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This lab has various types of Pneumatic and Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit, Modular Manufacturing System, PLC along with interfacing modules to demonstrate the detailed applications of PLC and SCADA. The purpose of this laboratory is to train the students to be familiar with Pneumatic and Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit, software and hardware of PLC so that they can gain enough experiences to meet the demand of the automation era. The facilities in the laboratory enable students to build a firm background in PLC hardware as well as software. They acquire the practical skills sufficient to design and realize basic automation process.


The PLC laboratory is setup to complement the topics studied in the automation theory course. The lab is equipped with PLC automation trainer kits and modules to enable the study of components of automation system. The students perform experiments to study the components of PLC, programming PLC, interconnection of PLC with computer, SCADA programming and fault detection in automation system.


A PLC (i.e. Programmable Logic Controller) is a device that was invented to replace the necessary sequential relay circuits for machine control. The PLC works by looking at its inputs and depending upon their state, turning on/off its outputs. The user enters a program, usually via software, that gives the desired results. PLCs are used in many "real world" applications. If there is an industry present, chances are good if there is a PLC present. Industries involved in machining, packaging, material handling or automated assembly and countless other industries are already using them. If you are not using, you are wasting money and time. Almost any application that needs some type of electrical control has a need for a PLC.

LAB Resources

Current Equipment:
  • Modular Manufacturing System
  • Advanced Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  • Advanced Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  • Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  • Basic Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  • Transparent Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  • Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Pneumatic Illustrative Wall Poster
  • Magnetic Symbols
  • Janatics Animation Software for Pneumatics
  • Advanced Electro Pneumatic PLC Trainer Kit
  • Cut section of Pneumatic Kit
  • Vertical Workbench with double draw unit
Industry Supporting
 Industry Supporting
Location and Hours

The automation laboratory is located in E-Block, Ground Floor. Open Door Access: 9am - 5:00pm. And for Evening Classes 5pm – 8pm Scheduled classes take priority.