Career Options in Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Engineering is one circle that has its application in different domains and sectors. Right from the utilization of mobile phones and their vehicles, engineering is everywhere. Wherever you see and whatever you see, it is just the engineer’s work and creation. With various scopes in this domain, engineering is one of the most opted and sought-after courses that millions of students pursue.

Engineering as a branch has different domains including, chemical engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Engineering Management, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, and architectural engineering.

Today, in this blog, we will be discussing all about electronics and communication engineering, its career options, the scope of jobs, a list of Government jobs and private jobs, and career growth.

Best Career Options for Electronics and Communication Engineers in India

If you are an aspiring ECE engineer, then you would be glad to know that there is no scarcity of opportunities after you complete your BTech. India has a presence of the best colleges for ECE that help the student in making a great career in the same. Also, there is a high demand for electronics and communication engineering graduates in different industries with a noteworthy salary package.

Electronics and communication engineers are widely employed in different Government and private sectors where they are generally working as project engineers, scientific officers, technical officers, surveyor engineers, combined defense service officers, graduate apprentices, and much more.

The Electronics and Communication engineer can also apply for different core and non-core jobs. For example, in the core jobs for the ECE students, they need to work directly in the electronic field and get the core task achieved. Companies like Wipro, Bajaj Electricals, Schnieders Electric, Bharat Heavy Electricals, Havells, Exide, Tata electric, and other companies offers some excellent opportunities for the core ECE jobs. While the non-core electronics and communication engineering jobs include working in the IT domain under the designation of programmers, software engineers, technicians, chief engineers, and so on.

For pursuing a career in electronics and communication engineering, you can either go for BTech in ECE or a diploma in ECE or Mtech in ECE. With higher qualifications, you will be eligible to get high package job with other amenities.

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  1. Jobs for Electronics and Communication Engineers in Govt Sector

Here is the list of government jobs for electronics and communication engineers:

  1. Bank jobs – Although, it is quite uncommon that the ECE engineers are also hired for different positions of junior engineers and technicians in various Government and semi-government banks. Some of the big conglomerates include SBI, which hires engineers every year. For getting a job in the sector, you need to keep a constant update and check on the different bank websites, keep note of the examination and interview dates.
  2. Defense jobs – If you have a vouch of patriotism and looking forward to serving your country in the best possible way, then you can definitely apply for defense jobs in the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. Defense sectors hire electronics and telecommunication engineers most specifically by conducting examinations like DRDO. All you need to do is to keep a check on the websites of three different defense sectors to know about the upcoming examination, interview schedules, and other selection procedures.
  3. Teaching jobs – If teaching is your passion, then after completing your BTech, you can sit for examinations like GATE. Once you qualify for this examination, you will be automatically eligible to apply for the top teaching positions in various BTech colleges. Also, if you complete your Mtech in the same, then you can go for applying for teaching jobs at the associate level.
  1. Jobs for Electronics and Communication Engineers in the Private Sector

Here is the list of private jobs for electronics and communication engineers:

  1. Electronics engineer– Their responsibility is to work on the system that controls the data flow like communication and broadcasting.
  2. Production manager– A production manager is responsible for designing, scheduling, and assessing the projects with resources, budget, and time.
  3. Field engineer– They are responsible for developing a standard set of procedures by evaluating operational performance and thereby recommending solutions.
  4. Software engineer– They are responsible for developing software and systems for businesses from applications to the operating system and network control systems.
  5. Network planning engineer– They are mainly responsible for maintaining the external and internal network of a particular organization by supporting the critical teams and implementing new standards for fiber design engineering.

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Final Thoughts

Getting a dream job after completing BTech or Mtech in ECE may seem difficult initially, but if you are steadfast and persistent enough in achieving your goal, then you will definitely get your type of referred job. Whether you are applying for private or government jobs, it is extremely crucial to check the website of the potential employees to understand the job responsibilities, skill requirements, and other additional insights about the vacant positions.

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