placement Updates

Please float the Google Doc link for the nomination of Aglasem Company Gurgaon for the following profiles and open the registration till 22rd Feb.

Reporting Time-
Profile 1.Content writer / Sub-editor / Editor
2.Backend Executive (Curator & CMT)
3.Social media marketing/ Digital Marketing
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Joining Immediate
Location Gurgaon
Profile I Content writer / Sub-editor / Editor
Open to all
INR 1,20,000 - 2,40,000 PA(in Hand- No Deduction)
Job responsibilities
Writing article which are fresh, consistent and customer friendly
Ensuring all-around consistency (style, fonts, images and tone)
Writing and editing content
Required skills
Strong command in English written
Grammar should be flawless
Knowledge of web content.
Good writing skills with an ability to interpret complex information into simple and effective language.
Hardworking and goal oriented.
Ability to meet deadline.
Profile II Backend Executive (Curator & CMT) Open to all
INR 1,20,000 - 2,40,000 PA(in Hand- No Deduction)
Job Responsibilities
Able to research and curate the content from the university websites, institutes, colleges and courses and publish it on Aglasem website.
To ensure the data accuracy and integrity.
Write, schedule and post fresh content online, and update and modify the web Pages accordingly.
Handling the task of writing unique titles and descriptions for web pages.
Research the latest updates and trends in the field of Education.
Modifying the content in a simpler way to make it more presentable and user friendly.
Responsible for handling multiple projects simultaneously and ensuring the quality audit.
Required Skills
High attention to Details.
Ability to work under tight deadlines.
Good at multitasking
Average Spoken English.
Profile III Social media marketing/ Digital Marketing
Open to all
INR 1,20,000 - 2,40,000 PA(in Hand- No Deduction)
Job Responsibilities
Manages all social media channels and campaigns to sustain an engaging audience experience and to increase audience satisfaction.
Oversees all company social media accounts management ( Facebook, twitter, Blog etc.)
Create eye catching advertisements, blogs, posts etc.
Deliver content(images, videos, text) beneficial to company's customers.
Works with various company departments to promote through social media channels.
Executing social marketing campaigns that drive interactions and generate traffic on website.
Required Skills
Should know various features of social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,
YouTube etc. and actively incorporate them in strategy and increase presence.
Should be innovative and aware of the social media trends.
Good communication skills.