Know How NIET Has Reached The Pinnacle Of Placement Offerings

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B.Tech is one of the most pursued graduation courses in India, with lakhs of students enrolling in it each year to develop their skills and enhance their knowledge. B.Tech has unique and attractive advantages that courses may not provide with high intensity, and the first advantage is job placement.

Securing a job in the dream company is the main goal of a B.Tech aspirant, and this goal motivates them to dedicate their time and strength to this course. However, not all engineering colleges can offer the dream job to their aspirants. If you need a strong guarantee of landing a job in your dream company, you should be under the guidance of an institute with special achievements, like NIET, the winner of 4 prestigious diamonds by QS – IGAUGE.

Placement wins at NIET

NIET focuses solely on the secure future of its students and ensures to provide a vast ocean of job opportunities after the completion of graduation or post-graduation. We are the lead ranker in the report released by the Times Engineering Survey in terms of providing ideal job opportunities to its students. Not only do our students land their dream jobs, but they also get their desired annual package.

The highest annual package the students received in the 2023-24 placement cycles was 58 LPA, making NIET, the best placement colleges in Delhi NCR,UP. NIET ensures it achieves its 100% placement goal each year to maintain its rank and the trust of its students.

Reasons that allow NIET to outshine other institutes

Delhi and NCR are the hubs of engineering colleges, but you need to find the one that stands out from the crowd and has more advantages than the others. Here is why NIET stands at the top of the list of top 10 placement college in Greater Noida:

  • A vast network connection

An engineering student lands a job in a dream company if the company recruits from their college. NIET has more than 300 companies in its network that recruit students during the placement cycles. Companies like Amazon, BYJUS, Walmart, Microsoft, CVent, Deloitte, TATA, Capgemini, Wipro, HCL, Infosys, and Cognizant are the leading recruiters of NIET students.

  • Interactive and educational collaborations

Landing a job involves the participation of both the institute and the student. NIET organizes collaborative events with companies like AWS Educate, Oracle Academy, Capgemini, Arm, IBM, DLT, Palo Alto, Dell, Janatics, UiPath, Intel, and BMW to help students get hands-on experience and skills with the latest technology used in these brands and their services.

  • Use of AI technology in teaching

Engineering courses can involve a lot of cramming and learning, and students often fail to understand concepts with a crystal-clear point of view. NIET ensures its students do not face this issue and uses AI technology, like smart classes, innovative labs, e-books, and interactive videos, to bring abstract concepts in front of the students.

  • Internship opportunities

One of the biggest advantages of doing internships is that students learn about the working culture and experience of companies, allowing them to feel comfortable when they work in their dream company. NIET ensures its students get to enrol in their desired internship niche during their educational period to learn skills, gain experience, and develop their personality for future responsibilities.

  • Updated with the latest technological trends

The IT sector is extremely versatile and changes frequently. The skills in demand in the IT sector are always changing, and students and their teaching faculty need to know what, how, and when to learn. One of the reasons why NIET ranks in the best placement colleges in Delhi NCR, UP, is that it ensures that its students learn about the latest trends through highly skilled and professional faculty for the best understanding possible.

Get closer to your dream career with NIET

NIET has been ruling the best placement colleges in Delhi NCR, UP. Allow our customer care desk to give you more information about the company you want to work with and how NIET will help you achieve that goal most efficiently.