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Computer Science & Engineering

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About the course

Duration Department Intake Affiliation Approvals
2 years (4 semesters) Computer Science and Engineering 24 Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University AICTE

Noida Institute of Engineering & Technology is offering the Mahamaya Technical University approved PG course for the students who have a B.Tech degree in Computer Science/Information Technology. The course is offered by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering by highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty. Intake to this course is 24.The course offers core subjects like Foundations of Computer Science, Computer Networks, DBMS, Computer Organization & Architecture, Operating Systems, Data structures, Advanced Computer Graphics, Distributed systems, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

The curriculum is according to MTU syllabus. However, in our institution, we are providing additional resources to bridge the gap between curriculum and Corporate. The objectives of this programme are to build a technological base in computer science & engineering, to analyze design, develop and evaluate high-end computing systems and undertake challenging projects and carry out research activity. It also leads to identify new trends and evaluate emerging technologies and to work on specialized and specific domains with faculty in various research divisions.


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Year Year-wise Fees Sem-wise Fees No. of Month Stippend per Month Total Stippend per sem Remaining Fees At the Time of Admission Deposite Total Remaining Fees Deposit Remaining Fees in Monthly Instalment of Rs. 3,400 for 24 months
1 102,500 52,500 5 4000 20,000 32,500 26,700 Rs. 81,600
50,000 5 20,000 30,000
2 81,800 40,900 5 20,000 20,900
40,900 4 16,000 24,900
Total 184,300 184,300 19 4000 76,000 108,300 26,700 81,600 3,400

Fees Detail

Year Tuition Fee Exam Fee Security (Refundable) Registration Fee (One Time) Total
First Year 80,000 10,000 10,000 2,500 102,500
Second Year 80,000 1,800 81,800