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About the course

Department Affiliation Approvals Duration Intake
Management Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow AICTE 2 years (4 semesters) 180

Business is about managing change in technology, markets, corporate cultures and global environments. NIET's management candidates face the rigors of a business education that focus on combining classical business skills, such as finance and strategic planning, with creativity and sound judgment-the influence of a liberal arts perspective. Post Graduates from NIET are highly desirable job candidates because they are self-directed, ethical and effective contributors in their communities. The department of Master of Business Administration (MBA) was established in the year 2004, with an intake of 60.

MBA is a two-year full time course spread over four semesters. The program is duly approved by AICTE, New Delhi and affiliated to the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. The course is also accredited by National Board of accreditation (NBA). Besides, MBA Program is committed to provide the educational and corporate experiences required for professional competence. To facilitate a team of highly specialized resource persons are associated.

The MBA program aims at providing inputs to the students relevant to the business, industry and trade so that they can efficiently & effectively - function in the different organization and face the challenges arising as a sequel to all round development of the country. The Faculty at NIET focuses on management education more than just business management. The commitment is thought leadership with a deep understanding of business. The approach to pedagogy combines fieldwork, case studies and instrumented feedback with a strong emphasis on concepts and theory.

A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at NBS. It encourages students to make presentations on academic, management and other topics of current interest. Students are trained in effective communication, conflict resolution, negotiation and to face constructive criticism from fellow students and faculties in an informal environment.

Separate division Pyramid Finishing schools (PFS) develop the modules and groom the student's personality, through customized HR and Technical Training.

Head of the Department

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows - Sydney J. Harris .

Prof. Resham M is the Head of the Department of MBA at NIET Greater Noida. She has 18 years of rich experience in both Industry and Teaching. She has worked in companies like Travelex, Countrywide Global, and Citibank at various capacities. She has done her BBM in the year 1998 and MBA in 2000 from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. She has published papers in several National and International Journals, and National and International Conference proceedings. She has been instrumental in establishing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell in various institutions.

Her interest in Technology Based Learning has influenced several faculties to change from their traditional teaching pedagogy to modern teaching methods. She has been a Speaker for FDPs on Modern Learning Methods and has been her research interest as well.


  1. Classrooms equipped with modern teaching learning aids like LCD projector, audio etc.
  2. Department has got its own library; besides a central library, consisting of text books, reference books, student project reports, conference proceedings, faculty development program materials etc.
  3. Independent Career Management Cell provides counseling and guidance to students on their career aspect.
  4. Provides platform for students to participate in various forums and technical & non-technical events.
  5. Faculty members are involved in live projects with industry to take up Quality Improvement Programs (QIP).
  6. Well Equipped Group Discussion Room for GD practice sessions & mock interviews.


  1. Regular Industrial visits.
  2. Regular Guest lectures.
  3. Regular Industrial Workshops to update the knowledge of students.
  4. Group Discussions & Industry Training by industry experts.
  5. Accelerated Mentor ship Program for scaling up the employability percentage and annual remuneration.
  6. Encouragement of students to take up industry based projects.
  7. Regular Personality Development (PDP) classes for overall personality development.


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MBA First Year Scheme Effective from 2016-17 Click here for Download
MBA Syllabus Effective for 2015-17 Click here for Download


S.No Name Roll No Company Name Branch
1 GAURAV SINGH 1613370020 Cyrus Infotech MBA
2 AMIT KUMAR PANDEY 1613370008 Cyrus Infotech MBA
3 VIKAS BHATI 1613370074 Cyrus Infotech MBA
4 PRAVESH RAJPUT 1613370048 Cyrus Infotech MBA
5 ABDUL MALIK 1613370002 Cyrus Infotech MBA
6 VARNIKA TYAGI 1613370071 Cyrus Infotech MBA
7 BHANOO SHARMA 1613370014 Ceasefire Industries Ltd. MBA
8 HIMANSHU JANAK 1613370022 Ceasefire Industries Ltd. MBA
9 MD ASADULLAH 1613370034 Ceasefire Industries Ltd. MBA
10 PRAVESH 1613370048 Ceasefire Industries Ltd. MBA
11 VED PRAKASH MISHRA 1613370072 Ceasefire Industries Ltd. MBA
12 VIJAY KUMAR 1613370073 Genpact MBA
13 MOHD SHAHRUKH KHAN 1613370037 Genpact MBA
14 SHUBHAM SINGH 1613370061 Genpact MBA
15 GAURAV 1613370020 New Swan India MBA
16 VISHAL KUMAR 1613370078 New Swan India MBA
17 RITESHU PRATAP SINGH 1613370053 New Swan India MBA
18 PALLAVI BHARTI 1613370042 Redcarpet MBA
19 NIDHI 1613370040 Redcarpet MBA
20 ASHUTOSH SINGH 1613370011 Marg Darshak Consultancy MBA
21 AVLEEN PUNN 1613370012 Marg Darshak Consultancy MBA
22 PAMMI KUMARI 1613370043 ABN Consulting MBA
23 POOJA SENGAR 1613370046 ABN Consulting MBA
24 RAJNI TIWARI 1613370051 Magic Software MBA
25 SHREY GOYAL 1613370059 India Mart MBA
26 SHREY 1613370059 Jaro Education MBA
27 BHANOO DWIVEDI 1613370014 Capital Via MBA
28 NIKITA AGARWAL 1613370041 Mswipe MBA
29 AMIT KUMAR 1613370006 Stratosphere IT Services MBA
31 MD UMAR ANSARI 1613370038 Denave India Pvt. Ltd. MBA
32 HIMALAYA SINGH 1613370021 RR Financial Consultant Ltd MBA
33 VISHALI CHAUHAN 1513370116 Viaml Plast India Pvt Ltd MBA
34 AANCHAL GARG 1613370001 The New Capital MBA
35 ADITI SINGH 1613370003 Adacell Technologies Pvt. Ltd. MBA
36 ALKA KUMARI 1613370004 ANB Consulting MBA
37 ANJALI SHUKLA 1613370009 Indiabulls MBA
38 DIKSHA AGARWAL 1613370017 Infosys MBA
39 GAGAN CHOUDHARY 1613370018 IndiaMart MBA
40 HIMANSHU KUDESHIYA 1613370023 Bajaj Finserv MBA
41 JEESHAN ANSARI 1613370025 Bajaj Finnance MBA
42 KIMMI GOLA 1613370028 Alps Software Solutions MBA
43 NEHA AGRAWAL 1613370030 GyanPick MBA
44 MAYANK MITTAL 1613370033 Digital Bharat MBA
45 MEHAK DIXIT 1613370036 Marg Darshak Consultancy MBA
46 RITESH KUMAR VERMA 1613370052 Kotak Mahindra Bank MBA
47 SAURABH PANDEY 1613370057 HDB Financial Services MBA
48 SRISHTI MISHRA 1613370066 Savi Leathers Pvt. Ltd. MBA
51 AMIT KUMAR DWIVEDI 1613370007 Indiabulls MBA
52 GEETANJALI 1713370013 Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. MBA
53 PRANJAL SINGH 1713370032 Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. MBA
54 ADITI 1713370002 Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. MBA
55 SAVITA DHAKAL 1713370046 Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. MBA
56 DIVYA SINGH 1713370011 Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. MBA
57 RASHMI KUMARI 1713370037 Franciscan Solutions Pvt. Ltd. MBA
58 ADITI 1713370002 ICICI Prudential Life MBA
59 DEEPAK 1713370010 ICICI Prudential Life MBA
60 MOHIT KUMAR 1713370023 ICICI Prudential Life MBA
61 MOHIT SUYAL 1713370024 ICICI Prudential Life MBA
62 NIDHI SHARMA 1713370029 ICICI Prudential Life MBA
63 OMANGI PACHAURI 1713370030 ICICI Prudential Life MBA
64 SHUJAT ABBAS 1713370051 ICICI Prudential Life MBA
65 SUKRITYA SHARMA 1713370054 ICICI Prudential Life MBA
66 ANAMIKA 1713370004 ICICI Prudential Life MBA
67 DIVYA KUMARI 1713370011 Droisys MBA
68 NIDHI 1713370029 Droisys MBA
69 SAURABH SINGH 1713370044 Droisys MBA
70 PRANJAL SINGH 1713370032 HR Polycoats Pvt. Ltd. MBA
71 GEETANJALI 1713370013 Oyo Rooms MBA
72 ADITI 1713370002 Oyo Rooms MBA
73 ANAMIKA 1713370004 Oyo Rooms MBA
74 SAURABH 1713370044 HDFC Sales MBA
75 PRABHAT KUMAR 1713370031 HDFC Sales MBA
76 SAVITA DHAKAL 1713370046 Air Flow Pvt. Ltd. MBA
77 Vikash Kumar singh 1713370058 Research Nester Pvt. Ltd. MBA
78 Sukritya Sharma 1713370054 Centilytics MBA
79 Nidhi Sharma 1713370029 Centilytics MBA

Faculty List

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