Integrated BTech MTech Course in India: A Hot Trend with Benefits

A student of biotechnology can either pursue a Bachelors’s in the subject and then go for a Masters’ degree or pursue an integrated programme, which is a combination of both the courses. The latter option has emerged to be the popular one with many engineering colleges offering an integrated course.

The BTech Mtech integrated course can be pursued for specialisations like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering.

The admission process for both separate and integrated courses is the same, and so is the eligibility. The distinction and advantage lie in the duration of the courses and the fees.

In this blog, we will analyse BTech vs integrated MTech course discussion. We will take a good look at the curriculum offered and the distinct benefits of the programme. We will also explore why NIET is one of the best colleges to offer the integrated degree and the other aspects in which this institution stands out.

What is Integrated BTech MTech Course?

The Integrated BTech MTech course, as the name suggests, is a combination of a Bachelors and Masters’ degree in various specialisations of technology or engineering. The curriculum is a careful combination of both courses and largely depends on the specialisation chosen.

This dual degree is available in specialisations like emerging topics of technology like

Electronics and Computer Engineering. This branch deals with the study of the application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. In this specialization, the students are taught about computer applications, the science behind designing and development of computer software and hardware processes. The students will learn about the different programming languages, digital and analogue electronics, and telecommunications.

  • CAD: 

Computer-aided design or CAD is the process of digitally creating 2D drawings and 3D models of products before they are manufactured. The 3D CAD process is used to share, review, simulate and modify designs. These techniques are used particularly for innovations.

  • Artificial Intelligence: 

Artificial Intelligence deals with the simulation of human intelligence processes. AI is put to use in different processes like natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision.

  • Cyber Security: 

Cyber security is the use of technologies and processes to protect systems, networks, programs, and devices. It is crucial to ensure that data is not compromised. Companies dealing with finances, consumer data, and government information pay a lot of attention to the enforcement of cyber security in their organisations. A course in cyber security opens up a lot of job opportunities in today’s world, where hacking threats are increasing by the day.

  • VLSI Design: 

Very-large-scale integration is the creation of an integrated circuit. This process involves making an integrated circuit by combining thousands of transistors into a single chip. The electronic circuit could be a CPU, RAM, or ROM. VLSI helps designers to add all this into a single chip.

  • Biotechnology: 

Biotechnology is the study of different biological systems and living organisms to create new products. Biotechnology covers disciplines like biochemistry and molecular biology. A degree in biotechnology is a gateway to secure good job opportunities in various sectors like medicine, agriculture, chemicals, food, and textiles.

This integrated BTech and Mtech course duration is 5 years, and it is preferred by most recruiters looking to hire candidates in senior tech positions. The dual programme has gained importance in today’s era because of the skill sets that these students develop. For instance, a cybersecurity expert with a dual degree in the field will be highly sought-after because it is an emerging branch of study with high relevance in today’s times. Similarly, several colleges offer an integrated course in AI and Biotech because of the advancements in technology and the challenging health sector scenario.

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What are the benefits of the Integrated BTech MTech Course?

Let us consider this from the point of view of a hiring manager who has been asked to urgently recruit a Test Analyst. The HR person will now look at someone who has the required skills for performing the responsibilities but can also join soon. So, the best option is to either take part in placement drives at engineering schools or advertise for freshers or recent graduates of technology courses. So, we have got a candidate who can join soon, but does that person have the required skills? This is where having a dual degree or an integrated BTech + MTech degree helps.

The reason is this candidate has advanced knowledge of the engineering specialisation. The person has better skills than a BTech graduate because of the comprehensive curriculum that the integrated course offers.

Why is Integrated BTech MTech Course Better Than the Basic BTech Course?

We now have a fair idea that the integrated course is better than two separate ones. Let us now look at some specific reasons to identify the pros and cons.

Integrated Course Seperate MTech BTech courses
  • Duration: 5 years
  • Duration: 4+2 = 6 years
  • Degree obtained from the same institute
  • Degree may be from two separate institutes
  • Preferred by companies for senior positions
  • BTech graduates are hired from starting positions only

The fees for both types of courses depend on the institute. In some cases, the integrated course comes cheaper than two separate courses. However, this differs between institutions.

Career Prospects After Integrated BTech MTech Course in India

An integrated BTech + MTech course opens up various job opportunities with tech conglomerates. Among the big names that regularly hire candidates who have completed the integrated course are IBM, Dell, Tech Mahindra, and Infosys. As mentioned before, this degree gives hiring managers the confidence that the candidate has the expertise for senior positions that require advanced skills. This works well for those who have recently passed out.

Some of the job positions available for these candidates are:

  • Junior Research Fellow:They are candidates who have qualified in the National Eligibility Test. They participate in research, development, and creative activities under the supervision of a professor or associated professor.
  • Test Analyst:A Test Analyst is responsible for testing computer hardware and software. They are the last line of quality control.
  • Network Engineer: This professional needs to have the necessary skills to plan, implement and oversee the computer networks. The role requires to support in-house voice, data, video, and wireless network services.
  • Computer Scientist: Computer scientists use technology to solve problems and prepare technologies for the future. They are skilled to develop software and create applications. They also create models for interaction between people and computers.
  • Big Data Analyst:These individual reviews, analyzes, and reports on big data. These professionals use manual techniques and analyze raw and unstructured data to find business insights and other useful information.
  • Assistant Executive Engineer:The Assistant Executive Engineer manages the execution of works like water supply schemes, irrigation schemes, and projects.

Why pursue NIET for Integrated B. Tech M.Tech Course

NIET has emerged as one of the best colleges among the top 10 private engineering colleges in Noida. Its integrated BTech and MTech course has been recognized as a comprehensive and holistic degree.

Let us look at the benefits of enrolling on this course at NIET.

  • High-class specialization:The 5-year integrated course has turned out to be the epitome of high-class specialization. The course builds a strong background for students in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Comprehensive curriculum:The curriculum is a mix of basic as well as advanced courses in a range of computing areas like Programming, Algorithms, Databases, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.
  • Dissertation included:The course provides 6 months of a dissertation to help students get conditioned for an R&D-oriented career in the IT industry. This programme also conditions students to be able to pursue doctoral studies in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Accreditations:The program has been accredited by NAAC. NIET has received “Grade A” 3.23 accreditation from NAAC, the highest in UP. The college has also received accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation.
  • UGC autonomous body:It is also the first private institute in UP to get the UGC autonomous status. The institute has received the Diamond Subject Rating in Engineering and the Gold College Rating from QS IGAUGE. ARIIA has ranked NIET amongst the 50 best colleges in the country for its innovations.
  • Placement opportunities:Above all, NIET provides excellent placement assistance. Among the recruiters who take part in the placement drives are TCS, EY, IBM, HCL, Accenture, Ericsson, and Cognizant.
  • Top-notch faculty:The college also has an excellent faculty team of over 450 professors with rich industry experience. The students get to take part in industry visits and interactions with management of both national and international companies. Moreover, NIET invites industry heads to deliver guest lectures and seminars. These have proved to be a great learning experience to the students.


We can thus conclude that the integrated BTech MTech course has several benefits when compared to doing it separately. With the dual degree emerging as a favourite among engineering aspirants, several colleges have started offering this degree. However, NIET offers you the best in the region. Students and parents can check the admission details on and apply.

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