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Teaching Methodology

NIET Business School firmly believes in "Andragogy" over pedagogy as a teaching methodology.

Andragogy is a teaching methodology developed for adult learners. Andragogy marks a clear departure from the traditional pedagogy approach which is child oriented learning. It is the sharing of information among individuals based on experiences. Here everyone is an instructor and a student as well. Andragogy works both ways while pedagogy works only one way.

Classroom Learning
A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to students at NIET with multi-disciplinary programs and projects. Guest Lectures, case studies and analysis, simulation games, group activities, role play and practical project work are commonly used to develop conceptual, analytical and decision making skills in students. This also prepares them to face the challenges of the complex business and organisational environment. We provide complete mentoring to the students for growth and development purposes. An attempt is made to assess the students' performance through a system of continuous tests, quizzes, one to one discussions, mid-term and semester-end examinations to ensure highest academic standards.

Live Projects
Even though classroom learning is given emphasis, students are required to undertake a number of practical projects. The students are expected to gather and analyse information from the business/industry and present it in the form of reports.

While ensuring exposure to the theories and concepts of modern management, no efforts are spared to develop a practical orientation in the students. After completing the initial two semesters of instruction during the first year, all PGDM students are required to undertake practical training in an organization for a period of around 12 weeks during the summer months. Each student is selected by a reputed company and given a practical assignment. The students work under the guidance of a senior manager in the organization and submit a report to the organization.

Every student in the final semester of the programme is required to undertake a project assignment under the guidance of a faculty supervisor. The student should choose a topic on which primary data is to be gathered and analysed in order to prepare a dissertation, which is evaluated by a panel of experts.