Electronics and Communication Engineering Salary in India (Fresher & Experienced)

Electronics and Communication Engineering Salary in India (Fresher & Experienced)

The branch of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) encompasses research in the designing and development of electronic equipment. This stream of engineering deals with advanced concepts of communications like analogue transmission, digital communication and satellite communication. 

Several industry experts see this as the future of technology advancements. It is likely to see a lot of progress in the years to come. Telecommunication is a major part of the science involved in resource development and the consumer durables industry. 

India is currently the second-largest telecommunications market in the world. As per a report by the GSM Association, it is expected to have a subscriber base of over 1.2 billion consumers. 

The major segments of telecommunication are:

  • Wireless Communications 

  • Communications Equipment Processing Systems 

  • Domestic Telecom Services 

  • Foreign Telecom Services 

All these services depend to a large extent on the internet consumer base of a country. India has over 560 million internet users and is ranked only behind China. 

Job Opportunities for Electronics and Communication Engineers – Freshers

The electronics and communication engineering sector has a great scope for building a career right after completing the engineering degree. Freshers can expect to bag job opportunities in the field of automation, communication and telecom services.

  • Jobs for Electronics and Communication Engineers Freshers:

The prominent job profiles in this field are:

  • Electronics Engineer:

An electronics engineer is typically responsible for creating, designing and producing devices that are used in everyday life like mobile phones, musical instruments and devices such as computers and electronic devices. They innovate and develop new ideas that are used and applied in various industries. They also design and maintain or manage equipment that is used to control and monitor processes in complicated systems and machinery that are subsequently deployed in various advanced fields of IT and technology. 

  • Electronics design engineer:

This profile is primarily responsible for providing technical assistance in designing and developing electronic systems. These engineers come up with test plans and procedures. They determine the parameters that should be included in the designing of various instruments. They are also involved in the research into the latest technologies. The electronics design engineer will tell you if a product specification is feasible and if it meets company standards. They also provide the latest and effective solutions to many technical issues. 

  • Desktop support engineer:

This is a very important role as it involves maintaining, fixing and upgrading server and security systems in any organization. They are entirely responsible for helping a company deliver effective support by maintaining and upgrading the company’s network and computer systems. They ensure that an establishment functions smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

  • Service engineers:

They are responsible for supporting and maintaining products that have been sold. They often visit sites to address consumer complaints. They offer maintenance for various technical support solutions and provide customers with relevant information while addressing their queries.

  • Communications Engineer:

These engineers are responsible for designing and modifying electronic communication systems. They manage and monitor the performance, design and planning of electronics systems. This profile requires involvement in improving product budgets and delivery timelines. Moreover, a communications engineer is in charge of the production, testing and implementation of designs for improving existing networks.

  • Technical Director:

This is a senior position and requires years of experience and professional knowledge. A technical director oversees a project cycle right from the start to the completion. Their main job is to ensure technical quality and efficiency of resource utilization. They supervise administrative operations and implement methods to ensure quality. They bring in strategies to improve the performance of communications systems.

  • Network Planning Engineer:

This is a very significant role as it involves the maintenance of internal and external networks. They support critical teams across departments and implement new standards and strategies for projects. They manage administrative networks — software and hardware. These engineers also perform critical disaster recovery operations. 

CSE students have the flexibility of choosing job profiles in the software aspects of telecommunication rather than going for the core hardware areas. Some of the major recruiters in this field are Nokia, Motorola and BSNL. This sector has turned out to be one of the most lucrative streams for engineering students. There is a large demand for people with this degree because of their problem-solving skills and knowledge in various advanced techniques. 

Prominent Positions

Candidates with this degree have job opportunities in various sectors.

  • Telephone industry 
  • Civil aviation development 
  • Defence 
  • Post & telegraph 
  • Railways 
  • Public sector electronics companies

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      • List of Government Jobs for Electronics and Communication Engineers

An EC engineer can find various job profiles in both the public and private sectors. They can also work as a consultant in various fields both on a permanent and contract basis and are much in demand because of their knowledge in logical and technical skills. They maintain and manage equipment and upgrade networks in various sectors. These candidates are therefore much in demand both in the public and private sectors. 

ECE Engineers can find desired positions in the government sector too. Some of these arenas are IT and Telecom. The PSU sector, which works in coordination with the government, requires a good number of communication engineers. PSU companies normally conduct entrance exams for choosing candidates. 

The PSU companies that hire ECE Engineers are:

  • MTNL
  • BHEL
  • ISRO
  • NTPC
  • ONGC
  • SAI
  • Indian Railways.

The Union Public Service Commission also hires ECE Engineers for the following positions

  • Indian Railway Service of Engineers
  • Indian Ordnance Factors Services
  • Indian Defence Service of Engineers
  • Central Engineering Service. 

The basic eligibility for communication engineers is that the candidate should be an Indian; should have a BTech degree in Mechanical, Civil, Electric or Electronics and Communication. Thirdly, the candidate should be aged between 21 and 30 years.       

An electronics engineer has several roles to play in various industries. They need to continuously design, redesign, maintain and develop various systems as per an industry’s requirements.  

The top government jobs after completing ECE are:

  • Field Test Engineer
  • Customer Support Engineer
  • Research & Development Software Engineer
  • Communications Engineer
  • Desktop Support Consultant
  • Electronics Design Engineer
  • Service Engineer
  • Software Analyst
  • Network Planning Engineer
  • Academician

Electronics and Communication Engineering Salary in India Per Month

This degree opens up several high profile job opportunities with high salaries. They are one of the highest paid professionals in any organization and is one of the top reasons why students opt for this field of engineering.




Network Engineer

Embedded Support Engineer

Systems Engineer

Electronics Engineer

Rs 389,675

Rs 165,097

Rs 290,000

Rs 529,000

Rs 518,403

Rs 400,000

Rs 750,000

Rs 1 million

Factors Affecting Electronics and Communication Engineer Salary in India 

  • Location:

The salary of any profession is to a large extent determined by the location of the job. A person working in a Tier 1 or 2 city takes home considerably more than a person with a job in a tier 3 city. One of the reasons is the cost of living. This is why most graduates try shifting to a higher Tier city to earn a better living.

Let us look at the salary as per city for an electronics engineer.


Average Base Salary



New Delhi


Rs 700115

Rs 352,987

Rs 403,365

Rs 508,682

  • Experience:

This is a degree for a skilled professional. The number of years of experience is directly proportional to the expertise. Therefore, with the increasing number of years the salary also increases in this case.

Entry Level
Advanced Career

Rs 450,000

Rs 937,500
Rs 1 million

  • Job Role:

The skills that can help an electronics engineer get into the higher pay bracket include Electronics Troubleshooting, Engineering Design, C Programming, Automation Scripting, Computer-Aided Design and Project Management.


Avg Base Salary

Network Information
Embedding of Software
Systems Management
Electronics Engineer

Rs 3.55 LPA

Rs 4.5 LPA

Rs 2.9LPA

Rs 5.29LPA

The salary of a communications engineer mostly depends on the qualification. An advanced degree can bring in a higher package, but this also depends to a large extent on the company. It is not necessary for an electronics or electrical engineer to have a postgraduate qualification but years of work experience in various domains guarantees a higher package.

Why Should You Become an Electronics and Communication Engineer?

An electronics engineer is a lucrative profession because it enables you to find of good position in the electric and electronics industry. You can build a career in the emerging field of robotics, automotive digital technology and telecommunications. 

You can also become an engineer in the aerospace and marine industries. There is also a good scope in the research field academics end commercial sector’s even the public sector open requires a good number of electronics engineers. 

Both international and national firm’s offer placement opportunities to the new graduates in this sector. An engineering degree in the same opens up great avenues for achieving a lot of professional development. Many firms encourage engineers to go for higher qualifications. Most graduates are able to secure senior positions either within the company or in sister concerns. This degree also provides the option to go for alternative careers like daughter motive engineer, biomedical engineer aerospace engineer and electrical engineer.

Popular Employers for Electronics and Communication Engineer

Some of the large companies that regularly recruit electronics and communication engineers are:

  • BT
  • Phillips 
  • Siemens 
  • Sony 
  • Vodafone. 
  • Havelles 
  • Bajaj Electricals 
  • Dell 
  • Tech Mahindra 
  • Havell’s India 
  • Kirloskar 
  • Phillips 
  • Sterlight


Electronics and communication have become an indispensable part of every sector. Most industries are therefore dependent on ECE engineers for various functions like in the field of robotics, instrumentation, healthcare and automation. According to industry experts, electronics and communication engineering is witnessing steady growth and is a sector that is offering a wide range of job opportunities. Therefore, we need to look at the various educational institutions that are offering this engineering degree. One of the prominent colleges offering this program is Greater Noida’s “NIET”.

Study electronics and communication engineering at NIET

NIET is the first private institute in Uttar Pradesh to have got the UGC autonomous status. It is one of the top engineering colleges in Greater Noida India. NIET’s department of electronics and communication engineering has been ranked 19th across India by Silicon India. The program has been accredited by NBA and provides students with state-of-the-art technology labs. The students can take part in innovative projects while learning concepts like VLSI design and telecommunication engineering.

NIET has also received NAAC “GRADE A” 3.23 accreditation, the highest in the state. ARIIA, a Ministry of Education initiative, has ranked the institute amongst the 50 best colleges in India for its innovations. The college has also got the QS I-GAUGE “Diamond” category subject rating.

Check out the course details and apply now!

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