8 Highest Paying M.Tech Specialization Branches in India

In India, over the past few decades, Engineering has been one of the most in-demand branches. For those who have completed their B.Tech degree and have the urge to upgrade their learning, M.Tech is the most absolute course. Specialization in M.Tech will create and develop purposeful professions in the Science and Technology domain. A degree in M.Tech is proved to be the major challenging changeover.

Recently, new industry-oriented M. Tech specializations have emerged in contemporary educational institutions, which have given students plenty to choose from and decide which course to pursue. Therefore, young aspirants must take the time to understand and identify the highest-paid engineering branch in India. Hence, in this blog, we have mentioned some of the highest paying M. Tech specializations in India with the list of best private colleges for M. Tech in India.

List of 8 Highest Paying M.Tech Specialization Branches in India

Today, the M. Tech course in India offers specialization in multiple disciplines that have led to a very specific future in that industry. As the days proceed, M. Tech specialization shows an inclination to the futuristic job prospects and rewarding salary packages.
We know picking the best M. Tech course in India can be critical. Thereby, we are listing the commonly opted branches in M. Tech that have the potential to offer career scope, employment skills, and high-paid job opportunities:

1. M.Tech Specialization in Computer Science & Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering is the dominant domain in the current employability landscape. The course deals with the design, testing, implementation, and management of both software & hardware processes. Most of the aspirants tend to choose M. Tech Computer Science branches as it is an evergreen source of excellent employment opportunities and long-term scope. M. Tech specialization in CSE is one of the best engineering branches paying the highest salary in India. It imparts abundant scope for a reliable career, domain-centric job profiles, and potential entry-level opportunities in the IT sector in India as well as abroad.
Expected job roles after M. Tech Computer Science & Engineering are:
• Software Developer
• Software Tester
• System Analysts
• Computer Systems Engineer
• Web Developer
• Language Programmers
• Database Administrators
• Hardware Engineer and else.

The expected average salary after completion of the M. Tech Computer Science & Engineering course is ₹ 892,055 per year in India.

So, if you want to gain the benefits after the completion of the M. Tech Computer Science & Engineering, you can brainstorm searching for good M.Tech colleges in India. After you shortlist a few colleges, check their websites to tally them individually.

2. M.Tech Specialization in Mechanical Engineering

Second on the list is, the M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. This is the oldest branch of engineering offering numerous employment opportunities in both private and governmental organizations. M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering branches deals with machines, their production, design, and operation. As Mechanical graduates play a vital role in various industries, a constant demand for well-versed professionals are required across the country. The M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering branches promise a wide scope of growth possibilities in technology-specific domains, the highest-paying career options, and a secured future.

Expected job roles after M. Tech Mechanical Engineering are:
• Mechanical Engineer
• Design Engineer
• Purchase and Quality Control Manager
• Assistant Mechanical Engineer and more.

The expected average salary after completion of the M. Tech Mechanical Engineering course is ₹ 8,43,530 per year in India.

The above-mentioned salary package sounds fascinating right? You can be there too if you start early. India is a hub of best M. Tech colleges; shortlist your target, and enroll for your most desired course.

3. M.Tech Specialization in Artificial Intelligence

This is one of the engineering branches trending all over the globe. M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence aims to provide students with an opportunity to gain competence in both foundational and experimental components of AI, Data Science, Business Analytics, and Machine Learning. After acquiring an M.Tech degree in AI, one can pursue jobs in both public and private sectors, such as Artificial Intelligence Research Companies, Robotics companies Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence, and other related domains. Hence, it can be said that M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence holds a vast scope in years to come. Besides, ample career opportunities, this domain assures stable job security.

Expected job roles after M. Tech Artificial Intelligence are:
• Big Data Engineer
• Game Programmer
• Robotic Scientist
• Computer Scientist
• Software Engineer
• Business Intelligence Developer
• Data Scientist.
• Machine Learning Engineer
• Research Scientist
• AI Data Analyst
• AI Engineer

The expected average salary after completion of the M. Tech Artificial Intelligence course is ₹ 1,234,640 per year in India. The Digi-tech world is in constant search of well-versed professionals, but before that, it’s important to get acquainted with the necessary skills taught by the best M. Tech institute in Greater Noida, UP.

4. M.Tech Specialization in Biotechnology Engineering

Today, several fields of industries are tech-driven. M.Tech Specialization in Biotechnology Engineering deals in modern medical practices that revolve around the study of living organisms and bioprocesses. This innovative and extensively applied branch of engineering assures high employment scope, lucrative pay scales, and after completion of M.Tech in Biotechnology Engineering, professionals will be offered exciting job opportunities in domains like genetics, microbiology, and biochemistry.

Expected job roles after M. Tech Biotechnology Engineering are:
• Sr. Research Associate
• Laboratory Instructor
• Clinical Researchers
• Microbiologists
• Pharmacist
• Embryologist
• Associate Professor etc.

The expected average salary after completion of the M. Tech Biotechnology Engineering course is ₹ 4,98,410 per year in India. Biotech Engineers are the future change-makers who are proficiently trained with industry-fit skills by the top academics and industry experts and experiential learning techniques at most of the good  M.Tech colleges in India.

5. M.Tech Specialization in VLSI Design

The full form of VLSI is Very Large-Scale Integrated Circuit. VLSI branch in M.Tech focuses on the fundamentals and engineering aspects of designing and developing integrated circuit systems. The course aims to develop competence within the students to design semiconductor devices, and circuits and more. M.Tech VLSI Design professionals can pursue work in various fields and obtain job opportunities in top-notch companies in the global sphere.

Expected job roles after M. Tech VLSI Design are:

• VLSI Programmer
• Associate Applications Engineer
• Graphics Hardware Engineer
• Circuit Design Engineer
• Logic Library Expert, etc.

The expected average salary after completion of the M. Tech VLSI Design course is ₹ 711,339 per year in India. Best private colleges for M.Tech in India is showing potential interest in this branch as it offers vast scope in both computer software and hardware fields.

6. M.Tech Specialization in Cyber Security

This is one of the most challenging yet interesting branches of engineering. The course offers an advanced study on Cybersecurity methodologies and their applications, advanced tools, and technologies in real-time scenarios. M.Tech in Cyber Security high-pay job roles in various organizations securing communications, solving cybersecurity challenges, managing threats and analytics, etc. After completion, the course rewards you with umpteen career opportunities both in India as well as overseas.

Expected job roles after M. Tech Cybersecurity are:
• Security Analyst
• Cyber Security Architecture
• Security Application Programmer
• Security Researcher and more.

Expected average salary after completion of M. Tech Cybersecurity course ₹ 700,000 per year in India. Needless to say, this is one of the highly-paid M.Tech courses in India that will help you to take a giant progressive leap in the modernized world.

7. M.Tech Specialization in Civil Engineering

Are you the one passionate about carving a new monument or re-model the existing constructions to develop societies and cities? Then, M.Tech specializations in Civil Engineering is the appropriate fit for you. This branch focuses on designing, supervision and constructing roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, ports, modern infrastructure etc. M.Tech specializations in Civil Engineering imbibes knowledge of construction management and building technology concepts, structural components and operations in students who are interested to build their careers in construction and infrastructure industry. Students in this field witness a wide array of career prospects and salary pay scales.

Expected job roles after M.Tech Civil Engineering are:

• Civil Engineer
• Design Engineer
• Project Coordinator
• Assistant Professor
• Construction Plant Engineer
• Project Coordinator
• Planning Engineer
• Structural Design Engineer, etc.

The expected average salary after completion of the M. Tech Civil Engineering course is ₹ 924, 324 per year in India. Some of the best private colleges for M.Tech in India is preparing students with the top-rated branch in engineering to get an edge over other engineers.

8. M.Tech Specialization in Electronics & Communication Engineering

M. Tech specialization in ECE is an allied branch of engineering covering all major areas of research, design, manufacturing, testing of electronic and communication devices and in various other areas. The course provides in-depth knowledge and practical exposure to candidates in areas of advanced networking concepts, embedded systems, hardware systems, electronic design, mobile and wireless technologies, and more. M.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering course is career orienting in nature and opens a lot of job scopes for degree holders.

Expected job roles after M.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering are:
• Electrical & Electronics Engineer
• Electronics Engineer
• Systems Engineer
• System Control Engineer
• Electronics Design & Development Engineer
• Hardware Design Engineer
• Production Engineer and else.

The expected average salary after completion of the M. Tech Electronics & Communication course is ₹ 643,675 per year in India. This reliable and popular specialization is available in the top 10 M.Tech institutes in Delhi NCR, UP who believes in creating qualified and knowledgeable professionals.

How to Find the Best Private Colleges for M.Tech in India?

In the current scenario, there are numerous private colleges in India offering M.Tech courses. But, in this competitive era, do you think finding the most appropriate college will be that easy?

To minimize your problem, we have come with a renowned college in Delhi, NCR, that will have scored well after considering all the essential parameters. Let us have a look at why NIET institute is listed Best M.Tech institute in Greater Noida, UP.

NIET is the 1st Private Institute in UP to Get Autonomous status by UGC. It is one of the most premier engineering institutes situated in the capital city of India, Delhi, NCR. The institute is recognized by Govt. Educational Authorities such as the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA) and MHRD, National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF).

It has achieved an “A” Grade as it delivers exceptional standards of education and world-class infrastructure. So, you can admit that it is a hub of excellence focused on preparing tech-savvy experts to resolve the challenges of the world. Besides, NIET is the only institute in UP that has been recognized by all the 4 Government Accreditations.
To add another feather in the victory hat, NIET has secured the “Diamond” category by QS I-GAUGE subject rating in engineering. This is not all, the institute has too many chapters to read.

Excited to know more about this Premier Engineering Institute in UP? You can contact our advisory team or visit the website today!

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