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Dear Alumni,

We welcome you at the NIET Alumni webpage. You are most welcome to stay connected with the NIET family and around 15,000 alumni, living and working in India and worldwide.

NIET offers graduation and post graduation to thousands of students every year. Our alumni can be found contributing in almost all businesses, professions and disciplines. Many are doing extraordinarily well and have successfully established their names in their chosen careers. It is good to know that we have a vast network of students not just in India, but all over the world. Affiliation with an Institute of such strength and network is a privilege for our students.

Producing outstanding students and successful alumni, who are caring and have deep respect for humanities, is a generic feature of a complete NIET education. The Institute realizes that the alumni sense of belonging and willingness to play a stake in the development of their Alma mater is a life-long relationship. There is no doubt that the Institute and our alumni community can do a lot more to open new windows of opportunities to their coming generation. This is obviously happening and has a good social repercussion definitely for the long run. With the quest for this culture to permeate through the NIET family, we hope to establish and strengthen the bonds of bonhomie between the alumni and NIET fraternity.

Our website serves to provide a convenient networking point for the NIET family, highlighting the various projects, publications and alumni events organized by the Institute. It is our hope that through these activities, our alumni will continue to keep in touch with their friends, the students and the Institute. Looking forward, we would like to hear more from you, about your interesting stories as you write each chapter of your life after graduation. We would like to encourage the sharing of success formula, positive perspectives of lifelong learning experience, as well as the nostalgic messages from our alumni. We would like to welcome dedicated individuals to join the executive committee as members or form interest groups to help developing and promoting the NIET Institute. With more talented alumni leaders, we can look forward to more interaction, teamwork and joint activities between the alumni association, student clubs and relevant industries.

We wish you every success in your career and future endeavors and hope to catch up with you in one of our future alumni events.

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