B.Tech Biotechnology Scope and Jobs Salary (Per Month) In India

Biotechnology is the technology that develops products or mechanisms on the basis of our biological systems and microorganisms. It covers different disciplines like genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. Biotechnology has been of great use in the areas of medicine, agriculture and industrial biotechnology. 

Biotechnology can be differentiated or categorized into four types. They are identified by different colours. The first type is the red or medical category. This category deals with the pharma industry and focuses on improving healthcare and medicine. The second category is white or industrial biotechnology. The third one is the agricultural or green category. This is the technology that deals with inventions and innovations in agriculture. They come up with new varieties of crops, pesticides and seeds. Finally, it is blue or marine technology. This category deals with the creation of alternative sources of fuel like biofuel. They also explore various natural changes in sea life and its implications for human beings.

In this blog, we will be covering the scope of biotechnology — its careers, the salary that a biotechnology graduate can expect to make and the growth of the industry in the years to come.

What is the Scope of Biotechnology in India?

This is an emerging career in India, with many youngsters are exploring this as a career option. The reason is that there has been immense growth in the field of science in terms of innovations and inventions. This is true for a vast gamut of sectors like food, medicines, agriculture and animal husbandry. India is one of the top destinations for biotechnology in the world. On the last count, there were 2700 biotech start-ups and 2500 biotech companies in India. The country is also known to be the world’s third-largest producer of Hepatitis B vaccines in the world.

According to the latest industry figures, India’s biotechnology industry has been valued at $63 billion. It is expected to reach $150 billion by 2025. The country is also big in terms of bio services. It is emerging as a hub for clinical trials that forms a major component of biotechnology.

The Indian government has allowed 100% FDI under the automatic route for the biotechnology sector, especially the greenfield pharmaceuticals and medical manufacturing industries. In one of the most recent developments in May 2021, three major biotech firms of India – Indian Immunologicals Ltd, Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation entered into an agreement with Bharat Biotech. The aim is to develop vaccines locally. 

The last Union Budget set aside Rs 1660 crore for conducting biotechnology research and development in the country.

Top Biotechnology Jobs in India for Freshers

The Indian biotechnology industry is being driven by new businesses, innovation and local talent. This growth is also because of India’s history or tryst with diseases – communicable or infectious diseases. 

  • Private Jobs for Biotechnology FreshersSome of the best careers in biotechnology are:

  • Biochemist: A Biochemist studies the biological processes and their chemical attributes. Their work areas include pharmaceuticals, medical research, and food and packaging industries. They also conduct research for various sectors.

  • Medical scientists: They design and conduct studies to investigate methods for the prevention and cure of diseases. They are involved in clinical trials and other forms of medical investigations.

  • Microbiologist: A microbiologist investigates the role played by microorganisms in combating diseases, in agriculture and other fields of research.

  • Process Development Specialist: They conduct processes to extend and relay information within an establishment. They gather, verify or process data.  

  • Biopharma Sales Representative: They are often employed by pharma firms and are involved in educating distributors and doctors about innovations and upgrades in the field of medicines. 

  • R&D Scientist: They conduct scientific studies and experiments for developing new products and technologies. They also conduct reviews and assessments to ensure that products adhere to safety procedures and regulations. 

  • Government Jobs for Biotechnology Freshers</b

The government sector has a wide variety of job opportunities in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences. The Bureau of Police Research and Development also requires the services of biotechnology candidates.

Biotechnology jobs are common to both the private and government sectors. The difference lies in the packages and often in the pace of growth. The private sector offers better pay and a larger scope to go up the ladder. Private sector companies often have a better pace of promotion as compared to PSU companies.

Biotechnology Engineering Salary in India Per Month

The average salary for a biotechnologist in India is around Rs 4.9 lakh per annum. At the entry level, a Biotechnology graduate draws around Rs 4 lakh per annum. After 4 years, the salary package is likely to be around Rs 5 lakh.  

Let’s look at the average salary structure per annum as per the skills of a biotechnologist. 

  • Molecular Biology – Rs 4.9L

  • Product Development – Rs 3.6L 

  • Microbiology – Rs 5L

  • Research Analysis – Rs 4L

If we look at the states of India, then Delhi earns an average of 31% more than the national average. Meanwhile, the lowest salaries are in cities like Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh. Mumbai stands close to Delhi in this aspect. (Source: Payscale)

  • BTech Biotechnology Salary in Different Cities:



New Delhi


Rs 4.7-7.50 LPA

Rs 6.8-15 LPA

Rs 6.2-12 LPA

Rs 6-11.89 LPA

  • BTech Biotechnology Salary in Different Levels:

Entry level



Rs 503,353 per annum

Rs 673,360 per annum

Rs 1,179,162 per annum

  • Biotechnology Salary in Leading Companies:

Company Avg Salary in Lakhs

InfoSys Limited

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp

Accenture Technology Solutions

HCL Technologies Ltd


Rs 4.79

Rs 5.9

Rs 5.4

Rs 5.8

Rs 3.68

Biotechnology is a flourishing career in India. Some of the big companies that are the best paymasters for these jobs are: 

  • ITC

  • Hindustan Unilever 

  • Dr Reddy’s

  • Ranbaxy

  • Dr Reddy’s

  • Lupin

  • Glenmark

  • Accenture

  • Novo Nordisk

  • Cipla

  • Piramal Group

  • Zydus.

Key Skills Needed for a Biotechnology Fresher

A person aspiring to make a professional mark in the field of Biotechnology needs to have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of basic protein purification

  • Basic immunohistochemistry 

  • Good communication skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Field marketing experience

  • Flexibility to work in shifts

  • Adequate industrial experience

Which are the Top B.Tech Biotechnology Industries?

The main sectors where Biotechnology students are employed are: 

  • Information Technology

  • Pharma

  • Aquaculture

  • Agriculture

  • Animal Husbandry

  • Medicine

  • Genetic Engineering

  • Industrial Research

  • Healthcare

  • Food Manufacturing

Final Thoughts

We can thus conclude that Biotechnology is a degree that can give you a safe and secure future along with good pay. Biotechnology in all counts is, therefore, a flourishing career. It is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to explore the field of research, medical innovation, inventions in pharma and development in agriculture. However, will only a degree work? Definitely not. What you need is adequate training, exposure to the industry, guidance from mentors and the opportunity to research. 

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