NIET Pharmacy Institute has gained image as an educational colossal among technical institutes because of its placement commitments. An exclusive Career Management Centre (CMC) is developed to have an interface between the Institute and Industries. In this centre membership programmes are arranged to provide most creative brains to the industries. These programmes are conducted by highly experienced people from industries to develop students functional capabilities, leadership skills and strategic and cognitive thinking. CMC centrally handles campus placement of the graduating students of all departments.

The philosophy behind Industry-Institute collaboration is to develop sharing of resources, feedback & inputs to full the Mission of the Institute. It helps to improve knowledge an emerging technologies and problem solving skills. Beyond that project are jointly designed & menitored industrial staff is trained in the Institute and institute staff is provide exposure in industry.

Personality development programs are gaining popularity all around. PDPs ae organized from time to time to improve confidence level, communication skills, aptitude skills, leadership, strategic, team work skills, discipline, problem solving, strategic thinking, value addition, cross cultural understanding and hence the probability of employment.