BCA or Integrated BCA- MCA – Which Course to Choose After Class 12?

It is true that after your class 12, there are many options, specifically if you want to venture into the sector of Information Technology. We will always suggest that if you are serious about pursuing a career in IT and getting better options for yourself, then the ultimate choice is none other than the integrated BCA-MCA course. You will see that this integrated course has become exceedingly popular, due to the flourishing career in the IT sector. However, if you want to know more and have a better idea of how this course can be great for you; you are at the right place.

The Highlight of the BCA-MCA Course

Before you sign up, it is very important to ensure that you have a basic idea about the highlights of the course as well. Some of the major highlights of this course are:

  • Course Duration: The BCA-MCA course is an integrated course that lasts five years in total.
  • Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility criteria for the course includes getting at least 50% marks in class 10+2 with English as a major subject.
  • Internship: To complete the course, you must make sure that you go through at least a two-month internship for practical knowledge.
  • Admission Criteria: Finally, to get admission in this sector, you have to either secure a good mark in the entrance exam, and it is completely merit-based as well.

How Integrated BCA-MCA Course Overpowers the BCA Course?

When it comes to the BCA-MCA integrated course Vs BCA stand-alone course, there are a lot of promising perks for the former option. What are these, and how do they help the students? Well, this is what we will try to give you a basic idea about.

  • Uninterrupted studies: One of the best things about this particular integrated course at NIET is that the students get to pursue graduation and then post-graduation without any interruption in between. This factor leads to promising career opportunities in IT companies. In addition, 5 years of course at NIET also includes 9 months of internship, which further adds to the professional careers of the students.
  • Promising Career: When you finish the integrated BCA-MCA course, the viability it brings to your resume is much more promising. The job opportunities and the salary offered to you, in this case, are much more than when you have done just the BCA course.
  • Cost Effective: Pursuing the BCA and MCA courses separately will cost you a lot more when compared to the BCA- MCA integrated course. Hence it is great for students to start with.
  • Curriculum: Finally, another very important factor about this particular integrated course is that it offers you a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on the basics and the advanced sectors. Doing just the BCA course will give you a preliminary Idea, while this integrated course is better for detailed expert knowledge.


If you are really interested in the BCA-MCA integrated course, then going forward with NIET is certainly one of your better opportunities. We have been ardently trying to train our students with the best and, in the process, have incorporated many amazing facets.

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