Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey with an MBA-IEV Programme for Startup Aspirants

MBA-IEV Programme

The scope of entrepreneurship is increasing across the globe. The ability to interpret creative ideas into full-fledged business ventures and the freedom of being self-employed attract students, youths, and professionals. However, the excitement to launch a business relates to entrepreneurship being a challenging career path. Along with a solid technical background, some business skills are essential to transform your idea into a profitable business. Entrepreneurs must take on many roles, and their expertise must extend to product development, sales, marketing, financial management, human resource strategies, operations, leadership communications, and more. How do you acquire these considerable skills? And how can one apply these skills to be a successful entrepreneur?

One proven method is to learn through tailored entrepreneurial programs such as the MBA-IEV programme for Startup Aspirants. The School of Management at NIET, Greater Noida offers MBA-IEV programme for start-up aspirants.  This program emphasize on overall skill development, specifically designed for use within an entrepreneurial environment. It is a two-year full-time program approved by the Innovation Cell of the Ministry of Education, the Government of India, and AICTE. The program is a specially developed course designed for people who want to be successful entrepreneurs in an era of technological advancements. It also offers the double benefit of MBA education and startup support.

This course functions as a launching pad for the ideas of innovative entrepreneurs, and they can translate their ideas into products or services. It not only focuses on theory alone; it’s a hands-on and practical program that assists entrepreneurs (both existing and aspiring ones) to transform their ideas into profitable, sustainable, and viable business models.

Special features of the MBA-IEV programme for Startup Aspirants

  • Innovative, interactive, and practice-oriented curriculum, as well as teaching methods
  • Access to incubators and co-working spaces
  • Business leaders and industry veterans serve as faculty advisors, and mentors
  • 1-to-1 expert guidance to each candidate along with their concept
  • The support for the patent right
  • Funding access from the government and NGOs, angel investors, etc.
  • International certification of innovation
  • Seed capital access

MBA at NIET, Greater Noida

MBA is a two-year, full-time program across four semesters. MBA is recognized through AICTE, New Delhi, and associated with the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. The college is recognized by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA). In addition, MBA is a prestigious program dedicated to providing the education and professional experiences needed to be a professional or entrepreneur.

The MBA program provides an education pertinent to the industry, business, and trade, to help them effectively work within various organizations, whether domestic or global. The faculty members of the MBA at NIET focus on thought leadership rooted in thorough business knowledge. The pedagogy approach combines research, case studies, industrial visits, and feedback.

Start your entrepreneurship journey with MBA-IEV at NIET

MBA-IEV Programme for Startup Aspirants will assist students in discovering, identifying, developing and managing their entrepreneurial potential and guide them on a successful journey through various tracks, beginning with the Foundation of Management & Entrepreneurship to Start-up Experiential learning. The mentors/experts will guide students through understanding business, management, and entrepreneurship fundamentals. Mentors and faculty help dream entrepreneurs craft ideas on ground reality and establish successful ventures.

The program perfectly combines all the attributes that an MBA aspirant usually seeks – i.e. studying for a Master’s degree, getting some work-related experience, or starting entrepreneurialism. The program aims to eliminate the gap between degrees and self-employment. If you are also seeking to start your entrepreneurship journey along with a Master’s degree in Management, then MBA-IEV at NIET, one of the best MBA colleges for placements in NCR.

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