A Global Perspective: International Opportunities For Integrated BBA-MBA Graduates from NIET

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BBA and MBA are two of the most sought courses among the youth of our country, thanks to their high placement rates and secure job packages. It requires three years to complete a BBA and two more years to complete an MBA, which means a student needs to invest five years into their studies for a secure future. Moreover, it is not always necessary that a student will pursue an MBA just after completing a BBA as they may take a gap. In such cases, to avoid time wastage and a break in study flow, going for integrated BBA-MBA courses is always the better option.

Benefits of choosing an integrated BBA-MBA course

If you have recently finished your fifteen years of school life and are going for higher studies in the field of business management, you should compare various colleges that offer such programs and choose the best MBA college for placements in NCR to secure your future.

Here are some advantages of an integrated BBA-MBA program over individual BBA and MBA that you should know before beginning your higher studies journey:

  • Time management

You will need to invest a complete five years in individual BBA and MBA to get a job, but in an integrated BBA-MBA program, you can condense your course duration depending on how soon you get an internship or job opportunity. It means you get to stay a step ahead of other students in terms of job experience and placement opportunities.

  • Cost-effective solution

Going for individual BBA and MBA programs can be on the higher side of your budget depending on which institute you choose for your studies, whereas an integrated BBA-MBA course comparatively helps you save tuition costs in the long run. You will notice that NIET is the best MBA college for placements in Noida Delhi NCR and can help you secure your future with the integrated BBA-MBA course.

  • Seamless transition

As said, a student may take a gap between a BBA and an MBA, due to which they may face problems while understanding the MBA curriculum. In such cases, opting for an integrated BBA-MBA program ensures a seamless curriculum in which the student does not face trouble going from undergraduate to postgraduate curriculum.

  • Strong connections

Since a student stays in touch with the same faculty, seniors, and batchmates for five continuous years, they get to build strong connections and networks with their colleagues. Strong connections are extremely important in the real world to get advantages and assistance whenever needed.

Why choose NIET over other options?

Now that you know why an integrated BBA-MBA is better than individual courses, you should search for the best MBA college for placements in NCR to start your higher studies. You will find dozens of institutes in NCR that offer this course, but NIET stands on top of the list. Here are some reasons why NIET leads the way for its integrated BBA-MBA graduates for international opportunities:

  • A wide network of companies

Each year, multiple international companies like Amazon, Walmart, Deloitte, TATA, Wipro, and HCL recruit a large percentage of students from the integrated BBA-MBA program to work in their companies. The recruitment process begins early for these students as they have better comprehensive knowledge than the students from individual courses.

  • Vast and diverse curriculum

NIET ensures that its students from the integrated BBA-MBA program stay in touch with the latest trends in real-world job experience and teaches them about the latest inventions and technology they will use in their future jobs. NIET also keeps a close check on the hands-on experience and overall development of its students to ensure they do not face troubles while applying their knowledge in their job environment.

To sum it up

NIET has been the leading name in the field of providing high and satisfactory placement opportunities to its students enrolled in MBA and other programs. Ranging from skilled and experienced faculty to highly equipped labs, NIET keeps its infrastructure and curriculum updated for the proper development of its students. Get in touch with NIET and realize how it will help you secure your future.