Pyramid Finishing School Director

Mr. Raman Batra

Executive Vice President

“When you know better you do better.”

The biggest challenge in India’s growth and future is the shortage of the skilled employees across the industries. According to NASSCOM, each year over 3 million graduates and post-graduates are added to the Indian workforce. However, of these only 25 percent of technical graduates and 10-15 percent of other graduates are considered employable by the rapidly growing IT and ITES segments. The need of industry is knowledge and skills acquired with an eligibility to include skill-ready employees from day one. So, what we have today is a growing skills gap reflecting very small availability of high-quality college education in India and the multi-fold growth pace of the country's service-driven economy, which is growing faster than most countries in the world. Thus, there is a need felt for the integration of job and learning, thus creating a need for customized programs for the industry.

Pyramid Finishing School provides training to the students according to the industry requirements giving individual student a 360 degree improvement, not only in the areas like soft skills, life skills, technical skills and etiquettes but also exposing the students to time management, team-work and project management. In the pioneer study conducted at NIET, it was observed that the study population (ones who studied this amalgamated curricula), when reached their fifth and seventh semesters to face placement drives, showed a stupendous rise in placement figures by 400% as compared to the control group (who were not subjected to the additional finishing school curriculum).

To achieve the set benchmark, we meet in person with HR Heads of target companies in order to understand the specific skill and competency set they look forward to having in their new recruits in coming days. We then prepare specific curriculum for enhancing the skill and competency set of the students. We draw definite time table and identify in-house/ external trainers to impart these skills to our students. We conduct regular workshops, group discussions. Mock tests, role plays to ensure that students are imbibing what was being taught to them. In this manner, students are trained as per the specific requirements of the organizations and their campus recruitment drives. We made and executed specific curriculums of Networking to serve HCL Technologies, Telecommunications for Ericsson, Financial tools and Banking for ING Vysya Bank, Automation for PARI, etc.

As a diamond acquires its true worth after experiencing immense heat and hard times, our students have attained their true worth after rigorous training, assiduous preparation and dedication. They are sincere, committed, with clear academic as well as career orientation.

The concept has resulted in a steep increase in the employability of students. NIET has an excellent track record of repetitive placement visits by the country’s top notch employers resulting in the exponential growth in the placement numbers over the years.

India’s leading MNC, Tata Consultancy Services has also accredited the Pyramid Finishing School and is in talks with other Institutes’ to replicate the model.