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Niet Advisory Board

The objective of the NIET Advisory Board 2019-20 is to strategize and define new grounds and ventures to bring about breakthrough changes in the field of practical outcome based technical education in new areas.

NIET acknowledges the vast knowledge, experience and contribution of professionals towards technology and public service. We believe that their guidance and association with us will be of immense benefit in achieving newer path breaking strides in technical education.

NIET is a premiere institute of northern India providing innovative, practical and revolutionary technical education through extensive association with various industries and their onsite participation.

Dr Sarojini Agarwal (Chairperson)

Dr SarojiniI believe that educaon has the most crical role to play in the progress of a naon. We realize that our students represent the future of our society and we take our responsibility seriously. We ensure that the rock solid foundaon, we help them to build – both in terms of skills and values - will stand them in good stead no maer which career they choose . NIET Greater Noida, has been a pioneer in contribung towards naon building by creang a niche for itself in the field of technical medicaon, and has been producing industry ready engineers par-excellence for more than sixteen years through its many programmes in engineering, management, pharmacy and computer applicaons. It has earned the respect and goodwill of the industry and the student community.

There are huge challenges in today's global and highly compeve markets and we have to ensure that our students are ready for them. To sustain in a highly compeve environment, we ensure human resource that is highly skilled and well trained in several funconal areas. Our students are well trained in several funconal areas. Our students are well groomed to enter a complex working world. They have also been educated beyond their core disciplines. The students, faculty members and staff of NIET are second to none, and due to their interminable synergisc efforts, NIET has been bestowed with professional acclaim, glory and renown by the corporate and non- corporate honchos.

I congratulate the students, faculty members and staff for their pious, sincere and dedicated efforts and for collecvely making NIET the best instute of higher educaon. I would also like to thank the generaons of parents who have entrusted us with the care and educaon of their children. It is their faith and belief in NIET that has helped us to come this far.

It is our unwavering commitment to the highest quality educaon that has speeded us on this journey.

"The global economy is powered by knowledge and knowledge workers"

Dr. O P Agarwal (Managing Director)

O P AgarwalEducation deficits can hinder a society in isolaon, but in a globalized world these deficits can be even more detrimental to a country's economy and development. By merging many naonal markets into one global market, globalizaon increases the compeve pressures faced by an individual, companies and sociees. Due to Globalizaon, organizaonal transformaon is taking place in various sectors. It is a challenging issue for the dynamic business environment to look for competent and creave professionals.

The students at NIET are well-equipped to perform effecvely in any environment. They have been groomed to be experts in their respecve fields with leadership qualies, posive atude, loyalty and, integrity to the organizaon. The instute has made a special provision for the personality development of its students and for enriching their communicaon skills by establishing a separate school for this task. Addionally, the Career Management Cell, works hard connuously for the proper placement of students in reputed companies and it has been showcasing encouraging results. Posive thinking, hard and dedicated work will enable our students to open the doors of success to whichever venture they aspire to enter.

Well, acon speaks louder than words and we are a good instance for this maxim. We have been awarded many accolades for the placements we provide to our students. These awards prove the quality of the overall development that we have been imparng to the students.

My best wishes to all the members of the NIET family.

"To treat the patients and to impart education both are divine works"

Dr. Neema Agarwal (Additional Managing Director)

Neema"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela"
Not long ago, educaon merely meant the transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the taught. Today, educaon is much more than that – aer all, if it is just knowledge that you are aer there is enough of it and more on the World Wide Web. It has been esmated that the enre body of knowledge is doubling about every three years. To keep pace with this explosive growth is quite impossible

Educang youth without placement assistance is of no use today, which is why NIET Career Management Cell is working proacvely in assisng students for various current and future prospecve job opportunies. We organize our facilies to Train & Place students as per their aptude and follow the principle that “Educaon can't be used to its fullest without placements” and work around this principle.

In these changing mes, the skills required by the professionals managing the industry are also changing. This is where NIET has pitched in. Since its incepon, we at NIET have been striving hard to impart the requisite knowledge and inculcate a new set of skills and atude in our students, keeping in mind the latest developments taking place globally. Our biggest strength lies in being proacve in learning the real world applicaons of concepts by interacng with the industry in the form of industrial visits, seminars, internships and live projects.

The arrangement ensures that the students give their best. This has helped to inculcate in the students a mindset that prepares them for the challenging corporate world. I am proud of what we at NIET have achieved within a short span of me and look at the future with opmism and confidence.

I wish a very successful career ahead to all the students of NIET and feel confident that they will make significant contribuons to the organizaons they join.

Raman Batra (Executive Vice President)

Raman Batra"When you know better you do better” - Maya Angelou"
Today, the business environment is highly turbulent and dynamic; wherein the age old rule of “survival of the fiest” dominates. The promising force that can help the organizaons to survive and grow in such environment, by effecvely coping with theever changing demands, is the human resources with “can do” outlook. So we are glad to present batches of professionals in varied disciplines from Noida Instute of Engineering & Technology (NIET), who have it in them to survive as well as flourish in this compeve world with confidence and zeal, to grow and let the organizaons, where they serve to transcend new heights of success

Pyramid Finishing School provides training to the students according to the industry requirements, giving individual student a 360 degree improvement, not only in the areas like so skills, life skills, technical skills and equees but also exposing the students to me management, team-work and project management. In the pioneer study conducted at NIET, it was observed in the study that the populaon (those who studied this amalgamated curricula), when they reached their fih and seventh semesters, to face the placement drives, showed a stupendous rise in placement figures by 400% as compared to the control group (those who were not subjected to the addional finishing school curriculum). As a diamond acquires its true worth aer experiencing immense heat and hard mes, our students have aained their true worth aer rigorous training, assiduous preparaon and dedicaon .They are sincere, commied, with clear academic as well as career orientaon.

Moreover, in the exisng high velocity churning of engineering students, there is an emerging need to bridge the industry – academia gap to improve the quality of students and make them industry ready. In order to address this need, we at NIET, have organized many HR Conclaves to discuss the future trends and nurture the leaders for tomorrow. Further enhancing our relaonship with industry, the Instute has also made e-ups with MNCs like Microso, Oracle, KPMG, ICICI Direct and Prometric. These e-ups not only promise to enhance student employability by manifold, but also take the lead in encouraging 'innovave' learning like never before.

Due to their sincerity and devoon, the demand for our students has been constantly on the rise. We are confident of receiving the same kind of overwhelming support from the prospecve employer

Dr Vinod Mansiram Kapse (Director)

Dr VinodPlacement acvies in an engineering instuon play a vital role in developing the overall growth and personality of the students. At NIET, we have the unique acvies of Pyramid Finishing School (PFS) which caters to the development of good communicaon skills and personality growth of the students. I am confident that the students will definitely get a good impetus for their overall career growth with all the acvies of the placement department. In the last two years, established engineering organizaons, including mulnaonals and core engineering companies, visited NIET campus for campus interviews and offered jobs to NIET students. I am confident that with its sincere efforts the placement department will touch new heights in the near future.

I wish success to the Career Management Cell (CMC) which looks aer the placement acvies of NIET students.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and follower"

Mr. Vasudevan Rajagopalan Head - Talent Acquisition (India)

Mr. Vasudevan Mr. Vasudevan Rajagopalan is the Talent Acquision Group Head for TCS India. He has formerly worked in TCS as HR Head for a business Cluster and as Talent Acquision Owner for Europe Geography.

Mr. Rajagopalan possesses approximately 17 years of experience in TCS and close to 20 years of professional experience.

He is an energec HR professional with a view of building a strong organizaon with the right people in the right role.

Mr. Puneet Kumra (Senior Director)

Mr. Puneet An Engineer by educaon and a Talent Acquision professional by choice, Puneet Kumra has spearheaded mulple porolios in Sourcing & Recruitment with exposure in geographies across APAC & North America. He has over 18 years of experience spread across Talent Acquision, Customer Service and Applicaon Development in IT and ITES domain. He has been pivotal in industrializing the way Capgemini hires by building scale through innovaon while driving process and operaonal excellence through technology and workforce transformaon. An accomplished speaker, he has spoken in various industry forums and works with prominent business and engineering schools and academia as an advisor

As Senior Director - Talent Acquision, Puneet currently heads University Relaons & Hiring for Capgemini, India spanning from technical to management graduates

Mr. Avirag Jain (EVP & CTO)

Mr. Avirag Jain People, Technology & Customer focused IT Leader with proven track record of over 25 years. Extensive mul-disciplinary global experience in Technology and offshore centric delivery management. An effecve communicator with strong listening, leadership, coordinaon, analycal and problem-solving skills.

  • Enable customers effecvely realize their outsourcing goals.
  • Experience spanning across both - seng up, managing and growing off-shoring and mentoring teams to deliver large strategic projects.
  • Extensive experience in conceptualizing and implemenng result-oriented iniaves, nurturing relaonship with global clients.
Mr. Bikram Keshori Nayak (Hhead Human Resources)

Mr. Bikram Bikram Nayak is an astute people leader with over twenty-twoyears of experience in the Technology, Design, Engineering & Construcon industry with a demonstrated history in the management of Human Capital. Currently, he is the Head Human Resources of L&TNxTthe Digital and IOT plaorm business of L&T.

Bikram, an alumnus of PG department of PM&IR, Utkal University, has completed Execuve Diploma in HRM, 2008-2010 from XLRI Jamshedpur. Bikram is a Cerfied Rewards Professional and had also received a cerficate on “Internaonal Posion Evaluaon” and “Strategic Talent Management & Succession planning ” master class

Bikram is an avid speaker and has been a panelist in various forums, IIMs, premium colleges and Instuonsacross the country on contemporary Human Resource Development and pracces like Talent Management, Employee Engagement, People Analycs, Skills Development, HR in Industry4.0, Diversity & Inclusion, Community Impact, Health and wellness etc.

Kalinga Instute of Industrial Technologyinducted him as an expert member to its "Advisory Board" of PG Diploma Program on "Construcon Management and Infrastructure Development". Bikram has been one of thesponsors of Australian Government's student exchange and Technical Educaon programs.

Bikram has been Conferred with TA Pai Young HR Leader Award for 2019, South India's Most Talented HR professional by World HRD Congress in September 2017 andmany more HRleadership awards.L&T wonpresgious Talent Acquision awards at the People Maers TA League Annual conference during May2019& 2018 and two HR Excellence Awards at the SHRM Annual Event in Oct 2018 under his leadership.

Rajiv Naithani

Rajiv Naithani Rajiv is a young, dynamic and a fast tracker HR and OD thought Leader who believes in "Self" being the “Instrument of Change". Having worked with Hi-Tech Industry throughout in his career, he has played a key role in the transformaonal journey of some of these companies. Rajiv is inspired with "Employee First” concept and finds it to be the key driver towards catering to the expectaons of “Customers” and “Shareholders".

Rajiv has played important role in evolving the culture of the organisaons through cultural dig iniaves to define the core values as behaviours for realising the vision of the organisaon. Rajiv has managed mulple M&As and Rebadging assignments for three of the different organisaons he has served as HR Head. Cultural integraon, Great Place to Work with journey, high performance culture, leadership development and hiring, and HR maturity are some of the key strategic priories which have been successfully led and delivered by Rajiv in mulple organisaons. He has been a key advocate for employees and their experiences, desires and aspiraons.

In his current role, Rajiv heads the Global HR organisaon for Infogain with geographical presence in US, India, UK, Singapore and Middle East. Chrys Capital backed Infogain is a fast-growing mid-sized IT Engineering organisaon which is headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

Prior to Infogain, Rajiv served Dassault Systèmes (R&D and Services Enes in India) and GlobalLogic as HR Head for India and also played Global OD role in GlobalLogic.

Prior to joining GlobalLogic, Rajiv held management posions in companies like HCL, and Interglobe Technologies (IGT)

Dr. Anbu Rathinavel (Chief Design Officer)

Dr. Anbu With Life Architecng as his mission, Anbu has played a breakthrough role in coaching on the Design Mind, Engaging Learning Culture, Mindfulness Leadership and Transforming OD.

As Chief Design Officer in Intellect Design Arena, he is currently focusing on balancing eastern (mind) and western (brain) philosophy to leverage Design Thinking as a problem solving approach in all walks of life.

The Strength Philosophy coaching model that he has designed, complimented by his deep experience in both Project Delivery for U.S Department of Defense (DoD) and Academics, helps corporate leaders, managers, Faculty and teachers in focusing on lasng impact and creang a tribe within the teams to ensure delivery excellence. He is Co-founder of School of Design Thinking and has been instrumental in launching several iniaves for various corporate, government departments, startups and academic instuons to shi their thinking paern aligned to overall vision of their organisaon. The copyrighted Design The Thinking™ approach is a flagship program developed under his leadership.

With his strong research background in Arficial Intelligence, Anbu is passionate about understanding the evolving intricacies of Human Development. As Chief Mentor at Life Design Lab, he works closely with young adults and corporate adults in helping them understand the emoonal aspects of relaonships through Emoons Ladder and Collision Management, and appreciang values & culture. He is credited with creang the training strategy and structure for the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) – the breakthrough iniave of Hon’ble Prime Minister for faceless, paperless and transparent procurement needs of government buyers.

Mr. Naganagouda SJ (Vice President & Head - HR)

Mr. Naganagouda A professional who has built, upscaled and driven sustainable HR ecosystems & anchored organizaonal change, for 20+ years. My experience sprawls across sustaining established brands, handling mulcultural talent in internaonal forays as well as seng up an enre HR funcon including people, processes, policies and tools, and running it successfully.

I believe in the cumulave power of individual strengths. In an increasingly M2M world, I spend me and effort in bringing back the human chain in business. Having spent 20+ years working in diverse environments and geographies, my efforts connue to focus on providing a learning environment for people. I also mentor business leaders and to-be leaders to be people focused.

My focus is on creang effecve leadership by helping organizaons define what good leadership means, enable people develop leadership skills, creang systems, processes and policies that support good leadership and creang condions in which the value of leadership is recognized.

Having grown an organisaon from 100 to 10,000 people, I like to stay at the core of acon. Creang a fit - for - purpose HR funcon and leading it to deliver success for the business is my mantra.

In essence, I am sll in the pursuance of that perfect combinaon of Head, Heart and Brain Power

Mr. Praveen Soneja (Head Corporate)

Mr. Praveen A Mechanical Engineer with MBA in Finance with more than 37 years of mulfacated industry experience, ranging from strat-ups to well established mulnaonals. Out of which, last 18 years have been in Leadership roles.

He is currently working as Head Corporate Planning at Isgec Heavy Engineering. His professional journey started with Crompton Greaves Limited as manufacturing Engineer, this was followed by a 17 year long stay at Xerox India & UK, where he rose amongst the ranks, leading various funconal teams and aained leadership roles. Subsequently, he served Thermax India Limted and a US lead start-up as Manufacturing Director for a short period before joining Isgec in year 2011.

Since year 2005, he has been leading Corporate teams, first at Thermax and now at Isgec Heavy Engineering, focussing on Strategic Planning, funconal strategy, budgeng and deployment of supporng performance matrices.

His core strength lies in, Organizaon design & development, Promong Innovaon Culture, Nurturing Talent & ideas, Design and establishment of enre value chain, from Order to cash, which involves selecon of right product, technology transfer, establishment of manufacturing & supply chain, process opmizaon, transformaon and improvement through product & process innovaon.

Pioneered Lean Six Sigma Deployment for Xerox in India.

As Head of Design & Development Funcon, my team won naonal award in Technology absorpon from Govt. of INDIA

in 1993.

Lead a CII Industry delegaon to Germany to study their manufacturing pracces.

Mr. Aditya Kumar Sinha (Associate Director)

Twenty-five years of progressive and successful experience in providing strategic and operaonal leadership; worked with Naonal Research Lab, premier Naonal Instute and IT organisaons. Consistent record of extraordinary delivery results in the growth of revenue, performance, branding and global posioning. Involved in Research & Development, technology development, program management, infrastructure development, quality management, capacity building, and higher educaon. Operang naonwide and at forty-five countries worldwide with a mul-site, mul-funconal team for the development and maintenance of five diverse porolios as follows:

  • Technology and Product Development
  • Internaonal Cooperaon
  • Capacity building and Skill Development
  • Higher Educaon
  • Research & Development
Mr. Anand D Srivastava (Director)

Mr. Anand Global Technology Execuve with 20+ years of experience helping transform client business across markets and industries focused on Digital technologies - cloud, mobility and applicaons.

Strategist, Soluon Shaper adept at understanding client behaviors, business needs, buying paerns and can convert them into an Enterprise IT road-map for deploymentready soluons. Invenve leader with hands-on experience and extensive exposure of leading large-scale transformaons, account delivery and management of change driving alignment among varied stakeholders of the organizaon.

Accomplished start-up specialist with demonstrated success at incubang and scaling global centers with new and differenated capabilies focused on talent, process, quality and business outcomes delivering ROI and value maximizaon.

Passionate People Manager focusing on people care to create atmosphere that thrives innovaon and connuous improvement.

Conscienous and self-propelled individual with strong belief in social and corporate give-back.

Cerfied Scrum Master with PGDBA(Finance) from Symbiosis University and B. Tech. (Hons.) from GB Pant University. Currently based in Bangalore, India.

Mr. Sreeram Radhakrishnan (Head HR India, Phillippines & GDO)

Mr. Sreeram Experienced Head of Human Resources Operaons with a demonstrated history of working in the Informaon Technology & Services industry. Strong human resources acumen, skilled in Customer Relaonship Management (CRM), Talent Management and Transformaon, HR Digisaon, Recruing and Human Resources Strategy.

Mr. Saurabh Sharma (Talent Acquisition Leader)

Mr. Saurabh Saurabh is a Talent Acquision Leader with 13+ years of progressive professional experience and an academic background of advanced studies in general management (focus area: Human Resources) & bachelor’s degree in Engineering (Informaon Technology). capital is the most crical asset. He has successfully set-up and led university recruing funcon and developed / executed go-to-market strategy for university relaons to aain top recruing slot at India’s most premium schools. His experience has been around understanding talent needs of the organizaon and developing capabilies / soluons to infuse the best talent for organizaon’s growth. His focus has been on knowledge intensive service industry and has worked across IT Services, Management Consulng & Financial Services organizaons where human

Areas of Experse:

  • Creang talent pipeline for roles focused around business analycs, soware engineering, product development and technical / management consulng
  • Designing Strategic Workforce Plan through collaborang with business leaders and assessing their talent needs
  • Developing & reviewing Assessment & Selecon framework for recruitment process. Cerfied on CBI by DDI, Franklin Covery and CEB.
  • Employer Branding: experience in leveraging technology / social networking channels to build talent communies
  • Talent Engagement & Development
  • Industry expert / Consultant for Entry Level Talent Market. Understanding of global best pracces in University Recruing across US & U

He has been frequently invited as speaker / panel member for HR Summit / Conferences at top Engineering & Management Schools (Including IIMs).

Mr. Sachin Sharma

Mr. Sachin Mr. Sachin Sharma, an enthusiasc professional in the field of management; holding a Master’s degree in HR & Internaonal Markeng from IMT, Ghaziabad coupled with an addional qualificaon in MA in IR&PM.

He has literally lived up to the phrase of walking the journey and climbing up the ladder of success by starng right from the basics. He started his career as a soware trainee and reached the level of a heading the Talent Management Funcon at HCL Technologies owing all of it to relentless hard work and determinaon. In recent past was associated with one of the fastest growing mobile handset companies in India; Lava Internaonal Ltd; and heading the Talent Acquision funcon at the organizaon

Currently he is associated with one of the Leading Insurance Company of Canada, Sun Life Financial and in current capacity leading Technology Hiring for their Asia service centre in Gurgaon, India.

With an experience of more than 16+ years; he has the right kind of blend between the know-how & revelaon of soware consulng, professional services, corporate recruitment, IT Recruitment/Resource Management/Staffing & Consulng. He has also been associated with HCL Technologies Ltd, Noida as the head of WPC of HCL-ISD (3 Large SBU's) holding responsibility for Talent Planning/Rotaon/Hiring (Lateral/Campus)/Succession Planning/Training of SBU's (Cross Funconal Services/ Enterprise Network & Security Services). At HCL I was also responsible for Leadership hiring for EAS LOB of HCL Technologies Ltd.

Mr. Chandrasekhar

Mr. Chandrasekhar Chandrasekhar Chenniappan (Chandru) is an astute HR Professional with over two decades of experience spanning across service industry, informaon technology and Research and Development Organisaons.

Chandru is part of the Talent Management Team of Virtusa playing the role of locaon HR Head for their Bangalore Center and leads the HR funcon for Virtusa’s Engineering Pracces.

Chandru has over 23 plus Years of experience in the field of Human Resource Management and has played variety of roles spanning Resource Management, Business Partnering, Employee Relaons, Recruitment and General Management.

Prior to joining Atmel Corporaon, Chandru was with Hewle-Packard, IGATE Global Soluons, Polaris Soware, Kumaran Systems and The CHILDS Trust Hospital.

During his snt in Hewle-Packard, he was recognised with the presgious award of Most Valuable Person (MVP) for the Year 2012, the Highest Recognion for any employee at HP for his contribuon to the Business Unit which he was supporng at Hewle-Packard.

Chandru acvely parcipates as a speaker in HR Forums, Summits and associated with various Academic Instuons in Tamil Nadu. He is also the Member of Board of Studies in Instuons.

He is known as a passionate HR Leader for his ‘Values & Connectedness’ with a firm belief in Pr agmac approach to problem solving..

Ms. Shikha Gupta (Director - Recruitment)

Ms. Shikha Well–seasoned HR Professional in full range of Human Resources funcons in the IT sector. Strong background in corporate HR acvies, organizaonal development, and effecve communicaon at all levels, innovave problem solving and other facilies designed to enhance producvity and profitability.

Involved in developing a coherent forward thinking HR & operaons strategy, in line with the changing organizaonal needs. Leading and movang the HR funcon and ensuring that it provides a consistent quality driven service to the organizaon in co-ordinaon with internal / external departments for smooth business operaons.

Demonstrated abilies in developing & streamlining systems with proven ability to enhance operaonal effecveness and meet operaonal goals within the cost, me & quality parameters.

Adroit at turning around the culture of the organizaon resulng in the management & the employees share the same vision, philosophy, goals & strive hard to achieve them.

An effecve communicator with excellent relaonship building & interpersonal skills. Excellent verbal and wrien communicaon skills in French, English & Hindi.

Mr. Deepak Jindal (Delivery Manager)

Mr. Deepak Deepak Jindal is a renowned Internaonal speaker, Life Coach, Career Counselor who has already touched 15000+ lives through his seminars on Life skills like Personality Development, Building confidence, Time Management. He has also recruited 5000+ at various levels in different companies.

Awarded by IBM with “Excellence award”, Accenture with “Top contributor in Recruitment”. Authored a book “Win your inner bale” on winning life challenges available on Amazon/Paytm and many more online stores.

He carries more than 18 years of experience in Human Resource field and has done consulng through World’s top I companies like IBM , Accenture, TCS and HCL for Internaonal clients (face to face) in countries like USA, Germany , Malaysia, Kuwait, Philippines, Thailand and Finland in managing different clients on business processes related to HR. He always believes in serving others & currently working in SAP Thailand as Delivery Manager.

He is Cerfied SAP Success factor consultant & SAP HR from Germany and Project Management professional (PMP) from USA.

Cdr Pratap Pawar (Director HR & IT)

Cdr Pratap Commander Pratap Pawar is presently working as the Director – HR and Shared Services at Great Soware Laboratory, a mulnaonal Soware company. Commander Pratap’s role is focused on people and the creaon of highly skilled workforce, to meet the growing needs of GS Lab, both in terms of Employee and customer sasfacon.

. Before joining GS Lab, Pratap had a disnguished career as a Commander in the Indian Navy. An Electronics and Communicaon Engineer by qualificaon, Cdr Pratap joined the Indian Navy in 1993. A combat-hardened veteran of 22 years, Pratap was a part of Kargil war and has also earned medals for acve combat during the an-piracy and an-smuggling operaons on East and West coast of India. Pratap was instrumental in inducon and indigenisaon of many state of the art weapon systems for the country. His efforts at training young Navy officers and Lady Officers and role as the Navy’s Goodwill Ambassador to 35 foreign countries were awarded at the highest levels. Although he has formally hung his “whites”, Pratap sll remains a sailor at heart.

Pratap has a dual MBA in PM, HR & IT in addion to his degree in Electronics & Telecommunicaon Engineering. An ethical hacking enthusiast, Pratap is a qualified System Administrator, Cyber Law specialist, and Soware Quality specialist. A cerfied ISO Lead assessor and Six Sigma Black belt, Pratap is also conversant with 7 languages.

Mr. Rajesh Nambiar (Director - UiPath Academic Alliance)

Mr. Rajesh 15+ Years of experience in IT with passion for student, developer or community engagement, Technology Evangelizaon, Educaon Program Management, Product/ Services Markeng , Digital Markeng and Program Management

Mr. Arvind Thothadri (VP, Global Training & Certification)
Mr. Arvind
  • Business leader with 25 years experience spanning
  • Seng up businesses from scratch to profitable entities
  • Extensive exposure to Indian businesses across mulple vercals for various business offerings
  • Internaonal Business experience across APAC and American markets
  • Comprehensive experience across Business development, Markeng and Pre-sales for mulple organizaons
  • Experience in designing products and customizing soluons to various vercals and markets, based on clear
  • understanding of customer expectaons
  • Technology soluons around Learning and Assessments
  • Technology iniaves for Educaon
Ms. Anuradha Sharma (Country Manager)

Ms. Anuradha A process oriented, focused leader who thrives in constantly changing landscape. Experience across diverse set of industries and funcons.

Dr. Ramgopal Rao S (Academic Manager)

Dr. Ramgopal A professional of 20 years of Teaching, Research & Managerial experience in Biology/ Biotechnology, Dr. Ramgopal Rao S is an Academic Manager in Biocon Academy, managing "Biocon KGI Cerficate program in BioSciences" an Advanced Skill Development Training Program providing Training and Career opportunies to graduates in Biotechnology Industry. He has managed Biocon Academy "Faculty Development Program" to train Teachers in Biopharmaceucals. He has also worked as an Associate Head of Biotech department & Program Coordinator for M. Tech Biotechnology. He has contributed and established IBSC & worked as Member Secretary. He has further contributed in the establishment of Biotechnology Lab facilies, and was involved in Accreditaon of B.Tech/M. Tech Biotechnology programs.

Ms. Bhanu (Head Students Programs APAC)

Ms. BhanuInformaon Technology Markeng & Sales professional with over 17 years of professional work experience with Global Technology majors like Oracle Corporaon and in areas of business development, program management, field sales in domesc markets, sales and markeng campaigns, Key Account Management for Fortune 100 Customers as well as managing crical Delivery Operaon Funcons for these Accounts like Risk Management, Informaon Security, Quality (LEAN & ISO), Recruitment and Contract staffing, corporate social responsibility,

Mr. Pankaj Gupta (Founding Partner and CEO)

Mr. Pankaj Pankaj is a financial service professional with over 20 years of rich investment banking and asset management experience in the United Arab Emirates in various leadership roles. Prior to joining GII, Pankaj was Head of Investment Business Development at Allied Investment Partners (AIP), a UAE- based investment banking company he contributed to build from incepon in 2007, and was managing the assets of a number of prominent business families and leading members of the Abu Dhabi Royal family. In 2004, together with Terence Allen, Pankaj played an instrumental role in launching Union Naonal Financial Consultancy (UNFC), an investment advisory setup (which changed its name to Gulf Islamic Investments (GII) in 2014) dedicated to assisng prominent members of the Abu Dhabi Royal family in managing their assets

During his me at AIP and UNFC, Pankaj was responsible, among other things, for the management of a $2.5 billion investment porolio, in addion to a number of advisory mandates, which included well in excess of $4 billion in successful debt and equity syndicaon. Prior to AIP and UNFC, Pankaj was a part of the Investment Banking Division of the Naonal Bank of Abu Dhabi (now First Abu Dhabi Bank), where he was key to introducing diverse Indian investment opportunies to the bank’s investors. Pankaj is involved in mulple project and company start-ups, and is member of Management Board & Advisory Board for several companies. He is also the Ambassador & Strategic Advisor to Horasis (leading emerging market forum)

In addion to the above, Pankaj is the founder and investor of Agile Financial Technologies, and is associated with Valencell, Apus, and Prysm Inc., in the capacity of a board member, board observer or an advisor. Pankaj is also the director of GII Tech Fund, one of the leading GCC funds with Silicon Valley focus. Outside of work, Pankaj is acvely involved in social & philanthropic work. Pankaj holds BSc (Mathemacs) and an MBA Degree. He is also a Cerfied Private Equity Specialist (CPES).

Mr. Stefan Helf (Senior Vice President)

Mr. StefanStefan is a Senior VP of PTC University. He is responsible for Business Development inthe Internaonal region which includes Europe and Asia. PTC is an industry leading technology company providing state of the art soluons for Industry 4.0 (aka Industrial IoT). PTC offers soluon that help companies to transform the way the develop and service products into new business models ulizing CAD, PLM, IoT and Augmented Reality (AR) components.

Stefan has been with PTC since 1996 in different roles. His experience encompasses people management, business development, porolio management as well as P&L management. Prior to PTC Stefan had several management roles in the industry while working at a large Tier 2 automove supplier.

PTC University is responsible for all external training acvies at PTC. This includes End Customers, Academic and Research instuons as well as our partners. PTC University is responsible for porolio management, content development and delivery for trainings and cerficaons across the wide spread soluon porolio of PTC.

Mr. Manikant Gupta (Senior Vice President)

Mr. Manikant A well seasoned IT Leader with over two decades of establishing global accounts, new business development leveraging technology disrupons & forging trusted partnership with client ensuring their success to their business commit .

Ms. Akanksha Bilani (Country Lead-India, Singapore)

Ms. AkankshaExperienced Regional Lead for Intel Soware with a demonstrated history of working in the semiconductors industry. Strong sales professional skilled in Strategy, Business Development, Channel business Development, Customer Relaonship Management (CRM), Go-to-market Strategy, and Strategic Partnerships.

Ms. Gayathri Magie (Chief of Staff to GM of Watson IoT)

Ms. Gayathri Gaya has been with IBMUS since 2001 and has over 21 years of IT experience working on various aspects of the business, including product development, customer support, project management, product management, and sales.

Mr. Amit Goel (CEO)

Mr. Amit Goel Experience in Informaon technology, Operaons Management, Human Resources and People Management.

Managing day to day operaons (employee/HR maers, internal systems and business processes) through effecve acon oriented approach.

Educang, advicing, and influencing on issues involving employee relaons, employee development, compensaon, performance management, workforce planning, and organizaonal development. Developing acon plans to achieve goals

Have strong business acumen and customer interacon experience, in both customer relaonship management and development.


Provide leadership, direcon, and oversight to ensure the quality, profitability, growth, and improved operaonal efficiency of SME.

Communicate the corporate vision to the internal members of the organizaon and making sure everyone understands their role.

Speciales: Client's account management, customer relaonship, business management, business operaons, business development, vendor management, employee management and retenon, Internal communicaon, team building, business process development, managing globally diverse team

Admission Open 2021 - 22