The role of Data Scientist in 2024

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves” – By Tim Berners Lee, inventor of the world wide web

Do you know Recommendation Engine is the most common use case of Data Science which has crept into your daily life? Every time you’re on Amazon or Flipkart, do you see these custom suggestions saying “Things you might like”? Well, that’s a perfect example of monitoring and recognizing user search and purchase habits from Data Science algorithms, and then preparing custom recommendation lists.

Thanks to Data Science, new and exciting possibilities are opening up, constantly changing the way we see the world around us. The contribution of Data Science in transforming human lives for the better has been enormous.

Online shopping has become so much simpler thanks to sophisticated algorithms that can recognize individual users’ tastes and interests, and create recommendation lists for them. Online financial transactions have never been that safe, courtesy of Data Science’s Fraud and Risk Detection algorithms.

Not just these, Data Science has also made an enormous contribution to the healthcare field. Algorithms and applications in data science can be used in Drug development, Medical Image Processing, Remote Monitoring, to name a few.
Because data is the omnipresent force that governs our lives now, jobs are booming like never before in this arena. Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists and Big Data Engineers rank among the top emerging jobs on LinkedIn. Since 2012, Data Scientists’ job positions have increased by more than 650 per cent, making Data Science currently one of the hottest career sectors.

What is Data science?
The basic concept states that data science is an aggregation of data, which is organized and evaluated in a way that will have an impact on business. A data scientist, according to Google, can analyze and interpret complex data and can make use of a website’s information and assist in business decision making.

Future Scope of Data Science
Data science has emerged as one of the world’s hottest careers today. Being a data professional will broaden job opportunities and offer more options today to get lucrative salary packages. Let’s look at a few points which describe the bright future of data science.

Data science is still an evolving technology.
To stay relevant in the Industry, professionals must upgrade themselves to the latest technologies. Over the coming decade, data science is growing to provide an array of work opportunities. Because the supply is low, this is the right call for professionals seeking skills in this area.

Organizations are facing a challenge using data that is generated.
Realizing the amount of data that is to be developed in the next decade is unimaginable. It is getting difficult for an enterprise to access the value of such data. Being a professional in data science, one can help organizations make progress with the data being gathered to gain positive insights.

In-demand skill-set
Many data scientists possess the in-demand skill set that the new Industry needs today. Skills like Machine Learning, R and Python programming, Predictive Analytics, AI, and Data Visualization are the most popular skills employers are seeking from today’s candidates.

Advancement in career
The data scientist is the most promising career of 2019, according to LinkedIn. The main reason for this job to be ranked the highest is that people were being paid enormously. The study also predicts that there are high chances of winning promotion as a data scientist, giving a career development score of 9 out of 10.

Experts in data science are required in virtually every field of employment — not only in technology. There is not only a massive demand but also a significant shortage of trained data scientists. . If you have a passion for computers, math, and discovering answers through data analysis, then earning an advanced degree in data science might be your next step.

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