Build the Future with Artificial Intelligence & Think Ahead with NIET

Artificial Intelligence is a new age technology that has the potential to change our lives and is
already in use. It is simply, as the name suggests, intelligence that is acquired and put to use
artificially. Humans are naturally intelligent, but when we make machines or software that can
acquire knowledge, can learn, and can predict intelligent behavior while problem-solving, those
machines are said to have artificial intelligence capabilities.

It is a rapidly evolving technology and there’s a huge demand for it in the IT industry. AI has many
sub-branches that are widely used in the industry. Natural Language Processing, Image
Processing, Text Processing, Machine Learning, etc. are some of the widely used subtechnologies of AI.

We all use Siri/Google Assistant/Alexa, well all these voice assistants make use of AI, machine
learning, and natural language processing, to understand our instructions and give a suitable and
intelligent answer every time. Self-Driving cars use machine learning and AI to find obstacles
and/or people on the road and to identify lanes. There are various such examples that make use
of AI. This tells us how much AI affects our lives and how much it is capable of shaping our future.

As a result, many colleges and institutes have started providing B. Tech courses in Artificial
Intelligence Specialization. However, choosing just any college for studying AI isn’t an intelligent
thing to do. AI sounds simple in concept but it isn’t that simple in learning an implementation. So,
if you wish to study AI and have a future in it, it is fairly crucial to choose/select a college that
provides quality education and good placement opportunities for all its students.

Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida, is one such college that focuses
on academics and has an excellent placement record. The institute recently became autonomous
and got the opportunity to add modern and industry-level courses to its curriculum. Many new and
in-demand courses like B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering – Data Science, B.Tech.

in Computer Science and Engineering – Internet of Things, B.Tech. in Computer Science and
Engineering – Artificial Intelligence, B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering – Artificial
Intelligence and Machine Learning, and B.Tech. in Computer Science and Business System, are
offered by the institute, with industry tie-ups, practical learning, hands-on experience, and bestin-class placements with guaranteed placement assistance.

NIET is the only private institute in UP to be recognized by all three government organizations
1. NAAC ‘A’ (3.23 | A grade highest in Uttar Pradesh)
2. NBA for CSE, IT, ECE, ME, BT, BPharm, MBA & MCA
3. NIRF 2021 Rank Band Top 200 (171st position) in Engineering and 43rd
Rank in Pharmacy
4. NIRF 2020 Rank Band 201-250: Engineering

All our professors are well qualified and give equal importance to practical as well as theoretical
learning. NIET has a learning environment, and everyone is supportive in the various endeavors
of students – be it research or start-ups!

NIET has been ranked by various ranking bodies over the years as UP’s No. 1 and Greater
Noida’s No. 1 private institution, due to its excellence in teaching and excellent and consistent
placement records.

Going autonomous has helped the institute in being at par with the latest and in-demand courses
and providing a modern and revised curriculum. State universities can often have old and/or
outdated curriculum, but being autonomous gives an institute the liberty to inculcate modern
courses and curriculum into its academia and provide what’s best for its students.

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