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Why Information Technology Engineering
Information Technology Industry is undoubtedly the most rapidly growing industry in today’s
world. The world today is revolving around the developments by the IT industry, be it whole
offices working from home, or online shopping, getting food delivered by a few touches,
consulting a doctor over video conferencing, or simply watching a movie along with friends on
Netflix Party – all these can be tied up to a single industry – IT, and to the single profession –

The development and growth of the IT industry is an indication of the ever-increasing demand
for Engineers, or Employable Engineers for that matter. The sheer number of Engineers
graduating from CSE, or IT is far more than their demand, still, most of the engineers go
unemployed, and the demand of the industry is still not met. The reason behind this
disproportion is engineering colleges that do not provide quality education and/or opportunities
to their students to have a future in the industry.

There’s always been dialogue or a narrative that always differentiates between CSE and IT
branches, claiming one to be better than the other, mainly CSE better than IT. However, both
CSE and IT branches are the gateways to the IT industry. CSE and IT are sister branches and
hence the curriculum is almost similar. Both CSE and IT engineers have equal opportunities
in any company or in higher education. A minor difference between both the branches is that
CSE focuses a bit more on the scientific aspects of computing, while in IT, the focus is on the
communication and business areas of computing.

An IT engineer is not limited to a single field, rather they can go for different professional
specializations as and when their interests change. Be it software development, testing,
computer programming, business analytics, data management, network management, etc.

every option is open for IT engineers. IT is an industry that is now well blended in all the other
industries and gradually there won’t be an industry – not utilizing IT services/devices.

IT Engineering Career Opportunities

Engineering in IT brings a lot of career opportunities like-

● Software Engineering
For people who are interested in coding and/or programming, software development
is the perfect domain, it deals with building innovative software and applications for
particular use cases.

● Tester
A tester is someone who puts his analytical and problem-solving skills to test or check
a particular software or application. This domain goes hand in hand with development.

● Data Scientist
A data scientist studies data and its trends over a period of time to suggest the best
measures that can maximize profits for any company.

● Computer System Analyst
This domain is where people work on organizations existing systems to make them
more innovative and more effective, in order to bridge the gap between business and

● Network Specialist
As the name suggests, a network architect designs, develops, implements, and
maintains networking solutions, and in today’s world, a network is one of the most
important things that keep us connected.

● Information Security Analyst
Data needs to be protected from attacks and leaks. An Information Security Analyst
does exactly that – protecting organizations’ and clients’ sensitive data.

● Database Administrator
The maintenance of Data is one of the most important jobs in any industry, as it
changes daily, is a timeless domain, and always demands more and more people.

● UI/UX Designer
UI/UX designers(User Interface/User Experience) are a lot in demand these days, due
to everything being present online, it is very essential that the apps/websites be easily
workable and provide the best and hassle-free experience to its users.

● Freelancer
With proper working knowledge of one or more of these domains, one can easily
freelance on projects of his/her liking and earn money as well as experience.

● Full-Stack Developer
As the name suggests, full-stack developers are proficient in coding as well as graphic
designing, they make softwares/web applications presentable as well as functioning.

Best B. Tech IT College and Recruiters:

Although there are many engineering colleges in Delhi/NCR, only the Noida Institute of
Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida provides the best industrial knowledge with
industrial exposure along with the best campus facilities. It has been named as the no.1 private
engineering institute in UP and one of the best private engineering colleges in Delhi/NCR. The
reason is not only its capability to produce industry-ready engineers, but also the beginning of
a lot of opportunities for them.

NIET is one of the best institutes as it ticks off all the necessary and additional perks if an
engineering institute1. Government RecognitionNIET is the only institute in UP to be recognized by all three government institutions-

NAAC ‘A’ (3.23 | A grade highest in Uttar Pradesh)
NBA for CSE, IT, ECE, ME, BT, BPharm, MBA & MCA
NIRF 2021 Rank Band Top 200 (171st position) in Engineering and 43rd Rank in Pharmacy
NIRF 2020 Rank Band 201-250: Engineering

2. AffiliationThe institute is affiliated with AKTU but is autonomous, hence it has all the modern
course contents which are industry grade and help the students in being at par with the industry.

3. Awards and RankingsNIET has been ranked No. 1 Private Institution in Greater Noida by Times of India,
Dataquest, and Times Group.

4. Qualified and Dedicated FacultyAll our professors are well qualified and focus on imparting practical and
implementable knowledge. Moreover, professors help students in all fields, and significant focus is given to research as well.

5. Campus PlacementsNIET is well known for its placements, with record placement every year, especially for CSE and IT branches. Top recruiters like –

● Capgemini
● Wipro
● Accenture
● Cognizant
● Tech Mahindra
● Innodata, etc.

come to the college for placements and recruit students in large numbers.

Since NIET ticks off all the necessary fields required in an engineering college, hence, it is
one of the best choice colleges in the Delhi/NCR region. As an institution, it is our belief as
well as duty to teach our students well and make them employable engineers.

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