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Duration Intake Industrial Tie ups
4 years (8 semesters) 60 AWS Educate

Program Overview

NIET offers an under-graduate honours course (B.Tech) in Computer Science which deals with the theoretical foundations of computation and practical techniques for their application. B.Tech Computer Science is a course for students who are interested in adopting cloud resources or frameworks as their field of study or who want to gain hands-on practical experience to improve their competitiveness in the cloud job market.

Cloud computing technology is used across the world. All the business domains understand the need and use which cloud computing technology gives. It impacts usage, business revenue, customer alignment, and happiness. The companies want to get out of managing data centres and deployment pipelines, they don't have to set up machines and servers as everything has moved to the cloud. The customers get the required features which are fast through the usage of the cloud, the testing of the applications can also happen through the cloud which is faster and scalable. The following areas use this technology profusely – telecommunication, healthcare, governance, banking, business, computing, IT services, etc.

The B.Tech. program with a specialization in Cloud Computing shall train students in different areas of cloud computing. The students get strong skills in cloud architecture and deployment, virtualization, modelling and analysis, applications, cloud services, major solution architectures and enabling technologies. In addition to this, the course shall train students in core computer science subjects such as Java programming, hardware, software, database, the theory of computation and algorithm, networks, etc

  • One of the top colleges in Delhi/NCR and the first one to offer the best B.Tech program in Cloud Computing
  • Grow AWS expertise with Cloud Career Pathways
  • Access AWS services, launch virtual classrooms, and use tools to help students learn the cloud
  • Learn critical set of technologies in cloud computing that span core areas of CS through industry-oriented curriculum
  • Proficiency with cloud architecture and apply concepts with various platforms – Amazon cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud.
  • Hands-on experience in implementing and managing cloud technologies to improve the competitiveness in cloud job market.