NIET in Focus

“Career Starts Here”

Success is not a one-shot process. It is the result of a continuous improvement after each failure. The fear of failure needs to be captured in order for a person to learn from his failure too. It is an invaluable opportunity to rectify errors and move forward. Failure in working for a good cause is better than success in working for a wrong cause.

Our unique 360-degree approach that builds synergy between education and industry and ensures that our programs are completely in sync with the contemporary, economic context. At NIET, students get an environment that opens up new world of opportunities, helps them to make the right choices and ensures that they are ready to start out on their own.

Campus Wide Quality Improvement Program (CWQIP):
Under CWQIP, teaching and learning methods across the campus have been optimized.
1. Systems for accountability and continuous improvement in the classroom have been set up
2. An environment where each student is constantly motivated to excel and reach higher has been created
3. Proactive career management facilities have been provided

Total Student Development Program (TSDP):
TSDP focuses on every aspect of a student’s personality, helping them to develop interpersonal, technical and business skills.
1. Interpersonal Skill Development (IPSD)
2. Technical Skill Development (TSD)
3. Business Skill Development (BSD)

Weak Students Development Program (WSDP):
1. Identification of weak students through progress monitoring
2. Preparation of a Special Study Schedule focused towards their improvement