Why Should One Opt for Integrated BCA-MCA Over a Regular program?

Integrated BCA-MCA

The BCA-MCA integrated course is a five years course, and in India, many institutes offer it. This course prepares the student to face all kinds of IT challenges with the help of several programs or teaching techniques. By doing integrated BCA-MCA, you can apply for the job post of software development, system management, software testing, web designing, or quality assurance. Big IT companies look for integrated BCA-MCA students who can quickly complete or perform IT jobs. Now, you must think, why should one opt for integrated BCA-MCA over a regular program? Then, keep reading this article; here, we are going through everything about the integrated BCA-MCA course.

Eligibility Criteria for Integrated BCA-MCA


Integrated BCA-MCA is one of the highly preferred courses in India. If we compare the salary of a regular program graduate with a BCA-MCA integrated program student, then the demand and competition are understandable. Its eligibility criteria are not very typical; the aspirant should have cleared their 12th with the following subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer science
  • Information technology


And the required percentage is 50 or more. If the candidate has cleared class 12th with all the subjects mentioned above or has marks above the necessary percentage, they can apply for BCA-MCA integrated course.

How to get admission to integrated BCA-MCA?


A candidate can get admission to BCA-MCA integrated course in two ways. The first way of entry is with a merit quota. Many best engineering colleges in Greater Noida gives admission to aspirants according to the merit quota, which depends on their class 12th marks. When class 12th results are declared, colleges release a cut-off percentage for admission, based on which students are selected for enrollment.

After the candidate is selected, the college also takes an interview with the candidate before enrolling them. Another way of admission to BCA-MCA integrated courses is through entrance exams.

A candidate can also get admission to college for the BCA-MCA integrated course by giving entrance exams. Some of the entrance exams for the BCA-MCA integrated course are:

  • SUAT
  • GATA
  • MORE


Once the candidate cracks any of the above BCA-MCA integrated course entrance exams, they can get admission to the top private engineering colleges in Noida.

Fee Structure for Integrated BCA-MCA

Well, fee structure varies on many factors like the merit of the student, the institute’s ranking, or the kind of institute. No doubt, private colleges or institutes have a higher fee structure than governmental ones. Typically, the BCA-MCA integrated course can cost around INR 90K – 7L per annum.


The BCA-MCA integrated program syllabus is vast as it includes a master’s degree program in it too. But, not to worry, the research-oriented programs make the completion of the syllabus easier.

Why should one opt for BCA-MCA integrated program?


Well, one should opt for BCA-MCA integrated program because the field is enriched with good career growth. And on top of that, candidates get various job opportunities in the private and government sectors.

We hope that after going through this piece, you must have realized the benefits of enrolling in an integrated BCA-MCA program. Choosing this course opens the gate to a great career path and job opportunities. And that’s why it is one of the high-demand courses in India.

NIET being one of the leading engineering colleges in Greater Noida has incorporated the course. So, get in touch with us today to know more about the course.