Pharmatech Society The Pharma Tech Society of Pharmacy Institute was constituted in October 2008 to execute various students and faculty welfare activities related to the pharmacy profession. The society is running smoothly and executing its various activities successfully. Recently it has successfully organized a number of Guest Lectures, National Pharmacy Week, Freshers' Welcome, Farewell parties and so on.

Art & Paint Society The society is an amalgamation of all the amazing and creative artists of NIET. The society plays a major role in every event conducted in the campus by creating beautiful posters banners and art work. The society also organizes multiple events such as poster making competition etc. to keep the art and the artists active throughout the year. Members of a the society are regular winners at prestigious inter college events thus show casing our talent at various platforms.

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Roopa Gera (Asst. Prof. Chemical Engg.)
Student Coordinator: Ritika Mehrotra (CSE 2010-14) & Shruti Singh (IT 2011-15)

SPIC MACAY SPIC MACAY is a voluntary movement that seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of our rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry among-st the youth of this country through focus on the classical arts, with their attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy and to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values.

SPIC MACAY NIET chapter has organized:

1. Classical Vocal Recital by Pandit Kaivalya Kumar Gurav
2. Manipuri Dance by Pandit Singhajit Singh, Smt. Charu Sija Mathur & their troop.

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. G.S Chakroborthy (Professor Pharmacy),
Student Coordinator: Priyank Mathur (ME 2010-14), Nitya Singh (EN- 2010-14)

Theater Society Theater is not just something we present to an audience to entertain them, for us its a way of life or rather its a way to change life. The theater society of NIET comprises of both street and stage sections namely Kathputliyaan and The Jokers respectively, both of which have carved a huge reputation for the college in esteemed theater circuits. Apart from this NIET is home to multiple independent theater groups formed by our students which are regularly and happily mentored by the society and its founding groups.

Faculty Coordinator: Ms Uzma Bano

Student Coordinator: Abhishek Kalra (EN 2010-14), Priyank Mathur (ME 2010- 14), Richa Sharma (CH 2012-14), Manish Kasan (CV 2012-14)

Faculty Coordinator: Mr Ram Kumar Sharma, Lecturer (IT)

Sports Society Sports has always been in th e hearts and soul of all NIETians. A regular activity in campus, NIET provides grounds to multiple sports team such as NIET FC (Football) and NIET Youth Club (Volley ball) etc. apart from this a mega annual sports fest is organized every year in the campus in which the entire sports fraternity gathers up to celebrate the spirit of sports and discover the talent within themselves and among each other.

Faculty Coordinator: Mr Salahuddin, Mr Mohit Chaudhary (Lecturer MCA)
Student Coordinator: Tulika Garg (ME 2010-14), Siddhant Chugh (EC- 2010-14), Indresh Mishra (EN- 2011-15)

Green Gold Society The society was framed in order to promote the environmental advantages and benefits among the group of peoples. It mainly deals with the purpose of Plantation as because of the threat caused by the depletion of Ozone layer. It organizes various plantations programs in and around greater Noida and spreads the awareness about greenery and the healthy benefits which are obtained from the nature.

Editorial Club The editorial club was framed in order to bring out the inner qualities of the students so that they can exhale in extra-curricular activities. This club organized debates and symposiums were the students can a basic platform to come up and speak so that they can break their hindrance or stage fear when seen in audience.

It also helps to keep the students updated on the ongoing current scenario in their respective fields so that they can be motivated and new ideas can be generated in them for their own benefit. The club also gives a platform for interaction among the intra and inter department students so that they can share and exchange their views and opinions. The club also motivates the students go have an active participation outside the college so that they can be bright in the outer world.

Music Club 'Music club of NIET Pharmacy Institute is a club that encourages and promotes all kinds of music. The club provides an inclusive platform for exchange of musical ideas, appreciation of music and to encourage musical development. Various musical events are organized by the club on a regular basis which gives a great platform for the club members to showcase their talent. The music club also represents our college in various cultural festivals and local competitions outside. The vision of the club is to create quality music to promote and support music related activities to increase the love for music.'


1. Ankit Sharma, 3rd year(955559767) 2. Neeraj Rana, 2nd year (9720809004)
1. Anurag Sharma, 3rd year (8447296696) 2. Mamta kanaujea, 2nd year (9999396915)
1. Mohit Gautam, 3rd year (9871333122) 2. Jaya, 3rd year (8130376039)
1. Lisha Gautam, 3rd year 2. Anamika Sharma, 3rd year
3. Sahil, 3rd year (9718890655) 4. Noor khan, 2nd year (9457832991)
1. Anjali, 3rd Year 2. Anu yadav, 2nd year (8755418770)
1. Aditya Prasad, 3rd year (9717735846) 2. Bhawna, 2nd year