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About the course

Duration Department Intake Affiliation Approvals
2 years (4 semesters) Electronics & Communication Engineering 18 Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, UP, Lucknow AICTE

NIET is offering the Master's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from session 2010-11, with an intake of 18 students. The duration of the M.Tech program is of two years, divided in four semesters. The first and second semesters are entirely coursework oriented whereas third and fourth semester involves seminar and dissertation work.

The communication has permeated into the life style of the human being and forced every individual to carry a mobile telephone with him/her all through day and night to communicate with any other individual in the country or abroad, the moment he/she thinks. The major areas of design, manufacture, installation and operation of electronics equipment, systems and machinery, telecommunication systems, radio, TVs and computers used in the entertainment media, hospitals, computer industry, defence and in various other areas. The course is career oriented in nature and opens a lot of job scopes for degree holders. So to say, the communication has become the backbone of the societal development and hence the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering thought to go for the M. Tech. program.


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1 M.Tech. Common Syllabus Research Process & Methodology Download
2 M.Tech. Electronics & Comm. Engineering (Telecommunication Engg.) Download

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