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The success of the MCA Department is attributed to its motivating and inspiring faculty members. Our faculty members are expert professional educators. They are specialists in their fields and very accessible.

At NIET faculty members are committed to student achievement. They invest one-on-one time to identify talents and nurture abilities of students. Their personalized approach often results in success never initially imagined by students.

Faculty treats students as their children and is always ready to provide support in terms of educational guidance and morale support. Weak Students are identified and are given especial attention and extra time for improving on their weakness.

We have a very strong faculty development program which supports the professional development needs of faculty. Particular attention is paid to activities which may directly improve teaching, learning and assessment and the quality of the student experience.

The faculty members at NIET handle subjects like Distributed Systems, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Orgnizationt, Computer Networks, Mobile Computing along with latest languages and much more. The students gain high quality learning in several subjects.

It is our constant endeavor to improve the quality of the student experience by assuring the continuous learning and development of academic staff.

We disseminate good practice in teaching, learning and assessment as identified through internal evaluation processes and quality assessment mechanisms.