Computer Science Engineering Starting Salary in India Per Month

Computer Science is one of the most renowned sectors in India. There are several career opportunities in this field as currently there is a huge demand for computer science professionals in our country. Other than that, one of the most important aspects of this field is that it pays well.

Computer science is an exciting and popular subject that emphasizes the core elements of computer networking, computer programming, and futuristic technology. Aspirants all across India are now opting for a degree in programming computer science at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Going for a BTech in Computer Engineering can help one to achieve their goal of becoming a successful Computer Science Engineer. This blog covers the future scope of Computer Engineering, its starting salary, factors affecting the Computer Science Engineering salary in India, and key skills needed to be a Computer Science Engineer.

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Computer Science Engineering Future Scope?

Computer Science courses have a plethora of career opportunities in the IT sector. Organizations from different sectors are now on a constant lookout for innovative, brilliant, and skilled Computer Science degree holders. Industries with high demand for IT expert includes automobile, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing, content industry, education sector, and media houses.

The Computer Science graduate now has career prospects in different avenues related to the latest technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, Blockchain Development, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Data Mining, Cloud and Big Data, Mobile app development, Internet of Things (IoT), and others.

All the segments of an organization like production, operations, management, supply chain, finance marketing, human resource, database, and security all rely upon the technology to streamline business processes. Therefore, the future scope of Computer Science cannot be challenged. Other than that, the job opportunities for a Computer Science graduate are projected to grow at a steady rate with better pay scales.

Computer Science Engineering Starting Salary in India Per Month

Computer Science is one of the most sought-after fields, and many people aspire to become computer scientists in India. The average salary of a Computer Science graduate in India is INR 18,06,881 per year. However, the starting pay for this skill is INR 4.85 Lakh per annum, which is actually quite impressive.

As a Computer Scientist, an individual’s responsibility will be to generate research ideas and solutions for tackling advanced Computer Science problems.

The salary structure, however, will be different as per industry, type of work, qualification, years of experience, and other additional skills.

Factors Affecting Computer Science Engineering Salary in India

Here are some of the major factors influencing the salary structure of Computer Science Engineering in India:
A) BTech Computer Science Engineering Salary Based on Different Cities:

Name of the city Salary range per month
Bangalore ₹62.5k
Pune ₹23.3k
Chennai ₹17,794
Hyderabad ₹16540
Mumbai ₹24115

B) BTech Computer Science Engineering Salary Based on the Different States:

Name of the state Salary range per month
Karnataka ₹62.5k
Maharashtra ₹24115
West Bengal ₹15643
Kerala ₹23300
Delhi ₹17126

C) BTech Computer Science Engineering Salary Based on Skills
Skill Type

Skill Type Salary range per month
Java 12% more than average salary
Software Development 11% more than average salary
JavaScript 5% more than average salary

D) BTech Computer Science Engineering Salary Based on Levels (Experience)

Level of experience Salary range per month
Entry level ₹22,650
Mid-career level ₹39,858
Senior level ₹43,099

E) BTech Computer Science Engineering Salary in Leading Companies (Employer):

Name of the top recruiter Salary range per month
Amazon ₹33,560
Deloitte ₹54,166
Cognizant ₹58,333
Infosys ₹52,500
TCS ₹45,833

Key Skills Needed for a Computer Science Engineering

Here are some of the key skills required to become a Computer Science Engineer:

1. Software Development

Software Development is one of the top skills for Computer Science professionals. It refers to creating, deploying, and testing very software products. An individual must know different programming languages and also various software development tools to be proficient in this field.

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2. Programming

A Computer Science professional must also possess strong programming skills. They must be able to use a plethora of programming languages like Java, Python, C, C + +, Ruby, etc. The choice of one’s programming language would also depend a lot on their chosen field.

3. Cloud Computing

A wide range of businesses now relies on solutions like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform for their scalability and distribution of data and software. This is the reason why an aptitude for these cloud applications has become the most crucial technical skill for Computer Science Engineers.

Engineers should thereby prepare to encounter challenges while creating applications that can be transferred through different platforms or migrating existing programs to the cloud.

4. Digital Design

Through computer-aided logic design, Computer Science Engineers can now find the best means for transforming a huge amount of data, current, power, and user input into system tasks through the application of binary logic. Here the Computer Engineers apply their digital design skill set for creating integrated circuit chips or running optimization algorithms.

Final Thoughts

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering can help you to enter this field easily. However, just having a degree is not sufficient if you are aiming to receive a hefty paycheck. As discussed earlier in the blog, you must have a great grasp of the in-demand skills, and you definitely need to keep up with the current industrial trends. Other than that, you also have to look out for the factors that affect the salary range of a Computer Science Engineering graduate.

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