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Why Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Engineering Career Opportunities,Recruiters of Engineering Freshers

Engineering Career Opportunities
With its record placements and industry-level education, NIET is indeed one of the best
colleges in Delhi/NCR for the BTech and MTech integrated course.

Engineering, for many years now, has been students’ first choice after completing their 10+2.
In engineering though, Computer Science Engineering to be specific has the most popularity.
However, it isn’t a surprise that everyone wants to study about technology, computers – both
hardware and software, and not just study, but create as well. Computer Science Engineering
focuses on the study of all the relevant concepts of modern-day computers or say smart
gadgets, as well as on the creation, updating, and maintenance of these powerful systems.
CSE is a vast term that includes subdomains like programming, coding, development,
algorithms, microprocessors, logic design, networks, security, software, hardware, etc. all
these domains are covered in the Bachelor of Technology – CSE (Undergraduate Course in
Engineering). Further, students interested in the research of further studies can opt for Master
of Technology (Post Graduate Course in Engineering). Students pursuing CSE have a lot of
career options which can be in any of the fields like design, development, security, networking,

Why Computer Science Engineering
Engineering is a promising discipline, and all the branches are equally important and have
great career opportunities, it’s just that one should study engineering from a good college and
with full dedication. Computer Science Engineering is one of the engineering branches with
many career options as it straight away opens doors to the ever-growing IT industry. CSE as
a branch has the best campus placements in any college. Moreover, it makes students
industry-ready by providing theoretical and practical knowledge of all the major subjects that
the industry demands.

Computer Science and Engineering have a lot to offer when it comes to career opportunities.
A CSE engineer can be a-

● Software Developer
For people who are interested in coding and/or programming, software development
is the perfect domain, it deals with building innovative software and applications for
particular use cases.

● Tester
A tester is someone who puts his analytical and problem-solving skills to test or check
a particular software or application. This domain goes hand in hand with development.

● Data Scientist
A data scientist studies data and its trends over a period of time to suggest the best
measures that can maximize profits for any company.

● Computer System Analyst
This domain is where people work on organizations existing systems to make them
more innovative and more effective, in order to bridge the gap between business and

● Computer Network Architect
As the name suggests, a network architect designs, develops, implements, and
maintains networking solutions, and in today’s world, a network is one of the most
important things that keep us connected.

● Information Security Analyst
Data needs to be protected from attacks and leaks. An Information Security Analyst
does exactly that – protecting organizations’ and clients’ sensitive data.

● Database Administrator
The maintenance of Data is one of the most important jobs in any industry, as it
changes daily, is a timeless domain, and always demands more and more people.

● Full-Stack Developer

As the name suggests, full-stack developers are proficient in coding as well as graphic
designing, they make softwares/web applications presentable as well as functioning.
Apart from all these professional fields, there are a lot of options for further studies as well, be
it an M. Tech or an MS degree from abroad, or even a doctorate later on. Since CSE is the
most in-demand discipline these days, the requirement of professors and assistant professors
is always high. As a result, this is also a great career opportunity especially for engineers who
later undergo post-graduation and/or doctorate.

However great or in-demand the branch may be, it is necessary that we enroll in a good
college, which has all the necessary facilities required to study engineering and also has good
placement opportunities. There are a number of engineering colleges today that offer
engineering in CSE. Unfortunately, though, not every one of them is good enough. They can
be good in one aspect but lagging in another, and graduating from such a college always
means lesser opportunities.

Why CSE in NIET?
For students looking for a good college in Delhi/NCR region, the Noida Institute of Engineering
and Technology, Greater Noida, is one of the best private colleges. It is affiliated with Dr. A.
P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University is an autonomous institute. NIET is the only institute
in Uttar Pradesh to be recognized by all four government organizations i.e. NAAC (3.23, Agrade, Highest in UP), NBA (CSE, IT, ME, ECE, BT, B. Pharm, MBA, MCA), NIRF and AIIRA.

NIET has received many awards and recognitions for being a great place to study and for its
contribution in producing employable and industry-ready engineers.

NIET offers a four-year UG course i.e. B. Tech in CSE with a focus on-

● Structured understanding of Cloud-Based Technology
● Knowledge and implementation of core domains of Computer Science
● Thorough understanding and hands-on experience of cloud architecture
● Inculcating problem-solving skills in students through analyzing and designing

The CSE department of the institute is renowned for its cutting-edge research, 100%
placements, and state-of-the-art education. All the faculty members of the branch are experts
in their fields and promote research culture in students as well. CSE branch is one of the most
sought-for branches in the institute, and it produces results to maintain that, every year.
On top of all the aforementioned perks, NIET also has tie-ups facilitating specific vertical hiring
in top MNCs, these include –

Tie ups and platforms
• Amazon web services
• Pelion (IoT)
• Vmware IT Academy
• Vcloud NFV

Recruiters of Engineering Freshers
NIET is well renowned for its record campus placements every year, especially for CSE and
IT. The institute is not only concerned with bringing in recruiters but also making each of its
student’s placement ready, be it in technical skills or soft skills. There’s placement-specific
training starting from the third year onwards, wherein students are trained upon various
technical and behavioral aspects which not only makes them interview-ready but also
prepares them for the industry.

NIET brings in various top recruiters like-

● Capgemini
● Virtusa
● Mphasis
● Wipro
● Accenture
● Cognizant
● Verizon
● TEKsystems
● Abbott
● ToTheNew
● Tech Mahindra
● Mindtree
● Hexaware, and many more.

Be it placements, academics, industry-grade subjects, and hands-on training, high-tech labs,
or research, students at NIET get them all and can choose their domain according to their
liking. The institute has something to offer to every student.

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