MCA Interview Questions and Answers 2022 [Fresher & Experienced]

Masters of Computer Application or MCA is a post-graduate program involving the subjects of computer application and sciences. The course is mainly intended to provide industry-oriented education in Applied Computer Science. At present, the IT industry is growing with the demand for both fresh and experienced MCA candidates. Going for this course gives the candidate a sure-shot opportunity to get a high-paid job in the IT industry.

To crack a job in the same field, you need to be all decked up with the list of probable questions that might be asked to you in the interview. Also, you have to be very confident and smart enough to deal with the questions which you don’t know or have the least idea about. This blog covers the top 50 questions that are generally asked in the interview process to both freshers and experienced candidates.

Top MCA Interview Questions and Answers 2022

Interviews are often challenging, especially if you are a fresher. But if you have complete preparation for the upcoming interview then things can be pretty much easier. Let us check out some of the top MCA interview questions and answers for both freshers and experienced.

A) Interview Questions and Answers for MCA Freshers

Here are some of the interview questions and answers for MCA freshers’ candidates.

  1. Why do you choose computer applications as your domain?

Ans- I opted for Bachelors f Computer Applications because I always had a knack for learning more about written computer applications and how to utilize those in real life. Also, I was mesmerized by the different opportunities that are available for BCA graduates which include working as a Software Programmer, Web Designer Network Administrator and so on.

  1. Tell me what are some of the major advantages of CMOS?

Ans- Low propagation delay is one of the pros of CMOS. This means that it is not practical for utilization in systems that require high-speed operations.

3. Do you know what is the simplest way of determining the cache locations where the memory blocks are stored?

Ans- Direct Mapping technique is the easiest way to determine cache locations.

4. What are some of the major components of a CPU?

Ans- The major components of CPU include Register Set, Control Unit, and Arithmetic Logic Unit.

5. Which ability is known to execute an operation on a particular object?

Ans- Access Right is the ability to execute an operation on a particular object.

6. Do you know what does T-stands for in the T flip-flop?

Ans- T, here stands for the Toggle flip-flop as it changes it output on every clock edge.

7. The bulk binary information in a computer is stored in a memory, but where are the computations done?

Ans- The operation part of any instruction code means that an operation needs to be performed. This operation should be executed on some data stored in memory and processor registers.

8. To convert octal code to binary code what kind of digital functions should be used?

Ans- Multiplexer should be used for converting octal code to binary code.

9. What digit generally gets added to the Excess-3 code generation?

Ans- It’s 3

10. How does a full-adder of two half-adders gets joined by?

Ans- A full-adder of two half-adders joined by an OR gate.

11. For the combinational circuits, what are the building blocks?

Ans- Logical gates are building blocks for combinational circuits

12. Which modes are utilized to handle data transfer, to and from the peripherals?

Ans- Interrupted-initiated I/O, Programmed I/O, Direct memory access are the three modes are utilized to handle data transfer, to and from the peripherals.

13. How is the control condition terminated?

Ans- The control condition gets terminated with a colon.

14. Which diagram shows the major subsystems in the object-oriented system?

Ans- A package diagram shows the major subsystems in the object-oriented system

15. What is module cohesion?

Ans- A measure of the internal strength of a particular module in a structure chart is known as module cohesion.

16. What type of common problem do we generally experience in development projects?

Ans- scope creep is a type of common problem seen in development projects.

17. Which approach to development focuses more on the user?

Ans- Object-oriented analysis is a kind of approach to development that focuses more on the user.

18. What is a set of classes known that are designed to be reused in a wide variety of programs?

Ans- Object framework

19. What is the sole function that all C programs must include?

Ans- It is known as ‘Main’.

20. What type of prototype is used during the analysis phase?

Ans- Discovery prototype is utilized during the analysis phase.

21. Which review technique is used for testing the correctness of the documents that are produced during analysis?

Ans- The review technique of structured walkthrough is followed here.

22. Which diagram shows the hierarchical relationship between the modules of a particular computer program?

Ans- The answer is ‘Structure Chart’.

23. What are Implementation classes?

Ans- Implementation classes describe the user interface.

24. What does a message descriptor in a particular sequence diagram include?

Ans- Return-value, parameter list, and message-name are included in message descriptor.

25. In what type of flip-flop is the indeterminate condition of SR flip-flop (when S=R=1) gets eliminated?

Ans- The type of flip-flop is JK flip-flop.

B) Interview Questions and Answers for MCA Experienced

Here are some of the interview questions and answers for MCA Experienced candidates.

  1. What includes the concepts that are held in common between the object-oriented approach and traditional approach?

Ans- Things and events are the two main concepts

  1. What is the process of selecting the data access and data storage characteristics of the database?

Ans- Physical database design

  1. What is a machine cycle?

Ans- A machine cycle refers to decoding, fetching, and executing an instruction.

  1. What is a system bus made of?

Ans- System bus includes Data bus, Control bus, and an Address bus.

  1. Which code is utilized to boot up a computer stored in ROM?

Ans- The bootable code is stored in ROM.

  1. By which means is the information transfer is designated in symbolic form from one register to another?

Ans- A replacement operator is the means of information transfer which is designated in symbolic form from one register to another.

  1. What are the techniques through which automatically move data and program blocks into the physical main memory?

Ans- Through the virtual memory system technique one can automatically move data and program blocks into the physical main memory.

  1. The disk controller can replace every bad sector logically through a single spare sector in the disk. What is this scheme known as?

Ans- The scheme is known as Sector sparing.

  1. Can you explain Memory-mapped I/O?

Ans- Memory-mapped I/O involves the transferring of information in between CPU and I/O devices.

  1. Name the memory type which can be erased through the electric discharge?

Ans- EEPROM is a kind of memory whose contents can be erased with the electricity passage.

  1. What are the units for the measurement of the CPU performance?

Ans- CPU performance is mainly measured through MHz.

  1. What is the technique of Busy waiting?

Ans- Busy waiting is a technique for allowing the CPU to wait for a busy device.

  1. What do you understand by the term ‘Protection’ when it comes to Operating systems (OS)?

Ans- Controlling the access of processes, programs, or users to the resources defined by a system is called ‘Protection’.

  1. Which mechanism is utilized for achieving the concurrency control?

Ans- Locks mechanism is utilized for achieving concurrency control.

  1. How do you explain a distributed system?

Ans- A distributed system is all about a collection of processors which do not share the Memory.

  1. Explain Location Transparency?

Ans- The name of the file which does not reveal any hint about the Low-level formatting file’s physical storage location is known as the Location Transparency.

  1. What is UML is a language used for?

Ans- The UML is a kind of language for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting software system artifacts.

  1. What does a project team do during the analysis phase?

Ans- During the analysis phase, a project team analyzes the organization’s information systems and the current procedures used for performing organizational tasks.

  1. Which software entity that runs on more than one machine and provides a particular type of function to unknown clients?

Ans- ‘Service’ is the software entity that runs on more than one machine and provides a particular type of function to unknown clients.

  1. What does a project team do during implementation?

Ans- During the implementation process, the project team test, codes, and installation in the new system.

  1. Which kind of object is utilized for forwarding the request processing; from one servlet to another?

Ans- Request Dispatcher is utilized for forwarding the request processing from one servlet to another.

  1. Which class in JSP offers the capability for the implementation of a growable array of objects?

Ans- In JSP Vector, class is utilized for the implementation of a growable array of objects.

  1. Which is not a genuine scope for Java bean in JSP?

Ans- Global is not a genuine scope for java bean in JSP.

  1. What responsibility does ensure isolation property hold?

Ans- Ensuring isolation property holds the responsibility for a concurrency-control component of the DBMS.

  1. How do you connect a table can be connected to another table?

Ans- A table could be logically connected to another table simply by defining a Primary Key.

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