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NIET in Focus

"Career Starts Here"

Education at NIET is focused on equipping students with the critical skills they need to acquire in today's globalized world. Whether they choose to be entrepreneurs or build careers with leading organizations, their span at NIET gets them started on the way to their goals. That's why we say career Starts here.

What truly sets NIET apart? Our unique 360 degree approach that builds synergy between education and industry and ensures that our programs are completely in sync with the contemporary, economic context.
At NIET, students get an environment that opens up a new world of opportunities, helps them to make the right choices and ensure that they are ready to start out on their own. They also benefit from a strong, global, alumni network. That's why we say that young people who come to NIET leave with much more than a degree- They take with them a valuable asset that they can count on, all their lives. Campus Wide Quality Improvement Program (CWQIP):
1. Under CWQIP, teaching and learning methods across the campus have been optimized.
2. Systems for accountability and continuous improvement in the classroom have been set up.
3. An environment where each student is constantly motivated to excel and reach higher has been created.
4. Proactive career management facilities have been provided.

Total Student Development Program (TSDP): We believe that to be leaders in the real world, students must develop the intellectual breadth and creativity to tackle the challenges of increasing complexity, globalization and rapid change. TSDP focuses on every aspect of a student's personality, helping them to develop interpersonal, technical and business skills.

Interpersonal Skill Development (IPSD): Students are encouraged to develop creativity, lateral thinking and communication/people management skills through goal setting exercises, group discussions, mock interviews and presentations.

Technical Skill Development (TSD): Students are given a conceptual grounding in core skills and application orientation through real-time projects to ensure that their skills are concurrent with the market needs.

Business Skill Development (BSD): Essential Business skills are taught through industry interaction as well as innovative channels.

Weak Students Development Program (WSDP): 1. Identification of weak students through progress monitoring.
2. Preparation of a Special Study Schedule focused towards their improvement.