today, as their specialization helps companies to manage the changing technologies. Since professionals have good knowledge in fields like computer defense and AI, there are many new job openings. Plus, with the emergence of data technology, machine learning, and robotics, computer engineers are in demand in every field.

3. Multiple Job Opportunities

Nowadays, every company is focusing more on computer technology job opportunities for engineers. The IT engineers work in different disciplines. This includes computer systems, artificial intelligence, electronics, robotics, embedded architecture, and many more.

4. Career Opportunities Abroad

Career opportunities for computer engineers have gone global now. Undoubtedly, computer engineers get more career opportunities internationally. This helps aspirants to acquire essential skills and a platform where they can show their capabilities.

5. Opportunity to Work Remotely

Computer science jobs will always be there, no matter where you are in the world. There are many remote career opportunities for computer science graduates and various opportunities for small businesses and freelance work that anyone with a good computer system and computer science background can manage.

Digital Requires Computer Engineers

The computer engineers design software and hardware programs that can be used daily. Hence, computer engineers are very important in making everyone’s life easier with great innovation.

Note: Being a computer engineer is not a cakewalk. You need to have the ability to work with a big team and according to the suggestions given by the client. How to manage a team as a team leader and how to complete work efficiently within the given time is a part of computer science engineering.

Moreover, if you are searching for the best private college for B.Tech cse in India, choose NIET. We have a team of dedicated faculties which are the experts in their area of work. B.Tech computer science at NIET is designed by considering all the latest advancements in computing. The multidisciplinary aspects of the course establish a strong foundation in the disciplines of natural sciences and humanities, technology and engineering studies, communications, and management. To have detailed information, get in touch with our counselors today.

Top 10 Roles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education System

Today technology is changing every aspect of our lives. From households works, and businesses to education everything has changed drastically over the past few years. This widespread use of technology is also changing the way we acquire knowledge with the help of AI.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the revolutionary techniques used to customize traditional learning methods around the world. It is an area of science that develops and researches technologies in order to simulate human intelligence processes. It is an initiative to design machines that can-do tasks that were previously only feasible through human understanding, memory, or reasoning.
In this post, we will look at how AI is altering the educational industry and making it more accessible to people all around the world.

How is Artificial Intelligence Used in Education?
As a result of technological breakthroughs, artificial intelligence is being applied in many fields including the education sector. With a variety of sources involved and solutions available for adults, children, tutors, and educational establishments, there are numerous ways artificial intelligence can be used in education.
AI’s learning method is quite similar to how humans learn. Artificial intelligence systems can analyze vast quantities of data, and this technology is being used to enhance teaching, communication, organization, and management in education.
Top 10 Roles of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education System
As we have mentioned above AI technologies have transformed the way of learning. First, we need to understand the role of Artificial Intelligence in education to comprehend this transformation well.
While AI-powered tools have been there for a while in E-learning, their adoption has always been slow. It is the pandemic that has radically changed the learning dynamics. Currently, educators have become more reliant on technologies for virtual education and also agree with the idea of expanding and improving it further.
However, AI has the ability to enhance both teaching and learning processes in many ways, thereby it is imperative to leverage artificial intelligence in the education sector.
Let’s have a look at some major factors in which AI can benefit both students and educators here:

1. Personalize learning

One of the most significant benefits and uses of AI educational trends is personalization. AI applications allow students to have a personalized manner of learning programs that focus on their unique abilities and skills. To ensure that students gain the maximum benefit from a particular program of learning, AI may adjust based on their expertise, pace, and intended goals.

2. Automating Basic or Repetitive Activities

By leveraging AI technology, almost all types of assessment questions including MCQs and fill-in-the-blank tests can now be graded automatically in the shortest time possible. This set of features will grow further as essay-grading software evolves.

3. Tutoring

We all know the fact that many students need additional assistance besides their routine classes and sometimes teachers struggle to assist these students as they don’t get enough time. AI technique can be easily implemented here.

AI programs can help students improve their skills outside of the classroom by assisting with solving difficult sums and clearing doubts. It offers students a one-on-one experience of learning, without the need for a teacher to be available to answer questions 24×7. A bot driven by AI can also respond to requests in 2.7 seconds.

4. Quick Responses

Teachers and instructors are frequently bombarded with repetitive questions making it difficult to clear doubts of each student at a time. To solve this problem, AI automation can give answers to frequently asked questions of students with the help of cognitive intelligence.

5. Universal 24/7 Access

AI-powered solutions add flexibility which allows all students to access learning material or courses at any time and from any location. Each student can progress at his or her own level, and having access anytime allows children to experiment with what works best for them without waiting for a teacher.

6. Time management for Educators

Mostly, teachers and instructors admit that they struggle with managing their time, and they often end up having a long list of activities on their daily to-do lists. Artificial intelligence can help teachers save time by automating tasks, analyzing student performances, and eliminating educational gaps.

7. Getting instant feedback

Sometimes teachers are not aware of how their lectures and instructional materials may leave students confused. This problem can be solved using artificial intelligence. When a large number of students submit wrong responses to an activity, the system notifies the teacher and delivers a personalized message with suggestions for the proper response to future students.

This method fills in the explanation gaps that can occur in courses and guarantees that all students are learning the same concept fundamentally. Instead of waiting for the educator to respond, students receive quick feedback that assists them in learning a topic and remembering how to do it correctly the next time.

8. Task Automation

Among the other things, AI automates include grading papers, identifying patterns of learning, answering common questions, etc. Rather than focusing on arranging all these things, teachers can employ support automation systems to automate manual duties, freeing up time to focus on developing their teaching skills.

9. Reducing Academic and Social Pressures

AI systems, which are frequently based on trial and error, can assist in creating a kind of environment where students are not forced to compare themselves to their peers. It makes students more confident about their learnings, skills, and knowledge.

10. Produce Smart Content

AI can assist teachers in creating smart content that makes learning material more engaging for learners. AI can assist in the creation of small-size learning material, study guides, and digital textbooks, all within the context of digital learning. It also enables multiple ways of providing the information, such as modeling and visualization. Additionally, AI can develop and update learning content on a regular basis that helps to provide up-to-date information.


As we can see today, AI is drastically altering the dynamics of learning and teaching, and the possibilities are that learning will soon be completely shifting from traditional classrooms to digital classrooms due to its multiple benefits.
However, if someone wants to learn AI, it is critical to grasp the role of artificial intelligence, which is a fantastic job option for many who want to learn AI and work in a similar industry.

Build your career with Artificial Intelligence at NIET

NIET offers Btech in Artificial Intelligence courses from which you can learn everything about AI and can build a lucrative career. The institute also offers a variety of other technology and management courses such as B. Tech, M. Tech, M. Pharm, B. Pharm, MCA, PGDM/ MBA, and so on.

From its curriculum to its faculty, the institute has a decent record. Furthermore, NIET provides 100% job placement opportunities as well as first-rate educational facilities.