Information Technology Engineering Future Scope in India

Information Technology offers a great future to students. It is one of the most undisputed fields of Engineering that is tremendously growing each year. However, there is no such denial that the stream is devoid of any challenges.

The scope for B. Tech in Information Technology is great as opting for a career in the same can land one in good job opportunity. Other than that, if a candidate wishes to pursue higher studies, they can opt for MTech in Information Technology for better career prospects.

What is Information Technology?

Information Technology, also known as IT, involves the study & application of computers and other types of telecommunication that retrieve, store, send information, and manipulate data. Information Technology involves the combination of hardware and software utilized to perform crucial tasks that people require daily.

The IT professionals are highly adept in utilizing different technologies and offer solutions for technical issues in various small- or large-scale business sectors. The IT Department professionals follow a combination of processes to ensure a smoother running of IT systems that must be aligned with the company’s requirements. They offer that maintenance, support device, and management with security testing services.

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Future Scope of Information Technology Engineering in India

In layman’s words, Information technology or IT is the study of Computer Systems. However, it is not just confined to the boundaries of computer systems and is also utilized to study telecommunications. The Information Technology Engineering scope in India is good with better career growth.

The future scope of Information Technology Engineering in India is huge. Let’s check out how this course can be beneficial for an aspiring candidate:

1.  It offers a variety of career options

An engineer can opt to specialize in any one of the fields of IT Engineering, or else they can go for pursuing entrepreneurship or management opportunities. Other than that, they also have the potential to become a faculty member of any renowned engineering institute.

2.  Financial security

Engineering is a highly profitable profession with the best salaries in any discipline. After a candidate earns their B.Tech degree from one of the reputed engineering colleges can make a comfortable living and ensure financial security or job security.

3. Scientific and technological breakthroughs

Engineering as a subject gives a student a proper insight into how things work, thus allowing them to make breakthroughs in different fields like Robotics, Healthcare, Space and Ocean Exploration and Automobiles. This means better career growth and great payouts.

4. Well-paid jobs

The salary in this profession is extremely good. However, it depends on the level of experience and skills that a person has gained throughout his tenure. In general, a B. Tech graduate’s salary starts from Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000, through which one can make a good living. An experienced IT graduate earns between 5 to 10 Lakh per year, depending on the company they work with and their experience.

What Careers are in Information Technology Engineering?

Below is the list of top Information Technology careers:

1. Business Analyst

A Business Analyst examines a particular organization and finds strategies to achieve better goals. They are also responsible for scoping out the potential effects of altering particular computer software.

2. Cyber Security Analyst

A Cyber Security Analyst protects the security of computer networks and systems. They have broad technical knowledge as security is crucial for different parts of a modern computer system.

3. Data Analyst

The job responsibility of a Data Analyst is to gain information and develop insights through the collection, analysis and interpretation of important data. They work for businesses and help identify and solve various programming and networking problems.

4. Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is in the same level of career stream as a Data Analyst. However, a Data Scientist utilizes advanced programming skills more routinely. Their job is not just to gain insights but also to build complex behaviour models using big data.

5. Data Centre Technician

As a Data Centre Technician, you will be responsible for maintaining computer hardware networks and data servers. The main job responsibility in this profession is to keep a company’s data secured and safe.

6. Database Administrator

A Database Administrator’s job responsibility is to handle database security, performance, and integrity. They ensure that the data standards are maintained consistently and are accessible by users as per their requirements. They are also involved in database development and planning.

7. Database Analyst

The Database Analysts evaluate, design, review and implement databases. They are also responsible for organizing and analyzing collected information. A Database Analyst is hired to maintain and update the existing database of a particular organization.

8. Hardware Engineer

Also referred to as Computer Hardware Engineer, people under this designation oversee the manufacturing and installation of computer systems and the testing of particular equipment.

9. IT Consultants

The IT Consultants are professionals with significant IT experience. They can either be independent contractors or regular employees working with a particular firm. They specialize in security, software, internet solutions and the web design market.

10. Network Administrator

A Network Administrator manages and troubleshoots various computer networks. They are responsible for maintaining various computer systems.

B.Tech Information Technology Salary In India Per Month

The B. Tech Information Technology job’s salary mainly depends on the graduate’s experience, educational background, skills, etc. If a candidate opts for advanced programs such as an M.Tech Information Technology, their earning scope increases. Also, it gives them the ability to discover different Information Technology career paths to pursue.

An experienced graduate generally earns between 5 Lakh to 10 Lakh per annum, depending on their experience and skills. For freshers, the starting package is from 3 Lakh per annum.


Undoubtedly, Information Technology or IT is a stream that can change one’s destiny. There is no shortage of job opportunities in the IT sector for qualified candidates. Their career success would depend on their calibre, skills and experience. The salary package also varies depending on the type of industry, experience and competence.

Join B. Tech in Information Technology Engineering at NIET and give your career a great start

The IT sector is an exceptionally diverse industry that allows professionals to move between their professional specializations. A work-focused IT degree allows you to choose from a wide range of career options in computer programming, software development, data modelling, business analysis, and system integration.

If you are interested in starting your career in Information Technology, join the undergraduate course of B.Tech in Information Technology, which provides world-class education from the skilled faculty. The major components of the course include different paradigms of programming languages, data warehousing and data mining, web technology, and so. The students are trained to perform various duties that range from installing applications to designing various complex computer networks.

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