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  • Course Description
  • Hod Profile
  • Summer Training
  • industrial visit
  • Syllabus
  • Placements

Course Description

Program Introduction This is a 4 year program spread over 8 semester, leading to a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy. The program is tailor made to train the students to play an important role in community pharmacy and assist the pharmaceutical industry at various levels. The course is predominantly based on practice and interaction with a strong focus on the healthcare system. This will enable students to practice pharmacy profession in a strong, skillful and determined manner.


  1. Experienced and vibrant full-time faculty
  2. Electives in tune with specializations at under graduate level
  3. Regular interaction with community pharmacy and industrial pharmacy experts
  4. Opportunity to use and witness post graduate and research infrastructure at under graduate level
  5. Guidance and counseling from faculty members
  6. Placement focus in Pharmaceutical industries, Hospitals, Patent cells, IPR sections, Clinical Research Organizations, Retail Pharmacy and other opportunities

Career Options

  1. Production & Manufacturing
  2. Research & Development
  3. Analysis & Testing
  4. Hospital Pharmacy
  5. Regulatory Affairs
  6. Drug Inspection
  7. Marketing
  8. Academics
  9. Consultancy
  10. Community Pharmacy
  11. Opportunities Abroad
  12. Clinical Trails
  13. Documentation, Library Information Services & Pharm Journalism

Duration The course for B. Pharm shall extend over four years consisting of two semesters each year, along with inbuilt industrial/ community pharmacy/ hospital training.

Attendance A student is expected to attend at least 75 % of total attendance for each subject, in the absence of which he/she will not be eligible to appear the exam for that subject as per University norms. A student is required to monitor his/ her own attendance and no separate notice will be displayed.

INTAKE 100 seats

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) PEO 1: To Acquire Knowledge and Develop Understanding
PEO 2: To Develop Skills:
a) Technical skills
b) Corporate skills.
PEO 3: To Develop Professional Attitude

Program Outcome(PO)

S. No Program Outcomes (POs)
1 Pharmacy Knowledge
3 Planning Ability
4 Problem Analysis
5 Modern Tools Usage
7 Pharmaceutical Ethics
8 Communication
9 Pharmacists and Society
10 Environment and Sustainability
11 Lifelong Learning

Hod Profile

S. No.BranchHOD
1.PharmaceuticsDr. Rupa Mazumder
2.PharmacologyDr. Sanjita Das
3.Pharmaceutical ChemistryDr Salahuddin
4.PharmacognosyDr. G. S. Chakraborthy

Summer Training

Summer Training Company List All the big pharmaceutical companies run summer internship programs for college students. Students of NIET School of Pharmacy undergo practical based training in the following industries during their Summer Training programme:

  1. Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited
  2. Unichem Laboratories
  3. Panacea Biotec
  4. Uttar Pradesh Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Company Limited, Lucknow
  5. Akums Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  6. Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  7. Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  8. Radicura Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  9. Surya Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  10. Solan Drugs Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Advik Laboratories Limited
  12. Daffodils Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  13. J-amada Remedies Ltd.
  14. Chemo Biological Ltd
  15. Everest Formulations Ltd.
  16. Purewin labs. Pvt. Ltd.
  17. HiGlance Labs. Pvt. Ltd
  18. T.C. Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
  19. Tuton Pharmaceuticals
  20. Laboratories Griffon Ltd. Profile
  21. Oyster Pharma Pvt. Ltd.
  22. Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences
  23. Sofgel Capsulation Pvt. Ltd.
  24. Captab Biotec
  25. Medicaman Biotech Ltd
  26. Adley Formulations
  27. Sritech Pharma
  28. Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan Pvt. Ltd.
  29. Saibliss drugs &. Pharmaceuticals
  30. Polo Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd.
  31. Tanacia Pharmaceuticals

Industrial visit

The School of Pharmacy arranges one-day Industrial Visit to nearby reputed Pharmaceutical Industries on regular basis to meet the requirement of the course curriculum of the University for the B. Pharm final year students. This type of programme offers the students a direct exposure to the cutting-edge technology equipment and apparatus available in the Pharma industries and thereby helps to bridge their theoretical knowledge with the practical world. The following are few of the reputed Pharmaceutical industries who train up students of NIET School of Pharmacy:

  1. Albert David Limited
  2. HiGlance Labs. Pvt. Ltd.
  3. K. V. Aromatics Private Limited<
  4. Radicura Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  5. Unichem Laboratories Ltd.
  6. TEVA Pharmaceuticals, Greater Noida
  7. National Institute of Biological, Noida
  8. Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited , Gurgaon
  9. Arbro Pharmaceuticals Limited, New Delhi


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S.No Name Roll No Company Name Branch
1 MOHIT KUMAR GAUTAM 1413350047 Wipro Limited B.Pharm
2 MOIN KHAN 1413350050 Wipro Limited B.Pharm
3 NEHA 1413350053 Wipro Limited B.Pharm
4 SURUCHI SONI 1413350091 Nestle India Ltd. B.Pharm
5 DHISHA CHAUHAN 1513350023 Nestle India Ltd. B.Pharm
6 KALIL BHALLA 1513350035 Nestle India Ltd. B.Pharm
7 NISHA SINGH 1513350056 Nestle India Ltd. B.Pharm
8 ADITYA PRASAD 1413350003 Genpact B.Pharm
9 ALOK KUMAR 1413350006 Genpact B.Pharm
10 SUDHANSHU MISHRA 1413350088 Genpact B.Pharm
11 VISHAL SINGH 1413350098 Genpact B.Pharm
12 SYED EHRAR HUSSAIN 1413350092 Genpact B.Pharm
13 SHUBHAM MISHRA 1413350085 Genpact B.Pharm
14 ALCHENDRA 1413350005 Genpact B.Pharm
15 GAURAV SAINI 1413350023 Modi-Mundi Pharma Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
16 NIKHIL CHAUHAN 1413350055 Rapross Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd. B.Pharm
17 NIKHIL AGGARWAL 1413350056 Rapross Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd. B.Pharm
18 NIVEDITA PAWAR 1413350057 Rapross Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd. B.Pharm
19 RAKHI CHAUHAN 1413350071 Rapross Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd. B.Pharm
20 RAVENDRA SINGH TOMER 1413350072 Rapross Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd. B.Pharm
21 ANKUR GARG 1513350902 Rapross Pharmaceutical (P) Ltd. B.Pharm
22 LISHA RANI 1413350040 Apollo Pharma B.Pharm
23 VIVEK KUMAR SHARMA 1413350100 Apollo Pharma B.Pharm
24 AJAY KUMAR 1513350901 Recomdigen Laboratiries B.Pharm
25 ARJUN BHATI 1413350019 Pulsus healthtech LLP B.Pharm
26 KULDEEP KUMAR 1413350039 Pulsus healthtech LLP B.Pharm
27 PRATEEK SRIVASTAVA 1413350062 Pulsus healthtech LLP B.Pharm
28 SALMAN KHAN 1413350076 Pulsus healthtech LLP B.Pharm
29 PRAKASH KUMAR JHA 1513350907 Pulsus healthtech LLP B.Pharm
30 NEHA GAUTAM 1413350054 Pulsus Healthtech LLP B.Pharm
31 HITESH KUMAR 1413350027 Omenta Pharma (P) LTD B.Pharm
32 ISHFAQ MAJEED DAR 1413350028 Omenta Pharma (P) LTD B.Pharm
33 PIYUSH GOYAL 1413350060 Krhipra Health solution LLP B.Pharm
34 PRAVEEN 1413350063 Krhipra Health solution LLP B.Pharm
35 KM KAJAL SINGHAL 1413350036 Krhipra Health solution LLP B.Pharm
36 KAJAL SHARMA 1413350033 OPTUM B.Pharm
37 MOHIT KUMAR 1413350045 Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. B.Pharm
38 DEEPIKA TANWAR 1513350903 Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. B.Pharm
39 SUSHANK SHARMA 1513350911 Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. B.Pharm
40 OM PRAKASH MISHRA 1413350059 Samarath Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
41 KAPIL NAGAR 1413350036 Samarath Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
42 SUMIRITI RANJAN 1413350090 Pure and Cure Health Care Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
43 SHIVAM SHARMA 1413350084 Vishal Enterprises B.Pharm
44 TANYA TALWAR 1413350093 Vishal Enterprises B.Pharm
45 SAGAR 1513350910 Medlife B.Pharm
46 ANGEERA YADAV 1413350012 Astra Zeneca B.Pharm
47 ANURAG SHARMA 1413350017 Astra Zeneca B.Pharm
48 DHANANJAY KUMAR PANDEY 1413350021 Astra Zeneca B.Pharm
49 JYOTI SINGH 1413350032 Astra Zeneca B.Pharm
50 NEHA GAUTAM 1413350054 Menarini India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
51 ADITYA PRASAD 1413350003 GSK Pharmaceutical Limited B.Pharm
52 KRITIKA NARWAR 1413350037 Asian Institute of Medical Sciences B.Pharm
53 VINIT KUMAR 1413350096 Allure Medical and Phrama solutions Inc. B.Pharm
54 SUMIT YADAV 1413350089 Allure Medical and Phrama solutions Inc. B.Pharm
55 SYED EHRAR HUSSAIN 1413350092 Allure Medical and Phrama solutions Inc. B.Pharm
56 RAHUL KUMAR 1413350067 Hetero healthcare B.Pharm
57 ASHISH MISHRA 1413350025 Sava Healthcare Ltd. B.Pharm
58 JAGMOHAN SINGH 1413350029 Intas Pharmaceutical limited B.Pharm
59 JASMIN ARA 1413350030 Intas Pharmaceutical limited B.Pharm
60 JAYA 1413350031 Intas Pharmaceutical limited B.Pharm
61 PRIYANKA KUMARI 1413350065 Intas Pharmaceutical limited B.Pharm
62 VIPUL KUMAR 1413350097 Bacfo Pharmaceutical (India) Ltd. B.Pharm
63 PRASHANT SHARMA 1413350061 Bacfo Pharmaceutical (India) Ltd. B.Pharm
64 PUNIT SAMANIYA 1413350066 Bacfo Pharmaceutical (India) Ltd. B.Pharm
65 KAPIL KUMAR 1413350034 Bacfo Pharmaceutical (India) Ltd. B.Pharm
66 ABHIMANYU SINGH PUNDHIR 1413350001 HCL Healthcare B.Pharm
67 MUHSIN NASEEF 1413350052 HCL Healthcare B.Pharm
68 SHABANA 1413350080 HCL Healthcare B.Pharm
69 SHIVAM BHARDWAJ 1413350083 HCL Healthcare B.Pharm
70 PRIYANKA KUMARI 1513350908 HCL Healthcare B.Pharm
71 VIKAS TIWARI 1513350912 HCL Healthcare B.Pharm
72 ADITYA PRASAD 1413350003 HCL Healthcare B.Pharm
73 AMBRISH DHAR DWIVEDI 1413350007 Omics International B.Pharm
74 ANUJ TOMAR 1413350016 Omics International B.Pharm
75 SALMAN KHAN 1413350076 Omics International B.Pharm
76 SANDEEP KUMAR BHATI 1413350077 Omics International B.Pharm
77 ROHIT KUMAR 1413350073 Omics International B.Pharm
78 PRATEEK SRIVASTAVA 1413350062 Omics International B.Pharm
79 KULDEEP KUMAR 1413350039 Omics International B.Pharm
80 HIMANSHU SINGH 1513350030 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
81 KULDEEP KUMAR 1513350040 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
82 KUNDAN KUMAR 1513350041 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
83 MAYANK KUMAR BHARDWAJ 1513350045 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
84 MD.EJAZ AHMAD 1513350046 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
85 MOHIT KUMAR 1513350048 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
86 MOHIT SINGH BHANDARI 1513350049 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
87 NOOR KHAN 1513350059 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
88 PRASHANT KUMAR 1513350061 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
89 PRATIK KUMAR 1513350062 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
90 PRIYANKA NEGI 1513350065 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
91 SAKSHI 1513350076 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
92 SHEETAL SINGH 1513350086 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
93 VANDANA GUPTA 1513350100 Oaknet Healthcare B.Pharm
94 BHARTI TOMAR 1513350015 Just Dial Ltd. B.Pharm
95 IRPHAN KHAN 1513350031 Just Dial Ltd. B.Pharm
96 KULDEEP 1513350040 Just Dial Ltd. B.Pharm
97 MAYANK BHARDWAJ 1513350045 Just Dial Ltd. B.Pharm
98 NEERAJ KUMAR 1513350051 Just Dial Ltd. B.Pharm
99 BHARTI 1513350015 Fresenius Kabi India Pvt Ltd B.Pharm
100 MADHAV MISHRA 1513350042 Fresenius Kabi India Pvt Ltd B.Pharm
101 KULDEEP 1513350040 Fresenius Kabi India Pvt Ltd B.Pharm
102 SATYAM SHUKLA 1513350080 IDS Infotech B.Pharm
103 Bhawana Tiwari 1513350016 Lifecell B.Pharm
104 Garvit Arora 1513350027 Lifecell B.Pharm
105 Gurnoor kaur 1513350029 Lifecell B.Pharm
106 Raj Kiran 1513350068 Lifecell B.Pharm
107 Rubhav agarwal 1513350073 Lifecell B.Pharm
108 Saakshi Dwivedi 1513350074 Lifecell B.Pharm
109 Anu Yadav 1513350009 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
110 Chandrabhushan kumar 1513350018 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
111 GAURAV SHARMA 1513350028 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
112 Kajal chaudhary 1513350033 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
113 Khushboo tewani 1513350036 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
114 Kundan Kumar 1513350041 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
115 Nishant pawar 1513350057 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
116 PRIYANKA NEGI 1513350065 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
117 Rohit Kumar 1513350072 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
118 Sachin sharma 1513350075 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm
119 Bharti yadav 1613350902 iServices India Pvt. Ltd. B.Pharm