Top Data Science Jobs for Freshers and Experienced 2022

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field of study that uses scientific processes, approaches, methods and algorithms for getting insights and information in the form of structured and unstructured data. It has great relevance in today’s times and its utilities can be seen in various areas. For instance, brands identify potential customers and broadcasters analyze target audiences using data science applications.

A program in data science deals with emerging concepts like Big Data, Machine Learning and Modelling. The curriculum helps students to learn about the basics of the business, tools and important statistics. The program also imparts various key skills that prove important to fulfill professional responsibilities.

With such a wide arena of utilities, it is no surprise that data science has many job opportunities to offer. In this blog, we will explore the various job profiles in data science, the scope of career growth and the future of this industry.

Top Data Science Jobs for Freshers and Experienced 2022

There is a growing demand for data science professionals in the country and elsewhere. The career prospects are bright in this field because of its utility across sectors. Let us look at some of the major industries where data science has an important role to play.

  • E-commerce: Data analysis helps an e-commerce organization to predict the purchases, profits, losses and influence economic behavior. Brands study customer profiles and market products that are relevant to their target audience.

  • Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector uses data science to increase productivity, minimize risks and losses, and increase profit. Data analysis helps in monitoring quality, understanding demand and forecasting supply quantity. This science is also used to track global market pricing, designing, and increasing energy efficiency.

  • Banking & Finance: Banks have been some of the early adopters of data science technology. It helps financial institutions to understand their customer base and design products according to their needs. Data analysis also helps banks to engage with customers better.

  • Healthcare: Data science is used in the functioning of clinical systems, wearables and compiling of medical records. It is used to optimize every aspect of healthcare.

  • Transport: This industry generates a lot of data through ticketing, vehicle location, passenger counting and scheduling systems. Data science is used to derive insights, plan and manage transportation networks.

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  • Data Science Jobs for Freshers

A degree in data science can get open up several good career opportunities right after graduation. This field can prove to be highly rewarding and exciting. Some of the data science jobs for freshers are as follows:



Data Analyst

  • Understanding needs of investment researchers

  • Analyzing data sources for determining potential errors

  • Perform quarterly earnings trend analysis

  • Executing data research assignments

Software Engineer

  • Building resilient, performant & distributed systems

  • Real-time aggregation of interactions

  • Validate user activity

Research Analyst

  • Work on qualitative, quantitative, mixed data collection

  • Improve quality of project deliverables

  • Building prospects by entering data

Junior Android Developer

  • Work with design team + product team for new ideas

  • Work on writing code

  • Bring in product improvements

  • Data Science Jobs for Experienced



Technical Architect

  • Handling front-end technologies

  • Designing cloud solutions

  • Work on databases

Data Scientist

  • Analyze structured or unstructured data sources

  • Interact with product and business teams

  • Working with data warehouse technologies

Manager – Analytics

  • Creating compelling visualization

  • Managing and motivating team

  • Translating business requirements into analytical problem statement

Future Scope of Data Science

Data Science has a massive connection with digitalization. It is growing with every passing year. In this technology-driven era, most companies need a data scientist to analyze different performances. With regards to India, experts have said that by 2026 India will have 11 million job openings.

There are various reasons why data science has good growth potential.

  • Businesses need to manage data: Businesses need data scientists to collect customer data. They can help companies utilise data to make progress.

  • Data Science is Evolving: Data Science has a good chance to evolve in the next 10 years. The number of job titles and roles are also growing and there are many more opportunities emerging in various sectors.

  • Data Scientists have important skills: Data Scientists have skills that are important in various fields and applications. This sector agnostic quality makes data science skills some of the most sought-after ones.

  • Growing amount of data: According to the latest numbers, there are about 5 billion consumers who interact with data daily and that figure was set to touch 6 billion by 2025. With data production also making significant development, data scientists will soon be leading enterprises.

Why NIET Greater Noida for B. Tech in Data Science

NIET offers a great opportunity to get a degree in Data Science with a 4-year undergraduate B.Tech program. The college trains students to build a solid foundation in data science and analytics by covering standard tools and techniques. The training is imparted through real-time industry projects sponsored by global leaders in data science.

NIET is the first private institute in Uttar Pradesh to have got the UGC autonomous status. It has received NAAC “GRADE A” 3.23 accreditation, the highest in the state. ARIIA, a Ministry of Education initiative, has ranked the institute amongst the 50 best colleges in India for its innovations. The college has also got the QS I-GAUGE “Diamond” category subject rating. NIET scores high in all the factors listed above for becoming one of the top engineering colleges in UP and in India.

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Data Science offers great career opportunities with a number of job profiles. These are also one of the highest-paid jobs and are always in demand. A degree in the sector from a reputed institute ensures that you have the best job profiles. So, check out the course details at NIET. Visit the site or call at 8010500700, 8448384601 for more details. Admissions are open.

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