Key Difference Between Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AL)

artificial intelligence and machine learning

Often people tend to get confused between the terms Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Although they are synonymous with each other yet different. These two terms have their own rules to play. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is a technology that enables a machine for simulating human behavior. The goal of such advanced technologies is to make a computer system smart like humans in order to solve complex problems. This blog covers the key differences between artificial intelligence and machine learning, its meaning, functions, job skills, type of job opportunities, salary offered, career scope, and other differences with examples.

What Is the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

A career in artificial intelligence and machine learning can be promising. The capacity of a computer-controlled framework to perform errands that are primarily connected with individuals is called Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI is a re-enactment of a machine’s natural intelligence that is really customized for imparting and learning human activities. They can perform human-like tasks, and innovations converging with AI are proceeding to develop.

Machine learning is a piece of Artificial Intelligence that permits programming applications in turning out to be more exact at foreseeing results without the need of being unequivocally customized. The AI calculations use chronicled information as a contribution for anticipating late result values. Machine learning is crucial as it provides the endeavor with the right perspective on ongoing patterns in business activity examples and client conduct that upholds the advancement of new products.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning: Meaning

AI or Artificial Intelligence is mainly defined as the ability to implement and gain knowledge, while machine learning or ML is defined as an additional skill or knowledge. Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It explores how a computer can perform certain tasks efficiently by learning from the environment or the input given. It is actually focused on developing smart computer programs. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, focuses on applying for these smart programs in order to develop intelligence in machines.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning: Aim

AI or artificial intelligence aims to boost the chances of success, and machine learning tends to boost accuracy but does not concern much about the success rate.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning: Functioning

Functions like a computer program that accomplishes intelligent work. The main objective is to mimic natural knowledge in order to find solutions for complex issues. It is dynamic and leads the development of a framework to mimic human intelligence. Machine learning, however utilizes the playing concept of data collection and learning from machines. The main objective here is to gain data on a few specific tasks for maximizing the performance of the machine. ML enables the assistance to take in new things right from the data. It includes the development of self-learning algorithms.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning: Skills Required

In order to pursue a career in artificial intelligence, one needs to have a few key skills like knowledge of linear algebra and statistics, programming languages, Signal Processing techniques, neural network architectures, and others. On the other hand, the machine learning professional must-have skills like knowledge of cloud environment in virtual machine databases and python MapReduce and Hadoop, Data analysis and feature engineering, mathematical abilities, and others.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning: Jobs

A graduate from the artificial intelligence domain can apply for jobs like big data engineer, business intelligence developer, data scientist, research scientist, AI data analyst, product manager, AI engineer, robotic scientist, and several others. Whereas, a machine learning graduate can apply for jobs like machine learning engineer, data scientist, human-centered machine learning designer, computational linguists, software developer, and others.

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  1. Machine Learning Vs Artificial Intelligence: Salary

Both AI and ML careers not only have good earning potential but also have bright career prospects. A mid-level experienced artificial intelligence professional earns Rs 8 Lakh per annum, whereas a machine learning professional earns Rs 7 Lakh per annum in India.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning: Scope

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in India have greatly impacted the development of applications, tools, and various other aspects of the IT industry. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning see a great career scope in different industries, including chatbots, education, healthcare, transport, manufacturing, home, agriculture, and cybersecurity.

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  1. Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Examples

Artificial intelligence is all about acquiring knowledge and then learning how to apply it properly, whereas the goal of machine learning is to allow the machines to learn from the current data for giving an accurate input. The main difference between both Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can be understood by its examples.

For example, the main application of artificial intelligence includes customer support utilizing chatbots, Siri, online game playing expert systems, intelligent humanoid robots, etcetera. Again, the example of machine learning can be understood with its main applications like the online recommender system, Facebook auto friend tagging suggestion, Google search algorithms, and others.


Opting for a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning offers one with a pool of opportunities. Since this area is still growing and ever-evolving, therefore the demand for AI and ML graduates are high in different business sectors. By opting for a BTech course in artificial intelligence and machine learning, a student can get hands-on experience in different industrial projects and would learn the unique and best AI and ml techniques tools, methods, and their application in real life.

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