Future Scope of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in India [2022]

Artificial intelligence although is in the adoption stage in India, but is now utilized in most industries to solve complex problems. The major industries using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) include Agriculture, Education and Infrastructure, Healthcare, Transport, Banking, Cyber Security, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Hospitality, and others.

This blog covers the in-depth details of the future scope of AI & ML in India and why as an aspirant you should go for it.

What do you Mean by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML)?

In India, the scope of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is promising. AI has a great potential to bring a change in the economy of the country. Also, the best part about AI is that, there is not just one Technology under it but several other technologies including machine learning, self-improving algorithms, pattern recognition, big data, and others.

The ability of a computer-controlled system to perform tasks that are mainly associated with human beings is called Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI is a simulation of a machine’s natural intelligence that is actually programmed for communicating and learning human actions. They can perform human-like task and technologies merging with AI is continuing to grow.

Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence that allows software applications in becoming more accurate at predicting outcomes without the need of being explicitly programmed. The machine learning algorithms utilize historical data as an input for predicting recent output values. Machine learning is crucial as it gives the enterprise a correct view of recent trends in business operation patterns and customer behavior that supports the development of a new product.

Future Scope of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in India

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in India have positively impacted the development of tools, applications, and various other aspects of the IT industry. Let’s check out some of the future scopes of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning:


Thousands of chatbots are currently being deployed helping humans get their work done faster. Chatbots are now serving the business purpose and are connecting with consumers. Chatbots cater to customer queries and resolve their issues without the need for human intervention. This is a revolutionary invention of AI that is now taking over software applications.


AI can increase the effectiveness of education through numerous applications like the real-time message to speech, Text translation system, automatic grading, and other repeated task that takes a lot of time to do manually.


The advent of health care applications has brought a complete change in the traditional Healthcare industry. The application of AI and ML in Healthcare in medicine is at present mixed with a mobile application that is helping to organize better treatment plans for patients while being under the supervision of the physician.


AI & ML sees a tremendous scope in the transportation sector as well. In ships, aircraft, spacecraft; autopilot has been in use since 1922. Also, another area of the advent of AI can be seen in autonomous cars. Several companies around the globe are researching self-driving or autonomous cars which heavily rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Manufacturing industry

Several global startups which are serving the manufacturing industry are actually based on artificial Intelligence and machine learning. These companies are now developing AI-based solutions for increasing their revenue. One of the unique techniques of AI in the manufacturing industry is to analyze the data and make the best future predictions.


We are surrounded by artificial intelligence in every part of our life. For example, it is used in several home-used devices. Alexa, OK Google, Cortana are some of the best AI tools that can perform numerous stars with just your voice command. This smart assistance makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence for voice recognition.


The Indian population is mainly dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. And the problem with Indian farmers is that they are greatly dependent on the conventional methods of farming. But thanks to the advent of AI which has made things easy or for them. Artificial intelligence is now used in agriculture for forecasting behavior along with studying the parasites breeding in the crops. This is something very useful as the farmers can out prepare themselves in advance for insect control. Devices like thermal imaging cameras can now keep a track of the quantity of water usage in a particular agricultural land. In this way, AI is helping the agriculture industry in India to grow.


AI in cyber security is useful when it comes to organizations transferring their data through the cloud networks. As the threat of hackers is getting more significant, AI in cyber security is playing a major role in keeping the data transfers safe. Cognitive AI is a great example in this field. It not only detects threats but also analyses them while offering insights to the analysts in order to make better-informed decisions. With the utilization of deep learning networks and machine learning algorithms, AI is getting even better and more durable over time. This is making it capable for the people to recognize the future threats that might show up in the future.

Why You Should Learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

The combination of machine learning Artificial Intelligence and deep learning is very useful because they add a lot of value to various business processes and also provide a great career scope. Here are some of the top reasons why you should start learning Artificial Intelligence and machine learning:

Skill of the century

Yes, it is not a year or decade but a century. Also, it is not a rumor but a fact that AI is going to replace all human jobs. It is creating 150 million job roles in various major sectors today. So, to be a part of this revolutionary era, you need to learn the skills of AI and ML. It is one of the best-emerging technologies that is taking up every industry and making our lives easier.

More and more data

It is an unbelievable fact that humans generate almost 2.5 quintilian bytes of data every day. Data gets collected from what we consume or how we communicate. Humans feed the collected data to the machine learning algorithms in order to retrieve a behavioral pattern which is some sort of information regarding the consumers. This information transforms into insides that help the companies to make more sales and win the race.

AI is omnipresent

Today, not a single industry is left untouched by the positivity of artificial intelligence. The fleet utilization of the Internet and mobile has actually open gateways for the customers to get all the information India hand without the need to visit the store. Be it voice recognition or utilization of chatbots. Everything is now available at one’s fingertips. Right from our home devices to professional space everything now runs on AI.

Great career option

Currently AI-related jobs are in huge demand. As AI is growing rapidly pursuing graduation in this field is not just a means of earning a decent salary but also having a bright career prospect.

Good impact on society

AI & ML has the capability of transforming creating and improvising several facets of human life. It has not only made life easier but has also so being a helping hand to mankind. Implementation of AI is creating a positive impact on the society with innovative techniques of disaster management, environmental planning and crime prevention.

Better User experience

The implementation of AI in different industries involves the application of Intelligence to machines and technologies that are being used regularly by humans since it does not work in isolation.

The reasons to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is endless because it brings in a pool of different opportunities. AI and ML are still growing and it is getting even better with several competitive benefits in all the business sectors.

Why Study AI & ML Course at NIET?

NIET offers a BTech course in AI and ML for 4 years. That aims to strengthen the foundation by utilizing the technologies and principles that might consist of facets of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning including knowledge representation, logic, probabilistic model, and others. The course offered by NIET is apt for students who are seeking to build a career in AI & ML and other emerging technologies that can help them to stand in the crowd.

Check out the key USPs of BTech in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning course:

  • The course is specifically designed to provide students with enough exposure to various applications that can be built using the AI & ML techniques.
  • Students shall be able to apply the unique AI & ML techniques, methods, tools to the applications.
  • Enrolling in this course would allow the students to explore the practical components for developing AI platforms and apps.
  • Proficiency in mathematics as this degree requires strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Hands-on experience in various industrial projects.
  • An industry-oriented curriculum helps in building a strong foundation in the advanced technologies of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.
  • Students can gain expertise on various advanced topics like machine learning, robotics, pattern recognition, cognitive computing, deep learning, human-computer interaction, and so on.


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