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Intellectual Capital

"Being aware of the tremendous role you play in your child's education, we came up with an
opportunity to continue the same."

At NIET, fires are ignited every day, by the hour. The life and blood of NIET is its faculty base. The faculty is undoubtedly the nucleus around which the entire gamut of training activities revolves. Our faculty is dedicated to an integrated curriculum with a global focus, team teaching and leadership woven seamlessly. Inputs from students and corporate executives, along with the faculty experience are a sound marriage of ideas and impact. Innovative research, real world experience and effective teaching come together and create a storm of intense thought process.

What is also admirable at NIET is the vibrant interaction among the faculty and students, creating a healthy learning experience inspiring out-of-the-box thinking and honing sharp intellect. These interactions foster an entrepreneurial mind-set focused on identifying and capturing opportunity; the stuff of which leaders are made.