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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" Nelson Mandela

Dr. Neema Agarwal

This beautiful and profound statement encapsulates the value of education. Nothing can help us survive in quite the same manner as education does. Yes, there are some exceptions of people attaining greatness without formal education. But for the rest of us, education is the foundation on which to build our dreams into reality.

Not long ago, education merely meant the transfer of knowledge from the teacher to the taught. Today, education is much more than that - after all, if it is just knowledge that you are after, there is enough of it and more on the World Wide Web. It has been estimated that the entire body of knowledge is doubling about every three years. To keep pace with this explosive growth is quite impossible.

I firmly believe that the only differentiation that matters is the ethos of the institute. NIET stands for excellence. You can witness this in the magnificent infrastructure that has few parallels in this part of the world. You can experience it in the warmth of the people with whom you interact. You can feel it in the serenity of the campus as you walk in. You can enjoy it in the fruits of your labor.

The programs that we offer have been crafted with the same care and devotion that an artist bestows to a painting or a musician to a lyric. The people who deliver the programs are among the finest you are likely to come across anywhere. The leadership is truly visionary and inspirational. Together, these form a formidable combination that can shape your careers and transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Finally, NIET is about always trying to push the bar a little more, constantly innovating and never standing still. If these are values you believe in too, you will do well at NIET. If you have the drive and determination, come to NIET and we will help you realize your dream.

I invite you to be a part of this exhilarating experience.