Engineering Career Guide: Scopes, Courses, and Guide

One of the most sought career choices for students after their schooling is Engineering. With
a plethora of opportunities and exciting job offers, its popularity has only increased over the
years. Bachelor’s in technology (Undergraduate Course) is a four-year graduation course,
which aims on making the students industry-ready engineers. For someone having an interest
in technology, doing B. Tech can be really fruitful for their career ahead. Noida Institute of
Engineering and Technology offers B. Tech in the following streams-

  • B. Tech in Computer Science
  • B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
  • B. Tech in Information & Technology (IT)
  • B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • B. Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • B. Tech in Biotechnology (BT)


To make the curriculum relevant to the industrial reality, advanced courses at came into
existence. At NIET, these advanced courses are designed, approved, and certified by the
leading industries such as TCS, Oracle academy, Dell EMC, IBM Watson, AWS, Intel
Intelligent systems, ARM, and others.

Some of the advanced Engineering courses offered by NIET, the leading institute in
Delhi/NCR, to make students excel and have a competitive edge in the industry are:

● B. Tech in Computer Science and Business System (CSBS)
● B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) (DS)
● B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Internet of Things) (IoT)
● B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine
Learning) (AIML)
● B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) (AI)
● B. Tech + M. Tech Integrated Course

All of these courses bring in a lot of opportunities and hence the huge demand. Getting
enrolled in an engineering college is not a cakewalk.

Engineering is not just a domain of study but a sea of opportunities. Engineering has a lot of
branches and every one of them opens a lot of career opportunities. Engineering is a step
ahead of science degrees as it not only teaches the students how things work but also, to
make those things work and ensure that they keep working seamlessly. It is a discipline that
motivates students to try new things, build new and innovative solutions, and do extensive
research on any topic that they prefer.

Some popular engineering streams and their future scopes-
● Computer Science Engineering
CSE is the most popular branch of Engineering. It is offered by all the institutes that
offer B. Tech. and generally has the highest cut-offs. CSE is a blend of Science and
Engineering, where students learn about the basic concepts of Computer Science, and
later on go-ahead to gain practical knowledge about making scalable systems and
maintaining them through Computer Engineering.

Data Structures, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems,
Programming Languages, Computation, etc. are some of the building blocks of CSE.
Since everything is digitized these days, there isn’t a field that does not require CSE
engineers. Some of the most popular job roles for CSE engineers are-

  • Software Developer
  • System Designer
  • Research Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Data Warehouse Analyst
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Engineering Support Specialist

● Information Technology
IT branch is also one of the most popular engineering branches, second only to CSE.
B. Tech in IT is also a four-year program of Graduation and a two-year program for
Post-Graduation. It deals with the study of Computer Systems which include both
hardware and software aspects. IT is a prominent sector in the country and hence
the job prospects and scope for IT branch graduates are limitless.

There are many attractive and enticing job opportunities for B. Tech IT graduates.
Some of them are-

  • Software Developer
  • Quality Analyst
  • Penetration Tester
  • System Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • IT Content Creator
  • Graphic Designer

● Electronics and Communication Engineering
Most engineering branches go hand in hand in developing a better infrastructure as
well as a better future for humankind. ECE branch deals with electronic hardware that
is worked upon by CS/IT engineers to bring out a useful product. For example, a
smartphone is hardware which consists of various sensors, screen, battery, etc. all this
is taken care of by EC engineers, while once the hardware is ready, the software on
the top is taken care of by CS/IT engineers, this pretty much dictates the demand and
scope of ECE branch and its use cases towards building a better future.

Some of the lucrative job opportunities for B. Tech ECE graduates are –

  • Application Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Verification Engineer
  • Electronic Engineer
  • CAD Engineer

● Mechanical Engineering
All our machines are the gifts of mechanical engineers, from making a machine to
ensuring it’s working, mechanical engineers do it all. Mechanical and electrical
engineers provide a strong base on which all our manufacturing industries are built.
Mechanical Engineering also has a huge scope in both the private sector as well as
Public Sector.

Some of the most enticing job opportunities for B. Tech ME graduates are-

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Assistant Mechanical Engineer
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Design Executive
  • Product Executive
  • Professor/Lecturer

● Biotechnology Engineering
Engineering in Biotechnology aims in connecting Biology with Technology and building
real-life solutions with the same. It is a field of applied sciences and deals with
subdomains like Microbiology, Biological Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Analytical Biology,
Biological Chemistry, etc.

Biotechnology has its application in various fields like agriculture, animal husbandry,
pollution control, eco-conversation, etc. It is one of the rapidly growing engineering
domains with the scope of jobs in the private sector as well as a huge scope in research
and further studies. Some of the most popular job opportunities are-

● Pharmacist
● Production Manager
● Microbiologist
● Medical Representative
● Clinical Researcher
● Medical Writing Executive

Advanced Courses
Some advanced courses provided by NIET are –

● BTech in Computer Science and Business System

It is a four-year engineering course, jointly offered by TCS and NIET. It gives students
an edge over Computer Science Engineering as it has a newer industry-level
curriculum designed by TCS and approved by AICTE.

The scope of this course is limitless, as students are personally mentored by TCS
experts and are made familiar with working in Business Environments. Manufacturing
Sectors, Banks and Insurance, Service-Based and Product Based Companies, etc.
are a few of the sectors that offer jobs to B. Tech CSBS graduates.

● B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) (DS)
This four-year engineering course equips students with all the basic concepts of
Computer Science and Engineering, with an emphasis on Data Science. Students are
encouraged to understand data, analyze it using various tools and reach solutions to
various complex real-life problems.

The scope of this course is limitless as data is central to every industry and analyzing
data and reaching solutions can be really empowering for businesses. A B.Tech DS
graduate can be a Data Scientist, or a Data Analyst, or Data Engineer in both Public
and Private sectors, which includes domains like banking, e-commerce, healthcare,
retail, etc.

● B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Internet of Things) (IoT)
NIET offers a four-year under-graduate B. Tech course in Internet of Things (IoT) which
aims to train students to be equipped with a solid theoretical foundation, systematic
professional knowledge and strong practical skills in the IoT field. Through the
program, the students shall have a thorough knowledge of electronic engineering and
computer science and a firm foundation into wireless communication and computer
networks. A deep knowledge on IoT devices, systems and networks is also included.
The students will develop strong skills in sensors & instrumentation, chip-design and
privacy & security of IoT.

● B. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine
Learning) (AIML)

In this four-year course, students learn the concepts of CSE as well as get hands-on
experience on AI & ML by solving real-world problems and implementing what’s taught.
AI & ML are being used in various sectors, all the voice assistants are based on AI,
and services like Google Translate use Machine Learning to provide the solutions as
required. Hence, AI & ML have a huge scope in the industry. Speech Scientist, Image
Processing Engineer, Analyst, Software Developer, etc. are some of the prominent job
roles for AI-ML Engineers.

● B. Tech + M. Tech Integrated Course
This one is a five-year course that offers dual degrees i.e. Graduate as well as PostGraduate Degrees in Engineering. It is a one of its kind course, which goes ahead of
simple B. Tech in all terms. Students of this course get more knowledge and more
exposure to various concepts of Engineering.

The scope of this course is much more than the scope of any graduate degree. As
students can go for a Doctorate directly after this course, as well as this course opens
the opportunities of getting into a lot more jobs as this is a Post-Graduate course, which
means more knowledge and more experience for students.

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