Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) Scope in India

Computer science with a business application program is mainly designed for providing the students with a complete background in both Science and Humanities. This course provides a complete understanding of various fundamental principles of computing and other advanced computing technologies. It overall prepares students for professional work with different types of computer frameworks and systems.

The Computer Science and Business Systems is supported by TCS India’s largest software designed to enhance the program in India in order to meet the future demands of the IT industry which will soon transform to Business 4.0.

This blog covers what Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) course is all about, its scope in India, why one should learn Computer Science and Business Systems, salary in India, and other major aspects of the curriculum.

What is Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS)?

The Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) course caters to the increasing need for engineering talent in different technical domains. The state-of-art course objectifies to impart knowledge of business skills and cutting-edge technology with hands-on exposure to make the students industry-ready.

Emerging technologies like Machine Learning, Cybersecurity, IoT, Cloud Computing, and others are some of the essential parts of the course which facilitate students to be future-ready. In the upcoming years, digital and information services to businesses, homes, Institutions, and individuals will experience high growth.

In order to address the rising need for engineering talent with skills in digital technology, TCS in partnership with different leading academicians across the country has designed a 4 years undergraduate program, namely, Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) undergraduate program which is designed based on the suggestions given by the experts from TCS. This curriculum benefits the students in their employability skills by making them capable of utilizing the latest computer technologies for developing an effective business management system.

The students also get exposed to recent trends like Software Development Models, Computational Statistics, Design Thinking, Machine Learning, Cognitive Science & Analytics, Service Operational Management, Services Science, Financial Management, Marketing Management & Marketing Research.

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Computer Science and Business Systems Scope in India

The scope for Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) as a curriculum is huge in India. During the bachelor’s course, a student can learn various skills in the field of data science or programming. Both these fields are in the current trend and are in tremendous demand in the market. Also, in this stream, students can opt for subjects like IoT and machine learning. Thus, the possibilities are unlimited.

Again, the scope increases further, if the student goes for opting Masters in Computer Science and Business System. If a student is comfortable in high demanding code programming or any other analytical work, then they must go for doing Masters with their preferred area of specialization.

Let’s check out the career prospects of the Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) course in detail:

  • The Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) course offers industry-ready, employable engineers who are able to drive innovation and add value to any organization which they join.
  • Students can get placement in different service-based and product-based companies including private and public sector enterprises.
  • Students have great career opportunities in industries like Banking and Health Insurance sector, financial sector, manufacturing sector, marketing sector, and business analytics sector.

Here are some of the possible career options that a CSBS graduate can take up in the future:

  • Database Administrator– The job role of a data administrator is to work with technology by utilizing specialized software for organizing and storing a company’s data.
  • Software Developer– The job role of a software developer is to research, design, implement and manage software programs. Their job role also involves testing and evaluating new types of programs.
  • Computer Hardware Engineer– The job role of a computer hardware engineer is to develop, design, and test different computer hardware components for electrical systems and computers.
  • Computer Network Architect– The job role of a computer network architect is to design and build the data communication network including LAN or local area networks and WAN or Wide Area Networks and intranets.
  • Computer Systems Analyst– The computer analysts initiate the computer system upgrades, write and publish technical reports and requirements, configures Software and Hardware, train end-user, and ensure that businesses utilize the computer technologies efficiently.
  • Information Security Analyst– The job role of an Information Security Analyst is to install software like Firewalls for protecting computer networks.
  • Web Developer– The job role of web developers is to design and build attractive and easy navigational websites. They are typically responsible for checking the technical aspects of websites.

Why You Should Learn Computer Science and Business Systems?

The main goal of the Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) course is to make sure that the students not only cover the core topics of computer science but also develop an understanding of human values, humanities, and management sciences.

The students can also get great industrial exposure to emerging trends and topics like machine learning, analytics, cloud computing, IoT, data science, and other advanced technologies. The degree in CSDS is like any other computer science degree that prepares you to take up jobs in the IT sector.

Why CSBS as a Course is Important?

In the lieu of the constantly reforming IT sector, it was found extremely crucial to make the upcoming generation of engineers aware of the latest and the trendiest technologies as well as enhance their skill set. That is the reason why Tata Consultancy Services came up with the idea of developing a course called Computer Science and Business System that makes the students industry-ready and gets them skilled with the latest technology.

The curriculum of the Computer Science and Business System course is specifically designed by the faculty members and other professionals of TCS and is directly approved by AICTE. Also, students would get the opportunity for joining live projects and industrial training supported by TCS. All the faculty members related to this course would be trained by TCS for delivering training in this program. Also, the best part is that the teaching, learning, and the entire evaluation process would be directly monitored by the TCS professionals.

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Computer Science and Business Systems Salary in India

The Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) graduates are currently in high demand in different multinational companies. This includes popular brands like:

  • Capgemini
  • TCS
  • Virtusa
  • Wipro
  • Mphasis
  • HCL
  • Cognizant
  • Accenture
  • Verizone
  • Abbot
  • Byju’s
  • Tech Mahindra
  • MindTree
  • IBM
  • Hexaware
  • Gemini Solutions

These multinational companies offer great packages to the CSBS graduates and ensure them with a rewarding career. Computer Science and Business Engineer average salary is 5 lakh per annum. However, it also depends on the experience of the individual. With experience and other expertise, an individual’s salary increases.


If you are looking forward to completing your Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) course in a reputed Institute, then NIET is the best college for pursuing one in the Greater Noida area. The college is accredited with Grade A 3.23 which is the highest in the entire Uttar Pradesh region. It has remained one of the top choices for the students who want to pursue their careers in the technology domain. Also, it is one of the first private institutions in Uttar Pradesh to get the autonomous status directly from UGC.

Key USPs of Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS):

  • Understanding of different technology abstractions.
  • Understanding the concept of contemporary technology.
  • Learning service orientation and business discipline.
  • Gaining knowledge of the common business principles.
  • Enhancing the innovation ability.
  • Developing strong ethics and life values.

Pursuing a career in Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) would help you to get a hands-on exposure that would make you industry-ready. This TCS-offering 4-years specialized course imparts state-of-art education with cutting-edge technologies and business skills. The main goal of this course is to ensure that students get involved with all the humanitarian values along with learning and grasping the recent trends of technology.

Kickstart a great career in CSBS with NIET

By taking up the Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) course, one can embark on a journey where they can prepare for the real-life world. This course not only offers one with technical knowledge but also imbibes moral skills and values that are compulsorily needed to adapt, in order to meet the demand of the outside world. This will help a student lead a successful life with a rewarding career. Since there is a mounting requirement of aligning the best candidates in the existing corporate environment, thus pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) is the right step that a student can take.

Join the Computer Science and Business Systems (CSBS) course of NIET today and ensure quality education, great placement opportunity, and an excellent career. Explore more on the CSBS course and find complete details of the program at NIET’s official page. Admissions are open.